The Avalon Collection

The Avalon Collection

The Avalon Collection by Rachel Roberts is a series of three book arcs. The first arc is Avalon: Web of Magic, followed by Avalon: Quest for Magic, and finished by Avalon: Guardians of Magic (unreleased as of now). The story is about three young girls turned mages: Emily, Adriane, and Kara. Each girl has a bonded animal and magic stone. Their animal friends help them on their magical journeys through the different worlds along the magic web.


*Avalon: Web of Magic
**Book 1- Circles in the Stream
**Book 2- All That Glitters
**Book 3- Cry of the Wolf
**Book 4- Secret of the Unicorn
**Book 5- Spellsinger
**Book 6- Trial By Fire

*Avalon: Quest for Magic
**Book 1- Song of the Unicorns
**Book 2- All's Fairy in Love and War
**Book 3- Ghost Wolf
**Book 4- Heart of Avalon
**Book 5- Dark Mage (To be released November 2009)
**Book 6- Full Circle (To be released January 2010)

*Avalon: Guardians of Magic
** No Information Currently Available


These summaries have been copied from, the home sight for the manga avalon books. At the present time, they only go up to "Song of the Unicorns".

*Avalon: Web of Magic

*Circles in the StreamThree very different girls are all drawn to a secret place deep in the woods. There they discover a portal to another world through which strange and wondrous animals have emerged, searching desperately for the magic that will keep them alive. The animals are peaceful and good, but what follows them through the portal is pure evil. Emily, Adriane, and Kara have been chosen by magical beings called Fairimentals to protect the magical animals, though they don't know why. To save them and their world, the three girls must begin a quest to find the lost home of legendary magic, Avalon...or to perish trying.

*All that GlittersEmily and Adriane have one thing that Kara doesn't - a magic gem. But when Kara finally finds a magic stone of her own - a diamond unicorn horn - it brings more trouble than anyone can handle. Pesky dragonflies start showing up everywhere and new Fairimentals warn of danger. Worst of all, a band of terrifying monsters stalk Kara. All these creatures come from another world. And all want something from her - but what? Finding out may take Kara, Emily, and Adriane a step closer to Avalon, the source of all magic. But it may also cost one of them her life.

*Cry of the WolfAdriane and Stormbringer, the mistwolf, have a unique bond. But is it strong enough to save them when Storm is lured through the portal to Aldenmor? Adriane thinks it is, and follows Storm to the magical world. There, Adriane faces the challenge of her life as she confronts the entire mistwolf pack and tries to bring Storm home. The strange boy she meets may be able to help her, but she'll still needs Emily and Kara's magic if she is going to survive this battle.

*The Secret of the UnicornThe problems in the magical world of Aldenmor are getting worse. Many new creatures are arriving in Ravenswood through the portal and they report that the Fairy Glen, home of the Fairimentals, has vanished. A frightened and terribly wounded unicorn is among the new refugees to Ravenswood. Can Emily communicate with her to offer help? The future of the magic web depends upon the dark secret the unicorn carries.

*SpellsingerThe first benefit concert for the Ravenswood Wildlife Preserve is on! Everyone is depending on the event to ensure the survival of Ravenswood. It's got to be a success. And Kara's on the case. She's booked hottie pop idol Johnny Conrad. But Conrad may be hiding a dangerous secret that threatens the animals, Ravenswood, and the girls themselves. This time, the magic is in the music, and if Emily, Adriane, and Kara can't perform, their chance to find Avalon may be gone forever.

*Trial by FireThe road to Avalon - the mystical home of all magic - is about to be revealed. The path is on the fairy map, a sparkling globe of wondrous power. Kara holds the fairy map in her hands, and must use it for the good of all worlds and all animals. But evil stalks Kara. The Dark Sorceress is after the map, too. If she finds Avalon first, people and animals from all worlds are doomed. The time has come for Emily, Adriane and Kara to be the healer, the warrior and the blazing star they were meant to be. They must win this battle - even if it means sacrificing a beloved friend.

*Avalon: Quest for Magic

*Song of the UnicornsEmily's dad wants her to take a vacation with him and his new wife - Emily's new step mom - at a horse ranch in New Mexico. Emily convinces her friends, Adriane and Kara to accompany her. But along the magic web, a dangerous magic tracker is hunting down unicorns, the one magical creature that can control the flow of magic. In the deserts of New Mexico, the mages discover an entire herd of baby unicorns. Emily, Adriane, Kara, Ozzie, Dreamer, and Lyra must find a way to hide the baby unicorns and fight the dark hunter. The magical mage mission: save the unicorns!


**The first six Avalon books were originally published by Scholastic. After the end of the Web of Magic series, the rights were obtained by CDS publishers, who re-printed the first six books, along with the first four volumes of Quest for Magic. After being out-of-print for two years, Seven Seas Entertainment began producing new editions of the books, with updated cover art, revised text, the addition of in-book illustrations and an informational section in the back plus new novels. Seven Seas plans to release Avalon manga books featuring new stories, starting in June 2009.


** Currently no information available. The first movie was supposed to have been filmed using fans as the actors back in 2004, but due to unknown reasons was not, and is still as of yet not being filmed and there is not information on a theatrical or film version of the books, other than speculation and rumor floating around the internet stating that after the Avalon Quest for Magic series has been finished being written and published by Seven Seas Publishing house that the production of a film version of Avalon- Web of Magic, Circles in the Stream will commence. The movie will be animated.

ummary of Books

Three very different girls must band together to protect and find Avalon, the source of all magic. The safety of the Magic Web, and all of the worlds it connects, hinges on their success as they battle two main antagonists, the Dark Sorceress and the Spider Witch, who wish to harness the magic of Avalon and distort the Web for their own evil ends.


Emily Fletcher

**Title: Healer
**Traits: Shy and quiet, willing to help anyone in need. Loves animals, and plays the flute.
**World of Origin: Earth
**Being: Human
**Gem: Rainbow healing jewel, speculated in the first book to be aventurine, though it could also be opal.
**Power: Ability to heal wounded animals and humans, not only physically but also magically; telepathy; learns to control thoughts and actions in 'Heart of Avalon' but does not use the power more than once because she realizes it is wrong. Can also 'weave' magic (like the Spider Witch) but she only uses it for good.
**Bonded: Doesn't have a bonded (healers aren't supposed to bond with an animal, they share a bond with all animals), but Emily shares a special bond with Ariel (a talking snow owl who helped her spellsing in "Ghost Wolf" because she didn't have any other magical animal to help her), Lorelei (a white unicorn), Phel (a purple bear-like fairy creature with amazing healing powers) and Ozzie (an elf sent by the fairimentals in ferret form).
**Paladin: Purple and pink unicorn named Indigo who is really a shape-shifting power crystal (called the Heart of Avalon)in animal form. (First appeared in "Heart of Avalon", called "Indi" for short).
**Family:Carolyn (mother, vet) and David Fletcher (father, scientist, type unknown) are divorced. David re-married to Veronica.
**First Appeared in "Circles in the Stream"
**Element: Water

Adriane Charday

**Title: Warrior
**World of Origin: Earth
**Being: Human
**Traits: Bold and determined with great agility
**Gem: Tiger's Eye. She calls it her "Wolf Stone". It is shaped like a wolf paw.
**Power: Fighting ability and magical weaponry, telepathy with mages, ability to turn into mist like the mistwolves.
**Bonded: Mistwolf named Dreamer, still a pup. He is large and black with banded paws and a gleaming white star on his chest. Red dragon named Drake. Attached to her since egghood. (Previously called "Rocky". Imprinted on Adriane, bonded with Zach.)
**Paladin: Mistwolf named Stormbringer, a huge silver furred wolf with amber eyes. She was Adriane's first bonded. First thought dead in "Trial By Fire."
**Family: Parents Willow and Luc Charday are traelling artists, finally settling in Woodstock, New York. Adriane lives with her grandmother, Nakoda. Though it is implied that Nakoda is Willow's mother, her last name is Charday.
**First Appeared in: "Circles in the Stream"
**Element: Earth

Kara Davies

**Title: Blazing Star
**World of Origin: Earth. Ancient ancestors came from Fairy Realms.
**Traits: Popular and outgoing with a lot of self-confidence, a bit of a brat, fairy princess.
**Gem: "Unicorn jewel", said to be diamond-like and shaped like a shell, tear, and unicorn horn.
**Power: Infuses Emily and Adriane's jewels with more power, she's like an amplifier. It is her responsibility, as a blazing star, to give to others. Also, telepathy with mages. She once had the ability to shape-shift, but it was taken away from her. Control over fairy dragons.
**Bonded: Lyra the winged leopard. Also bonded with fairy dragons (Aka Dragonflies) Goldie, Barney, Fred, Fiona, and Blaze.
**Paladin: Firemental stallion named Starfire, made by Tasha's former teacher, Tangoo.
**Familly: Names of parents are unknown, but her father's the Mayor and her mother is a well-known lawyer. Her 14-year-old brother's name is Kyle. Her great great great great great great grandmother was the famous Fairy Queen and Blazing Star Lucinda, whose sister is the Dark Sorceress.
**First Appeared in: "Circles in the Stream"
**Element: Fire


**Title: None specified (Air Mage)
**World of Origin: Aldenmor, now lives on Earth.
**Being: Elf, trapped in the body of a ferret
**Traits: Loud, noisy, loves food (especially lasagna)
**Gem: A golden ferret stone
**Power: The ability to control air, ability to converse telepathically, and change his voice.
**Bonded: None
**Paladin: None
**Family: Auntie Melba, cousin Broomy, rest unknown.
**First Appeared in: "Circles in the Stream"
**Element: Air


**Title: None specified (Time Mage)
**Traits: Secretive, protective, but kind, is a 'dragon rider'
**World of Origin: Aldenmor, parents came from Earth
**Being: Human
**Gem: Red dragon stone
**Power: The ability to control time
**Bonded: The red dragon, Drake (Also imprinted on Adriane)
**Paladin: Windy
**Familly: Zach's parents, Alexander and Graziela, were killed by a manticore when he was very young. He was raised by mistwolves. Silver Eyes is pack mother and Moonshadow is pack brother and leader. Other pack mates include Dream Runner, Dawnrunner, Whitefang, Comet, Aja, Stormbringer (deceased), Dreamer and Adriane.
**First Appeared in: "Cry of the Wolf"
**Element: Time


**Title: Prince of the Goblins (formerly the Forest Prince)
**Traits: Mysterious and helpful
**World of Origin: Fairy Realms
**Being: Goblin
**Gem: None
**Power: None
**Bonded: Nightwing, a goblin bat
**Paladin: None
**Family: Parents are Queen Raelda and King Voraxx of the Goblin Realm
**First Appeared in: "All's Fairy in Love and War"


**Title: Merprince of Aquatania
**Traits: Snobby, proud, but, thanks to Emily, overcame his arrogance. Is a 'dragon rider.'
**World of Origin: Aldenmor
**Being: Merfolk
**Gem: None
**Power: None
**Bonded: Niva, a sea dragon. Also Imprinted on Harry, Elroy, Avril, Bertrum and Frizzles, all sea dragons.
**Paladin: None
**Family: King Spartos is his father, and the names of the rest are unknown.
**First Appeared in: "Heart of Avalon"


**Title: Goblin Court Sorceress
**Traits: Smart, thoughtful, green
**World of Origin: Fairy Realms
**Being: Goblin
**Gem: None
**Power: Can cast spells
**Bonded: Gertie, a goblin bat
**Paladin: None
**Familly: Unknown
**First Appeared in: "All's Fairy in Love and War"
**Extra Info On Tasha: She is a genius when it comes to anything that deals with measuring and finding magic and its strengths. If she ever becomes a mage, she will most definitely be a powerful adversary to whomever she opposes.

The Dark Sorceress

**Title: Miranda. Witch, seems likely she was once a blazing star, but it clearly states in 'All's Fairy in Love and War' that her sister, Lucinda, was the blazing star.
**Traits: Evil, cunning, power-hungry, half animal, half human.
**World of Origin: Originally came from Fairy Realms. Went to Aldenmor and tried to take over, but she failed and was cast out to the Otherworlds. Escaped with the help of the Spider Witch back into her former lair, in the Goblin Realm of the Fairy Realms.
**Being: Fairy
**Gem: None
**Power: Control over others' thoughts and actions, can let out bursts of dark magic and make shields. Suspected former Blazing Star.
**Bonded: None
**Paladin: None
**Family: Lucinda is sister, Kara Davies is her great great great great great grand-niece.
**First Appeared in: Mentioned in "Circles in the Stream", first appeared officially in "All That Glitters" as a mirror image and then as a hooded being, and fully as herself in all her evil glory as of "Cry of the Wolf"
**Extra Info on the Dark Sorceress: Used magic crystals which she grew to trap and contain magic on Aldenmor. Apparently, this magic was supposed to be used to both help her "complete her animal transformation" and to help her gain a foothold in the Web to find Avalon.

The Spider Witch

**Title: Witch, once a healer
**Traits: Evil, cunning, power-hungry, loves insects, half soider
**World of Origin: Her lair is in the Goblin Realm, but whether she lived somewhere before then is unknown.
**Being: Unknown
**Gem: A ruby stone on a ring around her finger.
**Power: Weaves magic, elemental powers
**Bonded: unknown
**Paladin: Chain the mistwolf, bonded to her through force
**Familly: Unknown
**First Appeared in: The epilogue of "Song of the Unicorns" (described as a 'cowled creature'). First officially appeared in "All's Fairy in Love and War"
**Extra Info on Spider Witch: She is a former healer who has apprently, "completed her animal trnasformation". What exactly this entails is only speculation, but we do know that she did this to no longer have the need of a bonded animal, as animals, especially bonded ones make magic stronger. She is now the rival of both the "Avalon Team", as the young group above has been called, and Miranda.

Mr. Henry Gardner

**Title: Man who ran Ravenswood Wildlife Preserve before he went missing. Possibly a former warrior (speculation based on his relationship with the mistwolves of Aldenmor and on the fact that the Dark Sorcreress said in the Epilogue of "The Heart of Avalon", "Awake old friend. I have a need for you".) It would make sense that he was a warrior, seeing as the Spider Witch a former healer, Lucinda was the blazing star and the Dark Sorceress was another mage. The only problem there is with this is that there would then have been six mages (Miranda/Dark Sorceress, Spider Witch, Lucinda, Zach's parents, Henry Gardener). It is possible that there were two blazing stars, Miranda and Lucinda, but as they are extreamly rare this is also unlikely.
**Traits: Unknown as of yet
**World of Origin: Probably Earth
**Being: Probably human
**Gem: Unknown
**Power: Unknown
**Bonded: Unknown, formerly bonded to a Mistwolf, the same mistwolf that the Spider Witch bonded to herself though magic and forced to be her paladin, Chain
**Paladin: Unknown
**Familly: Unknown
**First Appeared in: Mentioned in most of the Avalon Books, but first officially appreared in "Heart of Avalon" in the Epilogue. He sent an email to the mages in "Spellsinger", and it was discovered that he was a wizard in the following book, "Trial by Fire".
**Extra Info on Mr. Henry Gardner: Apparently the Spider Witch, The Dark Sorcress (aka Miranda), Mr. Gardner, and Zach's parents all worked together before, trying to find Avalon. What exactly caused them to all turn evil (except Henry Gardener)(It is suspected that Zach's parents also didn't turn evil, but Miranda said they did) and against each other has yet to be revealed and hopefully will be when the novels Dark Mage and Full Circle are published. If not, then it will be revealed (again, hopefully) in the Guardians of Magic series.



**Web of Magic: A web on the magical plane of existance, connecting all worlds with each other through portals. In "Ghost Wolf", the Dark Sorceress explains that the fairy map, a map of the Magic Web, only revealse a small part of it, and says that the entire Web is impossible to map.
**Portal: A doorway between worlds.
**Magic Levels: Magic levels are the ranks a mage goes up before they reach full power. To truly achieve the first level, you need a power stone that works, and at least one bonded animal (unless you are a healer, in which case you only need a power stone). To achieve the second rank, the mage must bond with a paladin, a creature with strong elemental magic the same as their own element. How to achieve the other levels or how many there are is unknown. Each time a mage goes up a level, there gem will change color and their power will become greater, but at the same time more under control.
**Power Stones: Stones created by compresed magic, power stones help focus a mage's unique magic. Without a power stone, the magic will never quite work out as was intended, and could cause chaos.
**Bondeds: A magical animal or animals who become so close to a human or other being that they 'bond', meaning there minds and spirits are forever linked.


Aldenmor: Another world much like Earth where magic still thrives.

Earth: Our world, the books make no significant changes or differences.

Avalon: The heart of all magic.

The Fairy Realms: A world only accessable through magic mirrors, the Fairy Realms are divided into five realms: the Fairy Realm, the Goblin Realm, the Troll Realm, the Elf Realm and the Dwarf Realm.

Dalriada: Home of the Unicorn Academy.

The Otherworlds: Cut off from the rest of the web, full of dark magic.

The Twilight Realm: Kara traveled to this sort of in-between place, not described as a world, when she meets Be*tween, a fairy band.

It also mentions Lorelei, a unicorn, having her "own" world.

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