Chladni (crater)

Chladni (crater)
Chladni (crater)
Coordinates 4°00′N 1°06′E / 4.0°N 1.1°E / 4.0; 1.1Coordinates: 4°00′N 1°06′E / 4.0°N 1.1°E / 4.0; 1.1
Diameter 13.6 km
Depth 2.6 km
Colongitude 359° at sunrise
Eponym Ernst Chladni

Chladni is a small lunar impact crater that lies near the northwest edge of Sinus Medii, in the central part of the Moon. The rim of the crater is roughly circular, and there is a small central floor at the mid-point of the sloping inner walls. This feature has a higher albedo than the surrounding terrain. It is connected by a low ridge to the rim of the crater Murchison, which lies to the northwest. Due east of Chladni is the larger Triesnecker.


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