List of castles in Scania

List of castles in Scania

This is a list of castles in Scania, most of which were originally built between 1100 and 1600 while Scania was a Danish province. Since 1658, Scania is a historic province of Sweden. Many of the castles were built or rebuilt in the 16th century and remodeled in the 19th century, often in Dutch Renaissance style.

Castles and abbeys

Castle ruins

*Lillö Ruin
*Lindholmen Castle
*Månstorp Gables

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List of castles in Sweden

Gallery of Scanian castles

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* [ Scanian Castles] - Web portal by Gröna Nyckeln, Simrishamn, Scania
*Jönsson, Lars. [ Gladsaxehus: En medeltida länsborg] . Archeological report (in Swedish)
*Åkesson, Sylve. [ "Wanås: Göingarnas borg"] . "Castles and manor-seats in Skåne".

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