Pr (hieroglyph)

Pr (hieroglyph)

Pr is the hieroglyph for 'house', the floor-plan of a walled building with an open doorway. Though its original pronunciation is unknown, modern egyptology assigns it the value of Per.

Pr combined with an associated "personal name", god, or location becomes the "House of .... ." An example for pharaoh Setnakhte is the city of: Pr-Atum, (city of Pithom).

The shape of "Pr" in beginning dynasties had variations in the shape of a square, with the opening. See Garrett Reference for tomb of "Official Ti".

House of Life

Pr and Ankh-(Life) is a "combination hieroglyph" and is the "word" for "House of Life". The House of Life is a library for papyrus books-(scrolls), as well as a possible scriptorium.

"Pr-name" /associations

*pr-aa– Pharaoh
*pa-pr-aa– Papyrus
*Pr-Ab– Thoth
*Per-Amun– Pelusium
*Pr-Ankh– Kemetic reconstructionism
*Pr-Heh– Kemetic reconstructionism
*Pr-Aat– Heliopolis (ancient)
*Pr-Atum– Heliopolis (ancient)
*Pr-Atum– Setnakhte
*Pr-Banebdjedet– Mendes
*Pr-Bast– Bast (mythology)
*Pr-Bast– Bubastis
*Pr-Bastet– Zagazig
*Pr-Hai– Malqata
*Pr-Hay– Amenhotep III

*Pr-Hay– Great Temple of the Aten
*Pr-Hathor– Aphroditopolis
*Pr-Hedj– Treasury (House of Silver)
*Pr-Medjat– Library
*Pr-Nebu– Treasury (House of Gold)
*Pr-Nebyt– Ramesses V
*Pr-Nemty– Hieracon
*Pr-Ramesses– Avaris, History of ancient Egypt
*Pr-Sekhemkheperre– Takelot III
*Pr-Sopdu– Sopdu
*Pr-t– Season of the Emergence
*Pr-Temu Tjeku– Necho II
*Pr-Wadjet– Buto, Wadjet
*Pr-Yinepu– Anubis

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*Garrett, Kenneth. "Treasures of Egypt, Nationaal Geographic Collector's Ed. No. 5." Kenneth Garrett, Egyptian Museum, Cairo. 2003. Wall scenery hieroglyphs of 5th Dyn. Ti (Egyptian official), in Ti's tomb.

Wikimedia Foundation. 2010.

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