Chubby Hubby (Ben & Jerry's flavor)

Chubby Hubby (Ben & Jerry's flavor)

Chubby Hubby is an original flavor of the ice cream pints created and manufactured by the famous Ben and Jerry's ice cream brand. The ice cream flavor consists of pretzel nuggets, which are covered in fudge and filled with peanut butter, in a vanilla malt ice cream base, which is itself swirled with fudge and peanut butter throughout.

According to the Ben and Jerry's official website, [] , the Chubby Hubby flavor began as a joke between two co-workers at the expense of a colleague with an obsession for Ben and Jerry's ice cream. The scheming pair created the tempting mixture of pretzels, peanut butter, fudge, and vanilla malt ice cream purely in their imaginations, and they then proceeded to taunt their coworker with rumors about this brand-new hit of a flavor called "Chubby Hubby". The victim of the prank searched endlessly for the phantom pint flavor, and he was so disappointed when he found out the flavor was only a trick that the original pranksters decided to make him a homemade version of the made-up "Chubby Hubby". Upon tasting, however, the flavor was declared too delicious to be a joke, and the idea for the flavor was shared with Ben and Jerry's. The company agreed that the flavor was too good to be merely a prank, and Ben and Jerry's website now exclaims, "Chubby Hubby -- it's no joke!"

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