Spider-Woman (TV series)

Spider-Woman (TV series)

Infobox Television
show_name = Spider-Woman

caption = The animated Spider-Woman meets Spider-Man
genre = Animation
creator = Archie Goodwin, Sal Buscema, Jim Mooney ("characters")
Stan Lee ("Created for Television")
presenter = DePatie-Freleng Enterprises
Marvel Comics Animation
voices = Joan Van Ark
Bruce Miller
Bryan Scott
narrated =
composer = Eric Rogers
country = USA
language = English
num_seasons = 1
num_episodes = 16
list_episodes =
producer = Lee Gunther
executive_producer = David H. DePatie, Friz Freleng
runtime = 30 minutes
network = ABC
first_aired = September 22, 1979
last_aired = January 3, 1980
website =
imdb_id = 0197911
tv_com_id =

"Spider-Woman" is an animated television series, based on the Marvel Comics character Spider-Woman. The series was produced by DePatie-Freleng Enterprises and Marvel Comics Animation, and aired on September 22, 1979 to January 3, 1980, one season of sixteen episodes, on the ABC-TV network.



Jessica Drew, voiced by Joan Van Ark, is editor of Justice Magazine, a publication which has its own skyscraper and helicopter yet shows only two other employees — photographer Jeff and Jessica's teenage nephew Billy. When trouble rears its ugly head, Jessica comes up with an excuse to slip away and change into her Spider-Woman secret identity.

Spider-Man also guest stars in two episodes of the series.

The Spider-Woman cartoon should not be confused with Web Woman, a Filmation superheroine cartoon launched at around the same time, which reportedly prompted Marvel Comics into creating a Spider-Woman character to secure the copyright.

Differences between cartoon and comic book

The cartoon differs considerably from the comic book in its premise and supporting cast, while modifying Spider-Woman's powers slightly.

Billy, Jeff, and Justice Magazine never appear in the comic book in any form. Nor do the darker elements of the comic book (the heavy use of Arthurian legend and the occult, Jessica's feelings of alienation) enter into the much brighter world of the cartoon.

The animated Spider-Woman retains the ability to fire bursts of energy from her hands called "venom blasts", but they are white instead of green. The episode "Realm of Darkness" seems to imply that Venom Blasts can be fired as long Spider-woman has enough super-strength.

Like Spider-Man, she has a "spider-sense": a kind of clairvoyance that allows her to see dangers as they happen, no matter where she is, she can close her eyes and see the event outlined by a spider-web. The animated Spider-Woman also has the ability to change into costume merely by spinning around, an idea borrowed from the Wonder Woman television series starring Lynda Carter.

Although Spider-Man in this series was played by a different voice actor than the one in the 1960s Spider-Man series, some similarities in the two series still remained. Perhaps the most noticeable similarity is "animated stock footage", where - before any episodes were completed - an animated sequence was created. This sequence would be used with an appropriate background added, whenever the need would arise. One example is Spider-Woman turning around, from back to front. Another example is where Jessica Drew gets a "spider-sense", turns her head while she closes her eyes, and then the location of danger appears using an editing technique.



* Joan Van Ark … Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman (voice)
* Bruce Miller … Jeff Hunt (voice)
* Bryan Scott … Billy Drew (voice)
* Lou Krugman … Police Chief (voice)
* Larry Carroll … Detective Miller (voice)
* John H. Mayer
* Vic Perrin
* Ilene Latter
* Tony Young
* Karen Machon
* John Milford
* Dick Tufeld


As of 2008 this series is planned for release on Region 2 DVD in the UK in by Liberation Entertainment as part of a release schedule of Marvel Animated series. [http://www.libent.co.uk/]

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