Jacob's is a brand name for several lines of biscuits and crackers. The brand name in the United Kingdom is owned by United Biscuits while the brand name in Ireland is owned by the Jacob Fruitfield Food Group.


The originator of the Jacob's brand name was the small biscuit bakery, W & R Jacob, founded in 1881 in Bridge Street, Waterford, Ireland by William Beale Jacob and his brother Robert. It later moved to Bishop Street in Dublin, Ireland, with a factory in Peter's Row and also opened a branch in Liverpool, England. In the 1920s the two branches separated, with the Dublin branch retaining the W & R Jacob name while the Liverpool branch was renamed Jacob's Bakery Ltd. In the 1970s, W & R Jacob in Dublin merged with Boland's Biscuits to form Irish Biscuits Ltd. and moved to Tallaght, Ireland.

In 1990, the two companies once again came under common ownership and became Jacob's Biscuit Group when they were acquired by the French company Groupe Danone. In July 2004, Groupe Danone and United Biscuits announced that they had made an agreement for the latter to acquire Jacob's Biscuit Group. [ cite press release
title = Groupe Danone Sells Biscuit Operations in the UK and Ireland
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] [cite press release
title = UB to Acquire Jacob's
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] With the acquisition of Groupe Danone's biscuit division by Kraft, the production and sales Jacob's biscuits in Malaysia are done through Kraft Malaysia.However, days later Groupe Danone, United Biscuits, and Fruitfield Foods announced that Jacob's Biscuit Group would be split, with United Biscuits acquiring only the UK portion of the Group and Fruitfield Foods acquiring the Ireland portion. [cite press release
title = Groupe Danone Has Just Finalized the Sale of its Biscuit Operations in the Republic of Ireland (W & R Jacob Ltd.) to Fruitfield Foods Ltd
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] [cite press release
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] [cite press release
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] Fruitfield Foods was subsequently renamed the Jacob Fruitfield Food Group.

Since their acquisitions, United Biscuits and Jacob Fruitfield Food Group have sparred in court over the use of the Jacob's brand name. [Citation
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United Biscuits brand lines

*Jacob’s Biscuits for Cheese
*Jacob's Cheddars
*Jacob's Cheeselets
*Jacob's Choice Grain
*Jacob's Cornish Wafer
*Jacob's Cream Crackers
*Jacob's Essentials Crackers
*Jacob's Happy Faces
*Jacob's Mediterraneo
*Jacob's Thai Bites
*Jacob's Twiglets
*Jacob's Water Biscuits

Jacob Fruitfield Food Group brand lines

*Jacob's Afternoon Tea
*Jacob's Chocolate Coated Biscuits
*Jacob's Club Milk
*Jacob's Coconut Creams
*Jacob’s Cookies
*Jacob's Cream Crackers
*Jacob's Creams
*Jacob's Elite
*Jacob's Fig Rolls
*Jacob's Kimberley
*Jacob's Mikado
*Jacob’s Oat Crumbles
*Jacob's Plain Biscuits
*Jacob's Teatime
*Jacob's USA

ee also

*Burton's Foods
*Fox's Biscuits
*Huntley & Palmers
*Jacob's Awards


External links

* [http://www.unitedbiscuits.co.uk/80256C1A0047922E/vWeb/pcTSTT6G2EVD Jacob's brand on United Biscuits official web site]
* [http://www.jacobfruitfield.com/brands/ Jacob's brand on Jacob Fruitfield Food Group official web site]
* [http://www.jacobs.co.uk/ Jacob's Crackers (United Biscuits) official web site]
* [http://www.danone.com/ Groupe Danone official web site]
* [http://www.nationalarchives.ie/topics/1916/index.html National Archives of Ireland article "Jacob's Biscuit Factory, 1916"]
* [http://www338.pair.com/abritish/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=30&products_id=97&osCsid=772d7fa96c938db997e40d96ffadf840 Early history of Jacob's brand]
* [http://struggle.ws/siptu/f5_history.html "Rosie Hackett and the Union Women of Jacob's Biscuits"]

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