Bulrush or bullrush may refer to:

Tall rush-like wetland plants
* Bulrush (in most modern usages of British English), "Typha" (reedmace or cattail)
* Bulrush (in American English and older botanical usages in British English), one of several larger sedges, typically of the following genera:
**Bulrush, "Scirpus"
**Bulrush, "Bolboschoenus"
**Bulrush, "Schoenoplectus" (the most common older British English use)
**Bulrush, "Cyperus"
**Bulrushes, the material used for making the ark of bulrushes in which the infant Moses was found: probably paper reed ("Cyperus papyrus")

* Task Force Bullrush, a task force led by the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit in Iraq in 2006 and 2007
* Bullrush, the name used in Australia and New Zealand for British Bulldogs (game), a children's playground game

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  • bulrush — [bool′rush΄] n. [ME bulryshe < bol, stem (see BOLE1) + rusche,RUSH2] 1. any of a number of marsh plants (genus Scirpus) of the sedge family, having slender, round or triangular, solid stems tipped with brown spikelets of minute flowers 2. Brit …   English World dictionary

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