G-Unit vs. The Game feud

G-Unit vs. The Game feud

The feud between G-Unit and The Game is a hip hop rivalry that began in early 2005.


When The Game signed onto Aftermath Entertainment in 2003, it was arranged that he would work with G-Unit and G-Unit Records in order to create a growing buzz for him that would also fuel an interest in G-Unit. The sudden feud between the pair, who had been marketed as having a mentor/protégé relationship, stemmed from alleged rumors that The Game had recorded with G-Unit nemesis Joe Budden on a track that was released in 2004. 50 Cent had also advised The Game not to appear on a Jim Jones video, which was to come out before the "How We Do" video, however, The Game did so anyway. The two were able to put their differences aside for the release of The Game's debut album, "The Documentary" which was released on January 18 2005. The album was a big success for the rapper and had three singles that featured 50 Cent. The release date of 50 Cent's second album, "The Massacre", was pushed back in order to accommodate The Game's album, causing anger by 50 Cent towards Interscope Records. Tensions would rise during the filming of the music video for The Game's third single, "Hate It or Love It", when 50 Cent refused to shoot a scene in the front seat of a car, instead sitting in the back (The Game's brother, Big Fase 100, would replace him). With 50 Cent's album also enjoying major success, the feud would then take an unexpected rise.

Feud begins

The Game had released images depicting the rap group in many parodies on some of his previous mixtapes, including "Ghost Unit", which pictures them as parapsychologists, The Ghostbusters. In response, G-Unit published a mixtape cover of the rapper's head copied onto the body of an exotic dancer on the cover of "G-Unit Radio Part 21", [ [http://www.contactmusic.com/news.nsf/article/50%20cent%20fuels%20fire%20with%20the%20game_1003370 50 Cent fuels fire with The Game] . Contact Music (July 24 2006] ). Accessed August 18 2007.] causing The Game to release "The Funeral (100 Bars)", a track aimed towards the G-Unit camp. The Game launched a boycott of G-Unit called "G-Unot". [Rodriguez, Jayson (June 6 2005). [http://web.archive.org/web/20050617073858/http://www.allhiphop.com/hiphopnews/?ID=4469 The Game Taunts 50 Cent, Jay-Z Returns At Hot 97’s Summer Jam] . Allhiphop. Accessed July 23 2007.]

In "XXL" magazine, 50 Cent doubted that The Game would succeed on his second album without his assistance, claiming The Game to be a good rapper, but not songwriter. 50 Cent stated that he wrote six of "The Documentary"'s eighteen tracks ("Hate It or Love It," "How We Do," "Church for Thugs", "Special", "Higher", and "Westside Story"), [Berrios, Martin A. (June 27 2007). [http://allhiphop.com/blogs/features/archive/2007/06/27/18191339.aspx Streets is Watching: 50 Cent Part Two] . "Allhiphop". Accessed July 23 2007.] which The Game denied. [Chery, Carl (June 24 2005). [http://www.sohh.com/articles/article.php/7244 Game gone wild] . "SOHH". Accessed July 23 2007.]

Although both rappers were once signed to Aftermath Entertainment, the feud between them has led to The Game leaving the record label (although others claim 50 Cent pressured Dr. Dre to kick him off). In October 2006, The Game extended a peace treaty to 50 Cent, [ [http://www.allhiphop.com/hiphopnews/?ID=6205 The Game and G-Unit peace treaty] ] which wasn't immediately responded to. A couple of days later, on Power 106, he would state that the treaty was offered for one day only. [ [http://www.therealblackwallstreet.com/forum/showthread.php?s=c0782d458ec026fb31bc5a54590e45cb&t=25361 Audio of the conversation on Power 106] ] The Game later released "SoundScan", a track targeting G-Unit members in response to Lloyd Banks’ freestyle on BET Rap City which was aimed at The Game. "SoundScan" was mainly aimed at the lower sales of Lloyd Banks' second effort, "Rotten Apple" in comparison to his first, "The Hunger For More".

Failed reconciliation

At one point, it was reported that Busta Rhymes wanted to get 50 Cent and The Game together on the same track which was to be included on his new album, "I'm Blessed". This way, he intended to end the feud between the two. [http://blogs.sohh.com/nyc/archives/2007/02/before_hell_freezes_over_busta.html Before Hell Freezes Over: Busta Talks New Ish Featuring 50 Cent and The Game, Speaks on Beef] . SOHH (February 21 2007). Accessed August 18 2007.] Busta Rhymes commented on the feud. He said: quote|I have always had problem with the beef. If you listen to "The Doctor's Advocate", which is the title track on his [The Game's] album, I didn't agree with his role at how he handled the situation. 50, even though I don't agree with everything he has done, he is still someone of an orchestrator of the situation from a general rank standpoint. If you are an apprentice, coming under someone, there is a general pride and ego. You gotta swallow a certain thing.

However, the reconciliation will not happen any time soon because of Tony Yayo's alleged attack on James "Lil' Henchmen" Rosemond, who is the son of Jimmy "Henchmen" Rosemond. Tony Yayo was arrested on March 24, 2007 and was accused of smacking Lil' Henchmen for wearing the shirt of his father's record label, Czar Entertainment. [ [http://www.nypost.com/seven/03252007/news/nationalnews/yayos_kid_rap_nationalnews_philip_messing_erin_calabrese_and_hasani_gittens.htm Tony Yayo alleged attack on Lil’ Henchman] ] Czar Entertainment manages many artists, including The Game. Tony Yayo, 50 Cent, and their entourage allegedly approached Lil' Henchmen in a black SUV. Four men jumped out of the car. Tony Yayo then showed the boy that he had a gun, and he then proceeded to antagonize and slap the boy. [ [http://www.xxlmag.com/online/?p=8626 Alleged Tony Yayo incident] ] Tony Yayo has been charged for assault and he was later released with a $5,000 bail. He has pleaded not guilty. 50 Cent has strongly denied his involvement and has stated that he was in his home in Connecticut when the alleged incident occurred. He also stated that Tony Yayo did not hit Lil' Henchmen. 50 Cent thinks that the people who are trying to ban him are the same people who started the "G-Unot" campaign. He thinks they are trying to go after him by using the Lil' Henchmen incident as an excuse to ban him. [ [http://www.defsounds.com/news/view/1246-5-cent-speaks-on-game-g-unit.html 50 Cent speaks about The Game] ] Tony Yayo has since been declared not guilty.

Feud continues

In February 2007, The Game and Young Buck got into a non-physical altercation at a club, during the NBA All-Star Weekend in Las Vegas. In an interview with SOHH.com Young Buck describes the situation:quote|It was a situation in Las Vegas and it was the first time we were in the same place. I addressed him from the stage and let him know, 'If it's a problem, let's handle it right now, if not let's get to the money,' He was coming, I don't know whether to get it on or get to the money, but he was coming and the security of the club, they got terrified and pushed him out.After that there was a lot of people in the middle of it like, 'Look, man, your man wanna speak.' And I chose to have a conversation with him cause 50 Cent will never speak with him. 50 really gave me permission to speak with him on behalf of him and everybody else. I let the conversation with him on a note of, 'You do you, without involving us and we do us without involving you at this moment.' Cause I see that a lot of these situations start to affect the politics of the music." [Carl Chery (March 26 2007. [http://sohh.com/articles/article.php/11234 SOHH Exclusive: Young Buck Squashes Beef With Game, "I Chose To Have A Conversation With Him Cause 50 Cent Won't"] . SOHH. Accessed August 18 2007.]

Although it was believed that Young Buck and The Game made peace and put the incident behind them, Young Buck recently confirmed in an interview with SOHH.com that the 'beef' is still on.Young Buck said quote|I just think he's digging his own hole 'cause he won't never get another fucking conversation from me in any kind of sense to have resolvement in anything. Now it's like you deal with the goons the way you deal with them, anything else, if the nigga keep poppin' shit like that, I'ma end his little career through the mixtape world. I ain't even gon' let 50 get dirty with this nigga, because I'm kinda upset at the fact that I heard the bullshit out of him and I don't know if he's aware that I recorded that conversation that we had over the phone. I ain't gon' play with that dude. When I go at him, I'm a go at him and I'ma Ja Rule this shit. [ [http://sohh.com/articles/article.php/11390 Young Buck confirms that the Beef With The Game is Still On] ]

Tracks released

On April 17, 2007 Young Buck released a diss track towards The Game titled "Mr. Potato Head". It features Spider Loc. Young Buck in on the first verse and continued with Spider Loc. It was released on "Best of the Bizness" mixtape by DJ Whoo Kid and Mobb Deep.

On April 18 2007, Spider Loc released another diss song featuring Papa Smurf entitled "Ova-Kill", which was aimed at The Game. [YouTube|Xv5JamyRVR0|"Ova Kill", Track to insult The Game]

On April 24 2007 Young Buck released a new song which is aimed at The Game. It is called "Teach Em' Bout Playin'" and features C-Bo. In the song Young Buck talks about his loyalty to 50 Cent and G-Unit and how The Game never showed his loyalty when he was part of G-Unit. [MartinA. Berrios (May 5 2007) [http://allhiphop.com/blogs/features/archive/2007/05/05/18136998.aspx Streets is Talking: Young Buck Part Two] . AllHipHop. Accessed August 18 2007.]

On May 1 2007 Spider Loc released a track titled "No More Games". It features Young Buck. It was released on the mixtape "G-Unit Radio 18: Rags To Riches".

On May 23 2007 a diss track called "All I Need/My Bitch" leaked. In the song's first verse, The Game disses 50 Cent and the whole of G-Unit. In the song's second verse, he disses Jay-Z and in the song's third verse, he disses Suge Knight. [Dave (May 23 2007). [http://www.rapbasement.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=2850&Itemid=35 The Game disses 50 Cent, Jay Z and Suge on Dre produced track] . Rap Basement. Accessed August 18 2007.]

On April 07 2008 The Game released a track featuring artists from his record label, The Black Wall Street Records, called "Our Turn" which is aimed at G-Unit. [DefSounds. [http://www.defsounds.com/singles/The_game_ft_bws_our_turn_g_unit_diss The Game-"Our Turn", G-Unit Diss] . DefSounds. Accessed April 17 2008.]


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