Rf or RF is an abbreviation for:
* Roger Federer, 13 time Grand Slam winning and 1 time Olympic champion tennis player
* Radio frequency
* Randall Flagg
* Range Factor, a baseball statistic
* "rate of flow", as in Volumetric flow rate
* Receptive field, in neuroscience, referring to the kinds of stimuli to which a neuron is sensitive
* Red Faction, a first-person shooter game that was released in 2001 by THQ and Volition
* Register file, an array of processor registers in a CPU
* République Française
* Recombinant Frequency, used in genetics to measure genetic linkage
* Retardation factor (or retention factor), designated as "R""f", used in chromatography
* Reticular formation
* Rheumatoid factor, a blood test used to diagnose rheumatoid arthritis
* Rhodesian Front, governing party of Rhodesia under the UDI
* Ric Flair
* Right fielder, a defensive position in baseball
* Rinforzando, a directive in sheet music
* Roman foot, ancient Roman unit of measurement
* Royalty-free
* Rumble Fighter, a multiplayer online fighting game published by OGPPlanet
* Russian Federation, Russia, formerly part of the USSR
* Rutherfordium, the symbol for the chemical element

Rf or RF may also refer to:
* Mazda F engine#RF, a Mazda piston engine
* .рф, the proposed Cyrillic alphabet-only top-level domain of the Russian Federation
* Radio Nippon, a Japanese radio station in the vicinity of Tokyo - JORF
* RF, the IATA code for Florida West International Airways
* RF, the NYSE ticker symbol for Regions Financial Corporation
* RF connectors, electrical connectors designed to work at radio frequencies
* RF Online, an online RPG made by CCR

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