Unlimited EP

Unlimited EP

Infobox Album
Name = Unlimited EP
Type = EP
Artist = Soul Position

Released = August 27 2002
Recorded =
Genre = Hip Hop
Length =
Label = Rhymesayers Entertainment
Producer = RJD2
Reviews = *Pitchfork Media (8.0/10) [http://www.pitchforkmedia.com/article/record_review/21913-unlimited-ep link]
*Rapreviews.com rating-10|10 [http://www.rapreviews.com/archive/2003_08_unlimited.html link]
Last album =
This album = "Unlimited EP"
Next album = "8 Million Stories"

"Unlimited EP" is the debut EP by American hip hop duo Soul Position, released on 27 August, 2002 on Rhymesayers Entertainment. The album was produced by RJD2 with all vocal duties being handled by Blueprint. "Oxford You Really Owe Me" is an instrumental track.

Track listing

#"Intro" – 0:42
#"Unlimited" – 3:27
#"Mic Control" – 4:09
#"Night To Remember" – 4:02
#"Take Your Time" – 5:04
#"Oxford You Really Owe Me" – 4:26

External links

* [http://www.rhymesayers.com/aDetail.php?aId=12&cT=Bio Soul Position profile at Rhymesayers Entertainment]
* [http://www.rjd2site.com/ RJD2 Official Website]

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