Ribozyme (band)

Ribozyme (band)

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Name = Ribozyme

Img_capt = |Kjartan Ericsson, Bård Bøge, Cato Olaisen
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Origin = Bergen, Norway
Genre = Hard rock, Progressive rock
Occupation =
Years_active = 1998 – present
Label = Solid Approach
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URL = http://www.ribozyme.no/
Current_members = Kjartan Ericsson Bård Bøge Cato Olaisen
Past_members = Frank Hertzberg Jan Ove Knutsen

Ribozyme is a Norwegian hard rock band formed in 1998. It features progressive drum beats, emotionally strong guitars and an ever-changing vocal style. It has been classified as dark, but not Gothic; angry, but not violent; sad, but not tearful, not hard, but still heavy. cite web | url=http://www.groove.no/html/review/39372738.html | title=Review by groove.no (Norwegian)]

After the release of their first EP in 1999, they were featured on the festival which led to a massive increase in popularity and allowed them to release an album. In 2004, after two albums, two EPs and a single one of the guitar players quit, forcing the band to consider their future. They opted for not hiring another guitarist and instead re-wrote a lot of their old material and experimented with a new sound.

In 2005 the band went on their first European tour, after more than 100 concerts in Norway.

In 2006 the English band Sadie Hawkins Dance went on tour in Norway With Ribozyme.



* "Ribozyme" (1999)
* "Twintracks" (2002)


* "Invidia" (2003)
* "Trail of Moment" (2004)


* "(Zilch)" (2001)
* "Invidia" (2003)
* "Blacklist Mercy" (2006)


External links

* [http://www.ribozyme.no/ Official website]
* [http://www11.nrk.no/urort/user/?id=269 Ribozyme] at Urørt (Norwegian)
* [http://www.myspace.com/ribozymenorway Robozyme] at MySpace

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