DICOMED was founded in 1968 and in the early 1970's became a leading manufacturer of precision color film recorders such as the D47 and D48. Many of the early government (JPL, NCAR, NSA, CIA, Sandia Laboratories, et al) computer graphics applications had their imagery outputted to a "DICOMED". Of course most of these entities also had CRAY super computers with enough power to compute 4096 X 4096 color imagery.

A major role for the DICOMED D148 color film recorder, in 1984, was to image the work of 26 computer graphic animation specialists on to film for the production of the 15 minute IMAX film; the "Magic Egg". [http://www.imax.com/films/now_playing/magic_egg.html] [http://accad.osu.edu/~waynec/history/magic-egg.html] [http://www.bigmoviezone.com/filmsearch/movies/index.html?uniq=112]

Later in the 1980's DICOMED became a producer of color workstations (D38, PRODUCER, IMAGINATOR, etc.) for artists and illustrators to create digital color imagery.

In the mid 1990's DICOMED was a manufacturer of digital cameras. The company went out of business in 1999. [http://www.betterlight.com/history.html]


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