Squeeze (disambiguation)

Squeeze (disambiguation)

Squeeze is an English rock band.

Squeeze may also refer to:

In music:
* "Squeeze" (Squeeze album)
* "Squeeze" (Velvet Underground album)
* "Squeeze" (Fiona album)

In other uses:
* "Squeeze" ("The X-Files"), an episode of "The X-Files"
* Squeeze (cocktail), a drink made by squeezing Sterno through a rag to extract the alcohol
* Squeeze (chess), or zugswang, a situation where one player must move to a weaker or losing position
* "Squeeze" (film), a 1980 New Zealand film
* Squeeze, the pain due to pressure difference in air spaces when diving, in barotrauma
* Squeeze (software), an archive manager for the Xfce Desktop Environment.
* Squeeze, the codename for the Debian 6.0 release that will follow Debian 5.0.

ee also

*Squeeze play (disambiguation)

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