Vestibule or Vestibulum can have the following meanings, each primarily based upon a common origin, from early 17th century French, derived from Latin "vestibulum, -i n." "entrance court".


In general, vestibule is a small space or cavity at the beginning of a canal.
* The vulval vestibule is the anatomical name for the entrance to the vagina (it is the boundary between the external genitalia (vulva) and internal genitalia (vagina), where the Bartholin's glands are located).
* The nasal vestibule is the anatomical name for the nostrils. It is simply lined with an extension of skin epithelium. The nasal cavity on the other hand, is lined with respiratory epithelium.
* The vestibule of the ear refers to the central part of the labyrinth, as used in the vestibular system.
* The vestibule of the larynx is between the epiglottis and rima glottidis.
* The aortic vestibule is the part of the left ventricle of the heart just below the aortic valve.
* The vestibule of mouth


"See: Vestibule (architecture)"
* a large entrance
* a lobby, entrance hall, or passage between the outer door and the interior of a building
* an enclosed area between two rail cars
* a reception area
* a footstool
* a toilet
* a bar-stool
* an antechamber
* an entry room
* a laundry shoot in an American apartment building
* a passageway acting as an airlock between two environments

* a covered section between the outer opening and inner opening of a tent, typically used for the storage of boots, packs and small equipment.


* Vestibule (Texas band), a Christian worship/rock band in North and South Texas. [ [ Vestibule Worship ] ]
* Vestibule (Oxford band), a Rock/Post-rock band from Oxford, UK. []
* A song by They Might Be Giants
* Bennie Segal uses vestibule in a song called Resiviour Dogs.


* The Vestibules (formerly known as Radio Free Vestibule), a Canadian comedy troupe.
* Teh Vestibule, an IGN message board
* "Vestibulum (wasp)", a wasp genus


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