Honda CR-X del Sol

Honda CR-X del Sol

Infobox Automobile
name=Honda Civic Del Sol

aka=Honda Civic del Sol, Honda CRX
class=Sport compact
predecessor=Honda CR-X
successor=Honda Insight
related=Honda Civic
Honda CR-V
engine=D15B7 1.5L 102 hp I4
D16Z6 1.6L convert|125|hp|abbr=on I4
B16A3 1.6L convert|160|hp|abbr=on I
D16Y7 1.6L convert|106|hp|abbr=on I4
D16Y8 1.6L convert|127|hp|abbr=on I4
B16A3 1.6L convert|160|hp|abbr=on I4 1994-1996OBD1
B16A2 1.6L convert|160|hp|abbr=on I4 1996-1997OBD2

transmission=4-Speed Automatic Overdrive
5-Speed Manual Overdrive
wheelbase=2370 mm (93.3 in)
length=4005 mm (157.6 in)
width=1695 mm (66.7 in)
height=1255 mm (49.4 in)
fuel_capacity=Convert|45|L|usgal impgal|0|abbr=on
similar=Geo Storm
Toyota MR2
Mazda MX-3
Toyota Paseo

The Honda Civic del Sol was a 2-seater targa top convertible manufactured by Honda in the 1990s. Based on the Civic platform, the Del Sol was the successor to the popular Honda CR-X. It debuted in 1992 in Japan and the United Kingdom, and 1993 in the United States.

The Spanish name "del sol" translates as "of the sun", and refers to the car's opening roof. It was not a full convertible, featuring a removable hardtop that stowed in the trunk and a retractable rear window for that "convertible" feel. Trunk space was reduced from 10.5cf to 8.3cf while the targa was stowed.

In many markets the CR-X naming convention was dropped from the del Sol line as it was distinctly different from earlier models, which were hatchbacks and not targas. Starting with the 1995 models, Honda dropped the 'Civic' name from the del Sol in the Americas.

Production and sales ended with the 1997 model in the U.S. and 1998 elsewhere, with a total of slightly fewer than 75,000 models sold in America.


The del Sol was first introduced to North America in 1993 in two trim levels, The "S" and the "SI". The base "S" model (called the VXi in Japan) came with a 1.5 liter SOHC 16-valve four cylinder engine and rode on 13" steel wheels. The Japanese VXi version, came with a Honda D15B engine. This was an entry level VTEC engine that produces convert|130|bhp|kW PS|0|abbr=on, matching the power of the 1.6 Si version.

The uplevel "Si" (called the "ESi" in Europe) model came standard with a 1.6 liter SOHC 16-valve four cylinder engine with Honda's VTEC. The Si also came with 14" alloy wheels which were offered in an optional body color-matched paint scheme on Samba Green models, power side mirrors, cruise control, rear disc brakes and a front anti-sway bar for improved handling. The "Si Hammers" as they are sometimes called, are the alloy wheels that the Si models were equipped with. As for JDM enthusiasts, Si Hammers are highly sought after collectables and Honda fans try to find them to put on other Honda vehicles like the Civic or Prelude. Another semi-rare alloy wheels made by Honda are the GSR Blades from the Acura/Honda Integra GSR models. A new trend, being an alternative to aftermarket wheels is finding stock wheels for your car to give it an original look (also known as "JDM", or "Street Sleeper"), as if the car was fresh out of the dealership.

The VTEC trim level (called the "SiR" in Japan and the "VTi" in Europe) was added in 1994 in the United States, with the first appearance of a 160 hp (119 kW) Honda DOHC VTEC B-series engine in a U.S.-spec Honda; similar to the B16A found in the Civic Si-R. This trim level came with bigger front brakes, larger front anti-sway bar, additional rear anti-sway bar and wider tires.

On all models, the only options were a rear spoiler, custom floor mats, an automatic transmission (not available on VTEC model), and air conditioning.


An option that was available in Japan and Europe was the TransTop, an electric mechanism which retracted the targa top into the trunk via a push of a button. In Europe it was available on the Esi and VTi models. The roof is operated by flicking two catches above the windows, then holding down a button. The trunk lid raises vertically and extends two arms into the targa top, after which you flick the latches back up. Then the targa gets pulled into the trunk lid, and the trunk lid lowers back down with the targa inside it.

Model updates:

Changes For 1994:
*Added VTEC engine option with improved suspension
*Dual airbags standard

Changes For 1995:
*Redesigned targa top seals
*Anti-Lock Brakes (VTEC model) 2,522 base weight now
*Power Locks
*Remote Trunk Release
*New seat materials
*Low Fuel light
*New alloy wheel design

Changes For 1996:
*Elimination of front auxiliary headlamps
*Small airdam / rear deck aesthetic treatment
*New front bumper and air dam.
*Length increase to 157.7"
*The base del Sol S gets the 106-hp 1.6-liter engine for a four-horse boost over previous year's 1.5-liter.
*The del Sol Si gets the 1996 127 hp Civic Engine and also the suspension and steering of the convert|160|hp|abbr=on VTEC.
*All del Sols now have 1.6 liter engines: 106, 127 and convert|160|hp|abbr=on.


Number of Del Sols sold in USA:

VIN Decoder

VIN Decoder for US Domestic Market Del Sol: Example Description Vin # ------- -------------------------------- J ╗ H ] - JHM = Honda Motor Co. passenger car M ╝ E ╗ kkEG1 = D15B7 (93-95 S) G ] - Engine: EG2 = B16A2 (96-97 VTEC), B16A3 (94-95 VTEC) 2 ╝ EH6 = D16Y7 (96-97 S), D16Y8 (96-97 Si), D16Z6 (93-95 Si) 1 ] - Body/Transmission: 1 = 2-door manual 5-speed 2 = 2-door automatic 6 ] - Vehicle Series: 4 = S 6 = Si 7 or 9 = Si with ABS, or VTEC ? ] - math check digit R ] - Model Year: P = 1993, R = 1994, S = 1995, T = 1996, V = 1997 S ] - Assembly Plant: C = Sayama, S = Suzuka, T = Tochigi 0 ╗ 0 ║ 5 ] - Serial number, based on the sequence off the 7 ║ production line 9 ║ 3 ╝


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