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caption = SIDVault - Simple Integration Database
developer = Alpha Centauri Software Ltd
latest_release_version = 2.0e
latest_release_date = January 5, 2007
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operating_system = Microsoft Windows, Linux
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genre = LDAP server
license = Commercial
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SIDVault is a commercial LDAP server, solution designed by Alpha Centauri Software Ltd, located in Nelson, New Zealand. The software is designed for Windows and Unix/Linux systems as an alternative to open source solutions that can take some time to install.

Main features

The software supports three main functions:

"SIDVault" - Easy installation for service providers, in an all in one install file. No 3rd party or other preinstalled software required.

"ILS Server" - ILS server support for Microsoft NetMeeting Client and Microsoft Portrait.

"Clusters" - Supports multiple backup and replicate ldap servers.


Originally developed (v1.0x) around 2001 by Netwin Limited (called SurgeLDAP), was then transferred to Alpha Centauri Software Ltd in Mid 2005, where it was extended and rebranded as SIDVault v2.0. The software is distributed as precompiled binary files, no compiling of code required like other LDAP server applications.


"SIDVault" implements the LDAP protocol with its own designed backend database for performance. It also as the added Web interface protocol (HTTP/HTTPS) to allow easy administration of the server.

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