Lucid may refer to:
* LUCID Detector (ATLAS Luminosity Monitor), a high energy physics detector
* Lucid (programming language), a dataflow programming language
* Lucid (software) [] is a software package for making identification keys in the biological sciences
* Lucid Inc., a software development company founded by Richard P. Gabriel in 1984
* USS "Lucid" (MSO-458), a US Navy minesweeper that patrolled the Pacific Ocean
* Lucid Records, an independent record label out of Deerfield, Illinois, United States
* Shannon Lucid (born 1943), an American astronaut
* Lucid (band) - UK dance/trance band from 1998-2000, with such hits as "I Can't Help Myself" and "Crazy"
* Lucid Information Systems - Information processing and storage company founded in 2005, utilizing dataflow systems.
* Lucid (film) - The 2005 Canadian Film
* Lucid (Absinthe) [] , a spirit made from Grande Wormwood

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* Lucidity
* Lucid dreaming

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