Masam Masam Manis

Masam Masam Manis
Masam Masam Manis
Directed by P. Ramlee
Starring P. Ramlee
Sharifah Hanum
Music by P. Ramlee
Release date(s) 1965
Country Malaysia
Language Malay

Masam Masam Manis (Sourness and Sweetness) is a 1965 Malaysian comedy film directed by and starring P. Ramlee.


The story takes place in Kuala Lumpur in 1965. This story is about a teacher, Sha'ari who is also a musician at night. When caught sleeping in class, Sha'ari promised not to perform at night clubs again on weekday nights. Later, a young woman named Norkiah rents the room next to his. Norkiah works at a night club with her friend, played by Mariani, as a dancer. Sha'ari and Norkiah frequently quarrel and annoy each other. One day, while on a bus, Sha'ari helps Norkiah to retrieve her stolen purse. They fall in love with each other. Norkiah lies to Sha'ari, telling him that she works as a teacher at a cooking school at night.By that time, Norkiah has already started singing at the club where she was working. One day, Norkiah's mother and brother came to visit her. Sha'ari ignores the old woman and her young son.While Norkiah, unknown to Sha'ari as his own irritating neighbour, is forced to take her mother and brother out shopping, thus, unable to meet Sha'ari as promised. Later, when Norkiah gets home, she tries to dry her clothes by hanging them on a pole which crosses over to Sha'ari's room. Sha'ari gets fed up and pushes the pole down. Norkiah gets even by drenching him with a pail of water. Sha'ari climbs up the wall to give her a piece of his mind only to find out that Norkiah is the woman that he has fallen in love with. They get married. Sha'ari proposes that Norkiah quits her job, but she could not due to her contract. One night, Sha'ari receives an invitation to perform at the club where he used to work. There, somebody suggested that he sings with a female night club singer called Norkiah Hanum. Curious, Sha'ari goes to the other club only to find out that his wife is a singer and not a teacher as she had claimed. Sha'ari gets upset and starts to build a wall separating their rooms like they used to. Norkiah tries to apologise, but he insults her by calling her a cabaret singer of low class. Norkiah's friends try to trick Sha'ari into believing that Norkiah is now divorcing Sha'ari and having an affair with her colleague, Rashid, played by Mahmud June. Sha'ari kicks Norkiah's door open only to find that Norkiah is alone with a tape recorder. He apologises and they get back together again. The story ends with Sha'ari promoted as a headmaster of his school and has five pairs of twins with Norkiah.


  • Saat Yang Bahagia
  • Dalam Ayer Ku Terbayang Wajah
  • Perwira by Saloma

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