Akimun Rahman

Akimun Rahman

Akimun Rahman (born 1959) is a Bangladeshi fiction writer, and an associate professor at Independent University, Bangladesh. She received her PhD in Bengali Literature from University of Dhaka, Bangladesh under the supervision of Humayun Azad. [http://akimunrahman.com/index.htm Akimun Rahman's Personal Website] ]

She began her authorial life as a critic and essayist. Her voluminous dissertation on Realism in Bangla Novels came out from Bangla Academy in 1993. In the year 1996 her "Bibi Theke Begum", a research work picturing the evolution of Bengali Muslim women, created much controversy. Deeply attracted to the unrefined state of life found in the lower depths of society, she started writing fictions in the late 1990s. She has authored so far several novels and short story books. [http://www.bangladeshinovels.com/Akimun_Rahman.html bangladeshinovels.com] ]

Dr. Rahman carried out a research (Dec 2003 - Mar 2004) on A Comparative study of Grimm's Fairy Tales and Bengali Fairy Tales (sponsored by The International Youth Library, Munich, Germany). Recently she has been affiliated as a D-Lit Fellow with the School of Women's Studies at Jadavpur University, India. [http://akimunrahman.com/index.htm Akimun Rahman's Personal Website] ]


Research books

*"Bangla Upanyashe Bastabatar Swarup" (Treatment of Realism in Bangla Novels)
*"Bibi Theke Begum" (From Bibi to Begum)
*"Nirantara Purush Bhabna" (Incessant Thinking about Men)


*"Purusher Pritheebite Eak Meye" (A Girl in the World of Men),
*"Rakta Punje Genthe Jawoa Machhi" (A Fly Stuck in Blood and Pus)
*"Jeebaner Roudre Urechhilo Kayekti Dhulikana" (A Few Specks of Dust Flew In the Sunrays of Life)
*"Pashe Shudhu Chhaya Chhilo" (Only Shadow Beside)

hort story books

*"Eai Sob Nibhrito Kuhok" (All This Solitary Charms)
*"Sonar Khadkuto" (Gold Straw)
*"Jeebaner Purono Brittanta" (Life's Old Account)


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