List of Yu-Gi-Oh! anime and manga characters

List of Yu-Gi-Oh! anime and manga characters

This article lists the supporting characters that appear in two or more of the three major pieces of "Yu-Gi-Oh" media: the original manga, and its two anime adaptations, the 1998 "Yu-Gi-Oh!" anime by Toei Animation and 2000's "Yu-Gi-Oh!" (known as "Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters" in Japan) by Studio Gallop and Nihon Ad Systems. Characters are referred to by their Japanese names, which are presented in Western order (given name first, surname second). Different names featured in the English anime or the "Dungeon Dice Monsters" video games are also noted where appropriate.

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Major recurring supporting characters

Dinosaur Ryuzaki

: "English anime name:" Rex Raptor: "Appears in: " Original manga, Toei anime, "Duel Monsters" anime

nihongo|Dinosaur Ryuzaki|ダイナソー竜崎|Dainasō Ryūzaki is the runner-up of the Japanese Duel Monsters tournament, and is good friends with the champion, Insector Haga. His nickname is derived from his fondness for dinosaur-themed deck of cards.

He participates in the Duelist Kingdom Island and the Battle City tournaments, but loses in both. Along with Weevil, he later joins under the master of the Orichalcos, Dartz, in order to obtain revenge on Joey. He loses his soul afterward, and he is later saved after Dartz is defeated. Subsequently, the duo attempt to enter the KaibaCorp Grand Prix tournament, but are again defeated. They finally attempt to get revenge by attempting to steal Yugi’s Egyptian God cards, but instead, they accidentally steal a bag containing his Millennium Items, though they are confronted by Yami Bakura.

Ryuzaki appears briefly in the 1999 film by Toei Animation, where he is shown being defeated by Seto Kaiba. Although he never speaks, he has a notably different appearance from other media, featuring black hair with dyed pink strands and a purple cap.

Insector Haga

: "English anime name:" Weevil Underwood: "Appears in:" Original manga, "Duel Monsters" anime

nihongo|Insector Haga |インセクター羽蛾|Insekutā Haga is the Japanese champion of Duel Monsters, known for his deck of mainly insect-type monsters and insect-related magic and trap cards.

After defeating his friend Dinosaur Ryuzaki to claim the championship, Haga was invited by Maximillion Pegasus to join his Duelist Kingdom tournament. On the boat ride, Haga approached Yugi Mutou and asked to see his Exodia the Forbidden One cards, only to throw them off the boat in order to destroy his major source of competition. Ironically, Yugi was then responsible for Haga's dismissal from the island, after defeating him in the first duel of the tournament. When Haga joined the Battle City tournament, rather than face Yugi again, Haga targeted Katsuya Jonouchi, planting a Parasite Paracide card in Jonouchi’s deck in hopes of sabotaging him, only to wind up defeated once more.

Haga did not reappear in the original manga after this, but continued to star in the "Duel Monsters" anime alongside Ryuzaki. Having lost much of their popularity after the Battle City tournament, the pair wandered Domino City, where they were ambushed by a man wielding the power of the Orichalcos. Although their souls were stolen by this man, Yugi saved them by defeating the duel in the villain, only to have them join up with the master of the Orichalcos, Dartz. Haga proceeded to challenge Yugi to another duel in order to steal his soul with the Seal of Orichalcos, but was again defeated and lost his own soul to the seal. Ryuzaki suffered the same fate, but both were freed when Yugi defeated Dartz. Subsequently, the duo attempted to enter the KaibaCorp Grand Prix tournament, but were defeated by Siegfried Von Schroider. At the end of their rope, the pair’s last attempt at revenge saw them try to steal Yugi’s Egyptian God cards, but instead, they accidentally stole a bag containing his Millennium Items. As they examined their prizes, they were attacked by Yami Bakura, who stole the Items and regained his Millennium Ring back from them. In the final moments of the last episode (in a scene cut from the English anime), Haga and Ryuzaki are seen duelling one another

Mai Kujaku

: "English anime name:" Mai Valentine: "Appears in:" Original manga, "Duel Monsters" anime

nihongo|Mai Kujaku|孔雀 舞|Kujaku Mai (literally “Dancing Peacock”) was raised in a wealthy household, but was barely acknowledged by her relatives. While working as a blackjack dealer on a cruise ship, Mai discovered the Duel Monsters card game, and challenged rich men into dueling her. Although a powerful, successfully duelist thanks to her Harpie-themed deck, Mai had no true friends, and duelled simply for money and fame.

When Mai joined the Duelist Kingdom tournament to seek the three million dollar prize money, she met Yugi Mutou and his friends and steadily forged a true friendship with them after their rescued her Star Chips from the Player Killer of Darkness to help her stay in the tournament. She was able to return the favour when Yugi lost his own Star Chips to Seto Kaiba, feigning defeat in a duel with Anzu Mazaki and handing over some extra chips of her own to allow Yugi to enter the finals. Mai subsequently faced Yugi in the semi-finals, but ultimately chose to surrender to him when she decided she could not win. Before leaving the island, however, she cemented her friendship with Katsuya Jonouchi by giving him the card he needed to participate in his own semi-final duel.

Mai returned during the Battle City tournament, where she encountered Shizuka Kawai, Hiroto Honda and Ryuuji Otogi fleeing from the villainous Rare Hunters and helped them to safety. Mai also successfully made it to the quarter-finals of the tournament, although just before boarding the aircraft that played host to the finals, an old suitor of Mai’s, action star Jean Claude Magnum, appears and dueled her for her hand in marriage. Mai managed to beat him, but not before he attempted to have her kidnapped, and Jonouchi saved her. Jonouchi also had to come to her rescue during her quarter-final match against Yami Marik, who subjected her to a torturous Shadow Game and almost killed her with the powerful Winged Dragon of Ra. Although Jonouchi and Yugi were able to save her life, she was still the loser of the duel and as punishment had her mind sealed away by Marik, which would lead to her eventual death. Mai was saved when Yugi defeated Marik in the tournament final, and she departed to find her own way in life.

Mai did not reappear in the original manga after this, but continued to play a role in the "Duel Monsters" anime, where the loneliness and feelings of failure that had haunted her after her many defeats culminated in her siding with Dartz and his evil Doma organization. Dartz’s henchman, Varon, fell in love with Mai and clashed with Jonouchi over his own feelings for Mai. When Varon lost his soul to the Orichalcos in a duel with Jonouchi, Mai herself duelled Jonouchi, and finally came back to herself when she saw him ready to pass out from exertion. Jonouchi collapsed during the duel and lost his soul, prompting Mai to seek revenge against Dartz, only to lose her own soul in battle with Raphael. Although saved when Yugi defeated Dartz, Mai spent the rest of the series alone, re-evaluating her life, only seen in passing a few times. In the final moments of the last episode, in a scene cut from the Engish anime, Mai is seen dueling alongside Vivian Wong against the Meikyū Brothers on top of the Great Wall of China.

Miho Nosaka

: "DDM video game name:" Melody: "Appears in:" Original manga, Toei anime

nihongo|Miho Nosaka|野坂 ミホ|Nosaka Miho is a classmate of Yugi and his friends, the shy student librarian of the school, nicknamed “Ribbon” for the yellow ribbon she wears in her hair. She has only a small role in the original manga, where Hiroto Honda has a crush on her and attempts to pass a love note to her in the form of a jigsaw puzzle. The puzzle is intercepted by the wicked teacher Miss Chono, but her attempts to embarrass Honda are foiled by Yami Yugi. Unfortunately, when Honda asks Miho out directly, she turns him down flat.

Miho’s role in the story was greatly expanded for the Toei anime, where she was voiced by Yukana Nogami. Here, she is on the main group of Yugi’s friends, and come across as a shallow, somewhat air-headed girl, who nonetheless cares deeply about her friends, and is not afraid to confront people who endanger them. She exploits Honda’s crush to get gifts from him, but she ultimately falls for Ryo Bakura. Miho is not part of the “jigsaw puzzle love note” storyline, which is redone to focus on Jonouchi and a girl named Mayumi, but Honda still has a crush on her, which she exploits to get gifts from him before falling for Ryo Bakura.

Miho was name-checked in episode 168 of "Yu-Gi-Oh! GX", where her name appears on the top of a list that Axel Brodie was looking at.


: "Appears in:" Original manga, Toei anime, "Duel Monsters" anime

Killed by Bakura but surviving as a ghost, the mysterious, enigmatic Shadi (シャーディー, Shādī?) has guarded the tombs of Ancient Egypt for 3,000 years, awaiting the return of the Pharaoh Atem, and is famed for announcing himself with the phrase "Jaghamesh! My name is Shadi!". He possesses the Millennium Scale, which can weigh a person's sins against a feather, and the Millennium Key, which can reveal what is inside one's soul and control that person.

In the original manga, Shadi first encountered Yugi Mutou and his friends when he seeks to push Professors Yoshimori and Kanekura for desecrating the tombs of the pharaohs. After a Shadow Game, Shadi realised that Yugi was now host to the spirit of Atem and withdrew. The "Duel Monsters" anime reimagined this first meeting, placing it at the conclusion of the Duelist Kingdom tournament, but with Shadi coming to the same conclusion. Shadi reappeared during the Battle City tournament, saving Honda and Otogi when they were thrown over the edge of the aircraft playing host to the quarter-finals.

When the time came for Atem to enter the world of his own memories and solve the riddle of his destiny, Shadi helped Yugi and his friends enter the World of Memories through the Millennium Puzzle. In the original manga, he adopted the guise of “Bobasa,” presenting himself as merely a servant of Shadi’s, but did not bother with the deception in the "Duel Monsters" anime. As the conflict in the World of Memories reached its apex, Shadi revealed that he was also Hassan, the eternal spirit of the Millennium Stone, and sacrificed himself to save Atem from the demon, Zorc Necrophades.

Shadi is voiced by Kaneto Shiozawa in Toei's series, Nozomu Sasaki in the Japanese version of the "Duel Monsters" anime, Wayne Grayson in the American English version of "Duel Monsters", and Chuck Powers in the Singaporean English version of "Duel Monsters".

hizuka Kawai

: "English anime name:" Serenity Wheeler: "Toei anime name: " Shizuka Jonouchi [" [ イッパツ逆転 白衣の危機] ." "Toei Animation". Accessed October 4, 2008.] : "Appears in:" Original manga, Toei anime, "Duel Monsters" anime

nihongo|Shizuka Kawai|川井 静香|"Kawai Shizuka" is the little sister of Katsuya Jonouchi, separated from him when their parents divorced and her mother took custody of her. When Shizuka was diagnosed with the steady onset of blindness, Jonouchi entered the Duelist Kingdom tournament and successfully obtained the prize money to secure the operation that would save her sight. Shizuka underwent the operation in the early days of the Battle City tournament, and was looked after by Hiroto Honda (who developed a crush on her) while Joey dueled. Unfortunately, Joey fell under the mental control of the evil Marik Ishtar and nearly died when he was pulled under the ocean during a deadly duel with Yugi, but was saved when Shizuka removed her bandages and dived into the water to save him. Joining Jonouchi and his friends in the final leg of the tournament, Shizuka became friendly with Mai Kujaku, who she looked up to, and Ryuuji Otogi, who vied with Honda for her affections.

For Shizuka’s brief appearance in the Toei anime, she was established as simply being ill, rather than going blind. Her doctor, Kekeru Goyu, slacked off on her care, causing Nurse Miyuki Sakurai to get angry at him. After he fires Miyuki for hitting him, Yami Yugi defeated Dr. Goyu in a Shadow Game.

The "Duel Monsters" anime gave Shizuka a chance to duel when, in the midst of the Battle City tournament, she and the rest of the cast where trapped in a virtual reality world by Noah Kaiba. Facing off against the fourth member of the Kaiba Corporation’s “Big Five” alongside Honda and Ryuuji, Shizuka employed a deck consisting of female monsters, such as Saint Joan and the Forgiving Maiden, but proved less than skillful at the game.

ugoroku Mutou

: "English anime name:" Solomon Muto: "Appears in:" Original manga, Toei anime, "Duel Monsters" anime

nihongo|Sugoroku Mutou|武藤 双六|"Mutō Sugoroku" is the grandfather of Yugi Mutou, who gave him his famous Millennium Puzzle as a present, which he had recovered from the tomb of the Pharaoh Atem in his youth. He owns the Kame Game shop, where Yugi and his friends get several of the games they play, and he taught Katsuya Jonouchi how to play the Duel Monasters card game. His fondness for games is even evident in his name: "Sugoroku" is a Japanese game similar to Backgammon. Sugoroku is the reincarnation of Ancient Egyptian vizier, Siamun Muran, right hand man to the Pharaoh Atem.

In the original manga, Sugoroku’s ownership of the rare Blue Eyes White Dragon card led him to be targeted by Seto Kaiba, who stole the card from him and duelled Yugi with it. Yugi reclaimed the card, but Kaiba, seeking revenge, forced Sugoroku to the dueling stage of his KaibaLand amusement park and defeated him, tearing up his precious Blue Eyes White Dragon card. While simply holding the character hostage in the Toei anime, in the original manga, Kaiba took his revenge even further by subjecting Sugoroku to virtual reality torture in order to force Yugi to enter “Death-T”, a series of games and amusement park rides intended to kill him, in exchange for Sugoroku's life. In the end, Yugi defeated Kaiba and Sugoroku was saved. The "Duel Monsters" anime reimagined and combined these two separate events into one, as Kaiba did not steal the Blue Eyes White Dragon, but kidnapped Sugoroku as his first move and defeated him in a duel, refraining from any further torture.

Things only got worse for Sugoroku when Maximillion Pegasus removed his soul from his body as a means of forcing Yugi into competing in his tournament. The original manga, he trapped Sugoroku’s soul in a video camera, while in the "Duel Monsters" anime, he imprisoned in within a Duel Monsters card. Sugoroku was freed when Yugi defeated Pegasus at the conclusion of the tournament, and continued to dispense support and advice for Yugi in his subsequent battles and duels.

The "Duel Monsters" anime gave Solomon Muto the chance to get back into the action during the KaibaCorp Grand Prix, which he participated in under an alias. In the Japanese version he uses "Mask of Rock," while in the English dub of the series, he uses the alias "Apdnarg Otum", "Grandpa Muto" backwards. He duels Joey using an ancient-themed deck with a lot of rock monsters; Joey defeats him.

Sugoroku reappears in episode 75 of "Yu-Gi-Oh! GX", where he is kidnapped by Thunder (Ikazuchimaru) and Frost (Kourimaru).

Kaiba Corporation

: "See also: " Seto Kaiba

Gozaburo Kaiba

: "Appears in:" Original manga, Toei anime, "Duel Monsters" anime

nihongo|Gozaburo Kaiba|海馬 剛三郎|"Kaiba Gōzaburō" is a rich, powerful business man who is the adoptive father of Seto and Mokuba Kaiba. Gozaburo is the original founder and CEO of the eponymous Kaiba Corporation, which initially began as a successful arms manufacturer, and a world famous chess champion. It was this particular skill that Seto appealed to when Gozaburo visited the orphanage where he and Mokua were living, as he challenged Gozaburo to a game to chess game, with the stakes being the adoption of the two brothers. Seto won, and Gozaburo adopted the pair, but proved a cruel father, forcing him to spend all his time studying in order to groom him as his new heir. Gozaburo’s plans backfired, however, when he gave Seto a 2% share of KaibaCorp stock as a test, challenging him to pay back ten times the amount within a year. Seto managed to acquire the money within a single day, and together with the board of directors (the “Big Five”), secured majority control of the company stocks, overthrowing Gozaburo and installing himself as the new CEO of KaibaCorp.

In the original manga, this was the end of the story for Gozaburo, who committed suicide by defenestration upon being dethroned. The "Duel Monsters" anime expanded on his story greatly, however, revealing that he had a biological son named Noah, who was fatally wounded in an accident. Although his body was lost, Gozaburo was able to save Noah’s mind by digitizing it into virtual reality, and it was revealed that he did the same to himself after being deposed by Seto when Noah, acting under his orders, captured Seto, Mokuba and their friends in the midst of the Battle City tournament. Facing off against Seto in a Duel Monsters match while attempting to regain his power in the real world through manipulation of military satellites, Gozaburo was defeated and ultimately destroyed when Noah betrayed him and orchestrated an explosion that destroyed both them and the virtual world.

In the Japanese versions, Gozaburo is voiced by Unsho Ishizuka in the Toei anime, and by Tetsuo Komura in "Duel Monsters" series. In the American English dub of "Duel Monsters", he is voiced by David Willis.

Mokuba Kaiba

nihongo|Mokuba Kaiba|海馬 モクバ|"Kaiba Mokuba" is Seto Kaiba's younger brother.

In the manga, Mokuba is characterized as a spoiled brat, always trying to trick Yugi Mutou to get back at him for defeating his older brother. In the first series of the manga Mokuba tries to defeat Yugi before Kaiba has a chance and challenges Katsuya Jonouchi and Yugi to a Roulette of Death and poisons Jonouchi. Yugi eventually wins and saves Jonouchi. Mokuba is another good game player who specializes in video games and Capsule Monster Chess ("Capmon"), but is not as good of a gamer as his brother. He is so committed to avenging his brother's humiliation that he sometimes resorts to extreme measures, such as having his friends brandish a Uzi, a knife, and a stun gun in one manga chapter to coerce Yugi to play "Capmon" with him. In the second series of the anime, Mokuba is eternally devoted to his brother Seto Kaiba and is constantly by his side. He is not as violent as his manga counterpart, and is not committed to avenge Seto's defeat.

In the anime, at a young age, Mokuba and Seto are orphaned (their actual surnames unknown). Seto's mother dies when Mokuba is born, and their father dies in an accident when Seto is eight. Their relatives use up their inheritance and leave them at the orphanage. When the head of Kaiba Corporation, Gozaburo Kaiba, arrives at the orphanage to perform a publicity stunt, Seto sees the chance to challenge him to a game of chess, with Gozaburo forced to adopt Seto and Mokuba should he win. Mokuba was five at the time, while Seto is ten in the manga and Japanese anime, and twelve in the English anime. Seto wins, and Gozaburo is forced to adopt them. Mokuba plays a vital role in Seto's later bid to take over the company, possessing the vital 2% of the company that Seto uses to vote Gozaburo out of power.

In the second series anime, Mokuba is entrusted with Kaiba Corp when Seto goes away on a journey, and is kidnapped by Pegasus as part of a plot to take over the company. Mokuba escapes and briefly attempts to sabotage Yugi's efforts to confront Pegasus in revenge before being recaptured. He is eventually rescued when Yugi defeats Pegasus. Mokuba spends Battle City and the KC Grand Championship as an enforcer of security and rules while Seto is otherwise busy. In the third season, he is kidnapped by Noah, who brainwashes him to hate Seto, and later captures his body for his own uses.

In the second series "Yu-Gi-Oh!" anime ("Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters"), Mokuba becomes Yugi's friend, much to his Seto's displeasure. During the Battle City arc, Mokuba was willing to help Yugi rescue his friends when Marik was controlling them, while Seto only helped because Anzu saved Mokuba earlier. In addition, Mokuba also befriends and creates a brotherly bond with his stepbrother Noah Kaiba.

Kaiba family butler

Appears in: Original manga, Toei anime, "Duel Monsters" anime

Toei anime name: Daimon (大門)English dub name: Hobson

Kaiba's butler is a sadistic man who engages in a shadow game with Yugi and his friends.

In the manga, he manages a trap at Death-T. Yugi, Jonouchi, Honda, Anzu, and the butler have to sit in electric chairs while watching a scary projection. Anyone who screams is electrocuted. The butler knows how to not scream while Yugi and his friends are close to screaming. Johji wriggles free from Anzu's lap and defecates on the butler's lap. The butler screams and is electrocuted, freeing Yugi and his friends from the chairs. The butler dies after the electrocution.

In the Toei anime Daimon is the fourth game master, and a much more sympathetic character. He taught Kaiba the basics of gaming, and was practically responsible for raising him. Only kept alive through a special pod, he first duels Yugi and is reminded of Kaiba as a boy. Despite this, he holds Anzu as a hostage in order to force Yugi to play Duel Monsters with him, as repayment to Kaiba for his kindness when he was on his deathbed. Yugi defeats Daimon, who shortly dies, but not before imploring Yugi to restore Kaiba's kind heart.

He appears in the first episode of the "Duel Monsters" anime to kidnap Sugoroku Mutou. He also appears during various flashbacks of Kaiba's past.

It would later be established that he was the reincarnation of Gebelk.

Big Five

The Big Five are the Board of Directors for Kaiba Corporation. They originally worked for Gozaburo Kaiba, producing weapons of mass destruction. When Seto wants to own the company, he tells the Big Five that he will restore them to their former power and says that Gozaburo does not give them the respect or power they deserve. The Big Five agree, and buy 49% of Kaiba Corporation. Combined with 2% that Gozaburo had previously given to Seto for a test to prove his business skill, the Big Five vote out Gozaburo and vote in Seto as the president of the company.

However, Seto backs out on their deal, strips them of their power, and leaves them little more than figureheads and consultants. Furious over their betrayal, the Big Five strike a deal with Maximillion Pegasus. If Pegasus defeats Seto and Yugi Mutou in duels, then they will use their 49% to vote Pegasus into power of the company by kidnapping Mokuba Kaiba, who has been entrusted with the security codes to the other 2% that Seto owns. The plan fails, as Yugi defeats Pegasus. When Seto learns of their betrayal, in the manga, he fires them. In the anime, Seto only threatens to fire them and the Big Five offer Seto his complete Virtual Reality game as a peace offering, sparking the Legendary Heroes arc. After being rescued, what Seto did to the Big Five is not known. Presumably their minds were trapped in the Virtual World as they had intended to do to Seto, as this sets the stage for their next appearance.

The Big Five wander Kaiba Corporation's computer banks for some time until they are found by Gozaburo's biological son Noah. Noah also desires to take control of Kaiba Corporation from Seto, and the two strike a deal. Noah lures Seto, Yugi and his friends to an underwater military base, and there forces them to enter his version of the Virtual World. The Big Five greet them and reveal the deal they have made with Noah: after being trapped in the Virtual World, they have lost their connection to their bodies and thus need new ones. In exchange for being allowed access to the bodies of Seto, Yugi and his friends, the Big Five will defeat each of them in a duel to prove Noah and his employees are better than Kaiba and his friends.

One by one the Big Five fail to defeat their chosen opponents, and Noah is furious. As a last ditch effort, the Big Five use the body of Tristan Taylor to unite into one and duel Yugi and Joey Wheeler in a two-on-one match. They once again fail to defeat them, and are summoned back to Noah's headquarters. Noah refuses to give them a third chance, and as punishment seals each of the Big Five in an isolated portion of the Virtual World. Following this they are never seen again and are presumably deleted when the fortress that the Virtual World's software is stationed in explodes.

The Big Five are not named in the manga, but in the anime their names and backstories are given as follows.

nihongo|Konosuke Oshita|大下 幸之助|Ōshita Kōnosuke / Gansley - Gansley is the former KaibaCorp vice president of business strategies, and leader/founder of the Big Five. He is a master businessman, and in the English anime claims to have nurtured a humble lemonade stand into a national supplier of frozen drinks. In the Japanese anime, Oshita is well versed in history and uses quotes from warlords and philosophers on how to duel and how to run a business. When Gansley appears in the Virtual World, he takes the form of Deep Sea Warrior. Voiced by (Japanese) : Noboyuki Saitou in the Virtural Realm Arc and Shintaro Sonoda in the Noah Arc.

nihongo|Shuzo Otaki|大滝 修三|"Ōtaki Shūzō" / Adrian Rudolph Crump III - Crump used to be KaibaCorp's accountant and oversaw the company's finances before he was fired. Crump was neglected as a child and found a love for penguins when he read about how they cared for their young. His dream was to build a penguin theme park, but Seto Kaiba refused to finance the project. When Crump appears in the Virtual World, he takes the form of Nightmare Penguin. Voiced by (Japanese) Satoshi Tsuruoka in the Virtural Realm Arc and Ryousuke Ootani in the Noah arc.

nihongo|Chikuzen Oka|大岡 筑前|"Ōka Chikuzen" / Johnson - Johnson was the chief legal advisor for KaibaCorp and the expert lawyer for the Big Five. Johnson admits to being corrupt and manipulating the facts to bring in a favorable verdict for KaibaCorp, claiming that the "truth" is whatever his arguments say it is. Johnson claims to have once convinced a jury that a man who was afraid of water stole a boat. To this end, Johnson cheats when he duels Joey Wheeler, rigging his dice rolls and coin flips in his favor, until Noah stops him. When Johnson appears in the Virtual World, he takes the form of Judge Man. Voiced by (Japanese) Shin'ichi Yashiro.

nihongo|Soichiro Ota|大田 総一郎|"Ōta Sōichirō" / Nesbitt - Nesbitt is the technical expert of the Big Five and former vice president of new technology, and before Seto took power he oversaw the military factories on Kaiba Corp Island. Seto ordered Nesbitt to destroy his lab after coming to power and had him build the Duel Tower in its place. Nesbitt is furious over his technological genius being used for games, and has vowed revenge. When Nesbitt appears in the Virtual World, he takes the form of Robotic Knight, and later Perfect Machine King. He was the only one who claimed a body (although with underhanded tactics), but later lost it when he had to share it with the other members of the big five and subsequently losing the final duel. Voiced by (Japanese) Hiromi Sugino.

nihongo|Kogoro Daimon|大門 小五郎|"Daimon Kogorō" / Leichter - Leichter is the former assistant to Gozaburo himself (and later Seto). Leichter is the best duelist of the Big Five and challenges Seto as his opponent, intending to settle a personal grudge. Leichter claims that he did all the hard work to make Seto look good for Gozaburo while all Seto did was give him orders. Leichter also reveals Seto's manipulation of Mokuba to oust Gozaburo from power, which Seto denies. When Leichter appears in the Virtual World, he takes the form of Jinzo. Voiced by (Japanese): Eiji Takemoto.


:"English name:" Croquet:"Japanese name:" Crocketts:"Appears in:" Original manga, Toei anime, "Duel Monsters" anime

Croquet is the right-hand man of Maximillion Pegasus (Pegasus J. Crawford in the original Japanese). His duties includes relaying the progress of Pegasus' plans, often unknowingly stating the obvious to his boss (who, with the use of the Millennium Eye and keen intuition, usually predicts the outcome of a situation he's involved with before Croquet can inform him of it).

At one point in the English anime translation, Pegasus punishes Croquet for his multiple failures by threatening to 'lock him away...again'.


:"English anime name:" Roland:"Appears in:" Original manga, Toei anime, "Duel Monsters" anime

Isono (磯野) is one of the Battle City Tournament officials. He also appears to be Kaiba's right-hand man and business advisor, as he appears later in the anime series to help Kaiba manage Kaiba Corporation.


English anime name: Kemo
Appears in: "Yu-Gi-Oh!" manga, "Yu-Gi-Oh!" 2nd series anime ("Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters")

Saruwatari (猿渡) is one of Pegasus' suits. He worked for Kaiba Corporation as one of Seto and Mokuba's private bodyguards, but he was actually working for Industrial Illusions the whole time, gathering information from within Kaiba Corporation and giving it to Pegasus. Some may remember him as he has an unusual hair style - big arrowhead shape, similar to Tristan Taylor's. (Honda in the Japanese anime).

His first appearance is where he apprehends Mokuba Kaiba after his duel with Yugi and takes him to Pegasus despite the fact Yugi defeated the Mimic of Doom in a duel. He later confronted Kaiba as he entered the island with a gun to his head (which was edited out in the English anime) but Kaiba disarmed him with a card. He then forces Saruwatari to take him to where Mokuba's cell is and Saruwatari does so. He later acts as the guard at the entrance to Pegasus' castle and attempts to stop the group from entering since half of them are not duelists but Mai Kujaku (Mai Valentine) stops him.

His last appearance is during the group's first stay in the Virtual World, where he attempts to break into the room where their bodies are and Anzu Mazaki and Hiroto Honda put up a desperate defense to stop them using furniture to block the door. When everyone awoke after Yugi and Kaiba's Master of Dragon Soldier defeated the Big Five's "Five-Headed Dragon", Saruwatari fled in order to warn the Big Five members. It is likely that he was fired at that point, as he is not seen in the series again.

Ishtar family

Marik Ishtar

nihongo|Marik Ishtar|マリク・イシュタール|Mariku Ishutāru in the original Japanese anime and manga, is a character in the manga "Yu-Gi-Oh!" and the second "Yu-Gi-Oh!" anime series (known in Asia as "Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters"). The heir to a clan of tombkeepers, Marik's hatred of the nameless Pharaoh compels him to disregard his duties and turn to a life of evil, eventually developing a split personality. He serves as the third antagonist Yugi faces in the manga, and is the antagonist in seasons two and three of the anime.

Marik Ishtar is a later antagonist of "Yu-Gi-Oh!" and one of the foremost adversaries of the series. His family has guarded the tomb of the pharaoh for generations. Marik holds the Millennium Rod and with his Ghouls organization (called the Rare Hunters in the English anime), he wishes to obtain the three God Cards, and with them, unlock their power for himself so he can gain the title of "Pharaoh" and set his family free.

He also has a hidden agenda - to get revenge on the ancient Pharaoh's soul for killing his father, as he was made to believe. In the English anime, he is considerably more fiendish. He wants the God Cards and the Millennium Puzzle to gain the power of the Pharaoh and rule the world. He believes that Shadi killed his father and is not particularly concerned as he never had any real affection for his father. The character's sister is Ishizu Ishtar .

Marik's mad quest to defeat Yami Yugi has made every single one of Yugi's friends and himself to suffer. For example, he's possessed the minds of Téa Gardner and Joey Wheeler in order to break Yugi to the core. He's even more ruthless and cruel when his plots failed to accomplish anything. Marik later appears at the Battle City Finals, diguised as Namu who befriends Téa and Joey. Unknown to Marik himself, his hatred and rage have been fueling his dark side, Dark Marik, for all the time. Later, after Marik lost his duel against his dark side, he sought refuge in the mind of Téa and warned his older sister, Ishizu, to hide Rishid (Odion in the English anime), away from the hands of Dark Marik.

The sadistic alter ego of Marik Ishtar, he is an entity that was created when his host was only ten years old. After having the secrets of the Pharaoh forcefully carved onto his back, Marik struggled to cope with the agony and hatred he felt against his father. It also manifested itself into his "other self", Dark Marik who could only emerge if Marik himself were full of rage.

He made his first appearance when he murdered his own father (in the manga he specifically skinned his father's back with the millennium rod and threw it on Odion) before being sealed away in Marik's body by Odion, waiting for his chance to break free. But when Odion is knocked out in his battle with Joey Wheeler on the Battle Ship during the Battle City semi-finals, Marik is so furious and in despair that Dark Marik finally escapes, embarking on a rampage of destruction, horror and madness.

He then traps the soul of Mai Valentine and has several brain insects slowly devour her body after he manages to easily defeat her in a shadow game (in the English version, he banished her soul to the shadow realm). After this, Joey is determined to duel Marik and save Mai even if he dies in the process.

Dark Bakura (Yami Bakura) teams with Marik's soul to stop Dark Marik, but fails as well and loses the Millennium Ring. Joey duels him in the semi-finals and almost wins, but becomes severely injured to the point where he can no longer duel. As time goes on, Dark Marik becomes the dominant host of Marik's body, with the real Marik's soul slowly fading out of existence. Dark Yugi (Yami Yugi) is the only one who could stop Marik. When Dark Yugi and Dark Marik duel, Odion wakes up and he makes Marik realize he had to accept his responsibility for being a tombkeeper.

With this confidence, Marik overpowers his evil self and forfeits, destroying Dark Marik. Marik gives Yugi the Millennium Rod and Ring as well as the Sun Dragon Ra a.k.a. The Winged Dragon of Ra. Marik then reveals the tombkeeper's initiation. The carving of the Pharaoh's (Dark Yugi a.k.a. Yami a.k.a. Atem) memory onto the back of a tomb guardian involves using either a hot dagger (as in the manga), a normal dagger (in the Japanese version of the second series anime), or a tattoo (in the English second series anime) on his back (see below right image). Fulfilling his duty as tombkeeper, Marik goes with Ishizu and Odion and returns to Egypt to start a new life.

Officially revealed in the English-language manga, Dark Marik is an alter-ego of Marik. When he received the tombkeeper's initiation and was tattooed, Marik created a second personality to deal with the pain and agony of the ritual. This can be used to explain Dark Marik's obsession with pain: he was a vent through which Marik's pain was shunted he is a textbook example of sadistic personality disorder. Overall, Dark Marik and Marik are most likely suffering form dissociative identity disorder, more commonly known as suffering from multiple personalities.

In the character profile leaflets of a Japanese volume his name is romanized as Maric with his alter ego's name romanized as Yami Maric.

Marik's first name is actually derived from the Arabic (Egyptian) name "Malik" (ملك), meaning "king, master".

Marik Ishtar is known as "Malik Ishtar" in Indonesia.

Marik's family name is derived from the Mesopotamian deity Ishtar.

Marik's deck theme is Immortality. While slowly torturing his opponents and watching them squirm, he plays and replays The Winged Dragon of Ra in the ways he finds most evoking of pain. To this end he relies primarily on reviving it via "Monster Reborn" and continually transferring the card to his hand via "Left Arm Offering" and "Zombie's Jewel", among other cards.

Besides this, his deck is largely composed of Fiend-type monsters, and his cards rely on draining an opponent of strength: "Helpoemer" discards cards, "Visor Des" lowers the ATK of an opponent's monster, etc. A great deal of his cards rely on "burn" da
breaking wheel.

In "", Marik's sign is indicated as Sagittarius. When employing the sidereal zodiac, this is correct. But when employing the tropical zodiac, Marik's sign becomes Capricorn. The signs of all other "Yu-Gi-Oh!" characters in the book are either incorrect when using the sidereal zodiac or match with the birthdays in both tropical and sidereal zodiacs.

Ishizu Ishtar

nihongo|Ishizu Ishtar|イシズ・イシュタール|Ishizu Ishutāru is a character in the manga "Yu-Gi-Oh!" and the second series "Yu-Gi-Oh!" anime (known as "Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters" in Asia). In the Philippines, her name is dubbed Eunice instead of Ishizu.

Ishizu, the Secretary General of the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities, is the sister of Marik Ishtar. She became a museum curator in order to lure Yugi Mutou (Yugi Muto in the English anime) and Seto Kaiba in order to save Marik from his darker alter ego, Dark Marik (Yami Marik). She is also the reincarnation of Isis, one of the six priests who served Pharaoh Atem (they both wield the same Millennium item and there is a definite resemblance between them), but there is no concrete evidence to determine if this is true.

She holds the Millennium Tauk (Millennium Necklace in the English anime) that has the power to foresee any future events.

In hopes of saving her brother, Ishizu enters the semi-finals and remains hidden away, diguised as the mysterious eighth duelist. Her attempts to save Marik end when she is defeated by Seto Kaiba. Ishizu thanked Kaiba for defeating her, because in doing so, he gave her hope that a better future may be possible for all of them. However, Kaiba replied to her that anyone who allows themselves to be chained by destiny can never have hope.

Later on,she reveals how the darker side to her brother was created and ends up giving the Millennium Tauk to Yugi Mutou.

After the Pharaoh recovers his memories and his name in the Egyptian Arc, Ishizu, her brother Marik, and adopted brother Rishid (Odion in the English anime) lead Yugi and his friends to the tomb of the Pharaoh in order for Pharaoh Atem and Yugi to have a final duel in order to determine if the spirit will move on to the afterlife or remain in the present.

Ishizu's name is the Japanese equivalent of the Egyptian goddess Isis, as there is no 'si' sound in Japanese, so 'shi' is used instead. Her last name comes from the Mesopotamian deity Ishtar.

Ishizu appears in Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories under the name Isis. She is the duelist that must be defeated in the future before battling Kaiba. After the duel she forfeits the Millennium Necklace and it gets sucked into one of Yugi's blank cards.

Ishizu was a finalist in the Battle City tournament. She primarily plays with Fairy-type ("Angel" Type) monsters. Her strategy revolves around discarding her own cards while returning her opponent's to their deck to activate Exchange of the Spirit, which swaps the Graveyard with the deck: this in turn restores Ishizu's deck to full strength while draining her opponent's deck at the same time. Notably, unlike the majority of the Fairy-type monsters in the game, Ishizu's cards have an Egyptian appearance.

In the character profile leaflets of a Japanese volume her name is romanized as Ishizu Ishutarl. []


Rishid Ishtar (Odion Ishtar in the English anime) is Marik's adoptive brother and the second-in-command of the Ghouls. Abandoned as a child, Rishid was taken in by Marik's mother prior to his birth. However, his father never accepted him as a suitable heir and treated him as a servant rather than a son. When Marik was born, his father demanded Rishid take care of him. While Marik was marked with the Tombkeeper's Initiation and had his back tattooed, Rishid tattooed his own face that same night to show his loyalty to him. When Marik began to rebel against his family's traditions, Rishid, believing Marik's evil would grow without his family, stayed by his side. He enters the Battle City finals posing as Marik, but falls into a coma after using a false God Card, and Katsuya Jonouchi(Joey Wheeler) wins by default. He later regains consciousness during the duel between Marik's evil side and Yugi, and with his urgings, Marik's good side is able to fight his evil side and survive until the end of the duel. In addition to having an ancient Egyptian appearance, he also has two earrings that are in the shape of an ankh.

Rishid plays a Trap deck composed largely of Spell and Trap cards, opting to battle using powerful card effects than monsters, a strategy supported by his signature card, the field spell "Temple of the Kings" which restricts the amounts of spell and trap cards his opponents can play, while letting him activate traps in the same turn they are set. Rishid uses Embodiment of Apophis as his primary offense due to their ability to be called at any time, but his strongest monster, Mystical Beast Serket, can be summoned only be combining three Spell cards.


Known as the Rare Hunters in the English anime, and Jackals in some video games) are a group of card thieves and duelists in the manga series Yu-Gi-Oh! and the second series Yu-Gi-Oh! anime (Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters in East Asia).

The Ghouls were formed by Marik Ishtar to collect the Egyptian God Cards and other cards of value, becoming a group with money and power to grant Marik power. It is not specified exactly when they are formed, but they are known to be Marik's henchmen and assist him in his goals. Rishid Ishtar (Odion Ishtar in the English anime) is the second in command of the Ghouls.

The first Ghoul to appear (although not addressed as one) is Keith Howard (nicknamed Bandit Keith), who steals the Millennium Puzzle from Yugi. Yugi wins the Puzzle back, but not before meeting Marik through his mind control of Keith, who warns Yugi he will return. Afterwards, Keith accidentally sets the arena on fire before fleeing. In this duel the methods of the Ghouls is also set: nearly all of the Ghouls cheat in their duels.

When Seto Kaiba organizes the Battle City Tournament, Marik orders his minions to go to the tournament and defeat the duelists there, hoping to seize many rare cards that the world's best duelists would surely have. However, upon discovering his sister Ishizu has given the final God card Marik needs to Kaiba, Marik travels to Battle City himself to take the card. As it were, Yugi Mutou is also in the tournament, giving Marik the perfect opportunity to take both the Millennium Puzzle and the final God card.

As he travels to Domino, Marik has several other Ghouls attempt to defeat Yugi, but they fail. Marik is desperate enough to have one of them use a God card, Slifer the Sky Dragon. When Yugi prevails again and takes Slifer, Marik attempts to have two Ghouls defeat him and Kaiba in a tag-team duel. This too fails, and as Kaiba and Yugi now have enough locator cards to enter the finals, Marik decides there is nothing else to do but face the two himself, and so he and Rishid enter the finals.

After this, the fate of the Ghouls is not known, although the video game Yu-Gi-Oh!: Reshef of Destruction, which is an alternate-universe game set in the aftermath of Battle City, portrays them as still seeking the God cards with Bandit Keith as their new leader. Also, in the second series anime, the "lost souls" of Arkana and Seeker are seen in the Waking the Dragons arc when the pharaoh goes to see Yugi.

Some of the Ghouls are voluntary, while others have the Eye of Anubis on their foreheads when seen, implying they are being controlled by Marik and thus are slaves. Beyond the listed members are several unnamed members who operate machinery for Marik and otherwise trail targeted duelists. Most of them are mentally punished (In the English anime, they are banished to the Shadow Realm) by Marik after failing to defeat Yugi.

Marik Ishtar: The leader of the organization and the driving force behind them. He abandons the group after Battle City (it is not addressed if he actually disbands the group or just leaves, as the Ghouls are not seen in the anime afterwards one way or the other) Keith Howard: Although never addressed as a Ghoul, Keith wears the same robes when he duels Yugi and is controlled by Marik mentally as several of the Ghouls are. Card Shop Owner: Not named, he owns the card shop where Duel Disks are sold and registration for Battle City is allowed. He thus is able to inform Marik of when a duelist possessing a rare card registers for the tournament.

Pandora (Arcana in the English anime) is a disgraced magician and escape artist. During a typical escape trick he was caught in an explosion and horribly disfigured, and now wears a mask to hide his face. Disgusted with his appearance, he shunned his fiancee and assistant Catherine who fled. After recovering and hating himself for driving her away, he is approached by Marik, who offers him a chance to win Catherine back by defeating Yugi. Pandora lures Yugi into an underground duel arena. Both players are cuffed to the floor. Spinning buzzsaws are in place; if a player loses all their life points, the buzzsaws will cut off their legs (in the English anime, these are instead dark energy disks that banish the loser to the Shadow Realm). Pandora loses, but Yugi rescues him from the buzzsaws. Afterwards he runs to what he thinks is his waiting fiancee, but is merely a dummy: he is then mentally attacked by Marik.

Pandora plays a Dark Magician deck, claiming Yugi is not worthy of his copy of the card, but it is Pandora's own disrespect for his Dark Magicians that leads to his defeat by Yugi's Dark Magician Girl. Pandora has trimmed the edges of his Dark Magician cards so that when his deck is shuffled and cut, they fall on the top of his deck.

The Pantomimer (Strings in the English anime, also called The Quiet One) is a street mime under Marik's mind control. This example of mind control is seemingly different from others. In Volume 13 of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist manga, it is explained that the Pantomimer went mad after murdering his parents. In his grief he locked away his consciousness and became a hollow shell. As a result of this he seems to exist as a second body for Marik, allowing more complete possession than with the other Ghouls.

After Yugi defeats Pandora, Marik takes control of the Pantomimer and sends him to duel Yugi. The Pantomimer uses a deck based around Slifer the Sky Dragon and giving it near-infinite power by drawing cards through a complex combo that lets him draw every time Yugi attacks. Yugi turns this combo against him however, causing him to draw so many cards he literally runs out and by default, loses the match. Afterwards Marik destroys the Pantomimer's mind (in the English anime he banishes Strings to the Shadow Realm). He is the only Ghoul besides Marik and Rishid not to cheat in his duel.

Mask of Darkness and Mask of Light (Umbra and Lumis in the English anime) are tag-team duelists who target Yugi and Kaiba. They duel atop a skyscraper on planes of glass that shatter when a duelist's Life Points hit 0, dropping them to their death (in the English anime, they fall into the Shadow Realm). They use a Mask deck that also has some Chaos undertones, dealing with the forces of Darkness and Light. They wear masks in their duel, and have hidden microphones in them to share their strategies secretly (which is not technically cheating, but is still an unfair advantage). Also, Mask of Darkness (and presumably Mask of Light) has a parachute hidden in his robe to save himself even if he loses. After Mask of Darkness plummets, Mask of Light is possessed by Marik.

Ancient Egypt


English anime name: Aknamkanon
Appears in: "Yu-Gi-Oh!" manga, "Yu-Gi-Oh!" 2nd series anime ("Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters")anime voices|Yōichi Kobiyama|
Akhenamkhanen (アクナムカノン "Akunamukanon") is the father of Pharaoh Atem in Ancient Egypt. Thief Bakura blames the late Akhenamkhanen for killing his village, Kul Elna, to make the Millennium Items; Bakura did not know that it was Akhenaden who was responsible for the massacre, although he did know that he participated in it. When Akhenamkhanen finds out about the massacre, he sacrifices himself to the gods of Egypt as a penance, asking only for his son's safety from their wrath in return. Akhenamkhanen speaks with Atem through his sacrophagus during his first battle with Bakura, and his instructions made Atem summon the Egyptian God Obelisk the Tormentor. His next appearance is in the village of Kul Elna, where his spirit protects Atem from the vengeful spirits of those who were slain in Kul Elna village. During the Ceremonial Battle, Akhenamkhanen is seen waiting for his son as he passes into the door between life and death along with the other guardians.


* English anime name: AknadinAkhenaden was the guardian of the Millennium Eye and the brother of King Akhenamkhanen. As they grew up, he was secretly jealous of his brother's position as pharaoh and felt like he gained nothing from him. He ordered the massacre at Kul Elna so he could create the Millennium Items to defend his brother's kingdom. But in case this didn't work, he gave up his wife and son, Seto, so they would be safe. Years later, Seto entered the Pharaoh's royal court and Akhenadin taught him everything he knew about compassion and reason, for he built his reputation on giving mercy to criminals.

When Bakura attacked the kingdom and revealed he had escaped the massacre at Kul Elna, Akhenaden was hunted down and eventually cornered in his sanctuary. Bakura used his newly acquired Millennium Ring to bring Akhenaden's dark side out as punishment for the massacre of his home. When Akhenaden woke up, he began to force prisoners to fight to increase their Ka's strength. When Kisara, the girl Seto fell in love with as a child, revealed she harbored the White Dragon in her, Akhenaden became determined to take it from her so Seto could use it to become pharaoh. Seto refused to betray the pharaoh, especially when it involved killing someone he loved.

Akhenaden later returned the Millennium Items to the Millennium Stone and began Zorc's resurrection. Zorc than used his power to transform Akhenaden into the Great Shadow Magus. Akhenaden continued to try to persuade Seto to take the White Dragon and become pharaoh, going as far as to kidnap him so the Pharaoh and the other guardians couldn't interfere. But when Kisara convinced Seto to completely turn his back on him and stay with the Pharaoh, Akhenaden went mad. He attacked the pair, sealed Kisara's spirit in stone with her dragon and entered Seto's body to take control of him. But Kisara, in the form of the White Dragon, also entered Seto's mind and destroyed Akhenaden.


Appears in: "Yu-Gi-Oh!" manga, "Yu-Gi-Oh!" 2nd series anime ("Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters")

In the original manga, Bobasa (ボバサ) arrives from Egypt to help Yugi in guiding the pharaoh to the world of his memories. Introducing himself as a member of the guardians and a servant of Shadi, his body is a "living safe" that can keep the Millennium Items safe by placing them in the indentations of his abnormally shaped chest and locking his clothes around them. After the Pharaoh enters the world of his memories, Bobasa guides Yugi, Hona, Jonouchi and Anzu through the maze of the Millennium Puzzle so that they can all join him there. As the events of the past play out before them and the demon Zorc Necrophades is released, Bobasa reveals his true identity - Hassan, the spirit of the Millennium Stone. As Hassan defends the Pharaoh against Zorc, his mask shatters under the force of Zorc's attack, revealing that that both Hassan and Bobasa, are, in actuality, both identities used by Shadi.

Bobasa is a completely different characters in the anime, used mostly for comic relief. Here, he is a Non-Player Character in the RPG-styled Shadow Game that Bakura transforms the Pharaoh's memories into, who can lead the players to the location of the Pharaoh's true name if they feed him enough food.


Appears in: "Yu-Gi-Oh!" manga, "Yu-Gi-Oh!" 2nd series anime ("Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters")

Gebelk (ゲベルク) is the keeper of the pharaoh's dungeons. Kaiba's butler is the reincarnation of Gebelk.


Appears in: "Yu-Gi-Oh!" manga, "Yu-Gi-Oh!" 2nd series anime ("Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters")

Hassan (ハサン "Hasan") is a mysterious ancient being and is the messenger of the Egyptian Pharaohs. He made a vow with Atem's father, Akhenamkhanen, to protect his son no matter what. His role in the Dark RPG is that of Dark Yugi's Master Item. It is also possible that Hassan is the past self of Shadi. In the manga, Hassan is one of the alternative identity of Bobasa (even though both characters are separated in the anime). Interesting enough in the manga, when Zorc blew half of Hassan's mask, it has shown Shadi's face instead.


Appears in: "Yu-Gi-Oh!" manga, "Yu-Gi-Oh!" 2nd series anime ("Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters")

Isis (アイシス "Aishisu") is a priestess that serves Pharaoh Atem in Ancient Egypt. Ishizu Ishtar is the reincarnation of Isis. She is named, obviously, after the Egyptian god Isis. "Isis" is actually a Greek corruption of "Aset". Much like her modern counterpart, Isis is very wise, kind and insightful. In the anime, she seems to share a close relationship with Mahado. (Mahad in the English Dub.)


English anime name: Karim
Appears in: "Yu-Gi-Oh!" manga, "Yu-Gi-Oh!" 2nd series anime ("Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters")

Kalim (カリム "Karimu") is one of the six priests that guarded Pharaoh Atem 3,000 years ago. He wields the Millennium Scales. His Ka is the Curse of Dragon, a monster which appears in Yugi's deck at several points in the series. It is a common theory that the first holder of the Millennium Scales was his father, as they look extremely similar. Kalim, unlike most of the Ancient Egyptian cast, does not have an evident modern form; his Scales are held by Shadi throughout the series.

Karim showed unwavering loyalty towards the Pharaoh throughout the arc up until his demise, and seems a quiet, serious and reserved man. He seems to be close to Isis, for her reaction towards his death is a deeply powerful one.


Appears in: "Yu-Gi-Oh!" manga, "Yu-Gi-Oh!" 2nd series anime ("Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters")

Kisara (キサラ "Kisara") is a mysterious woman with pale skin, light blue/white hair, and blue eyes. She carries the spirit of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon (referred to simply as the White Dragon) within her. She is a very gentle and reserved girl. She and Priest Seto share a bond. Aknadin, after he pledged his loyalty to Zorc the Dark One, sealed the Blue-Eyes in a stone tablet, along with Kisara's spirit, effectively killing her. But she later used her dragon to destroy Aknadin and free Seto from his control. She then gave her power to him, making him the new keeper of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon.


English anime name: Mahad
Appears in: "Yu-Gi-Oh!" manga, "Yu-Gi-Oh!" 2nd series anime ("Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters")

Mahado (マハード "Mahādo") is one of the priests who serves Pharaoh Atem. He wields the Millennium Ring. In order to defeat Thief King Bakura, he sacrificed his life and fused his Ba and his Ka together to create the Dark magician. He also was the best friend of the Pharaoh Atem since they were children. Before and after his death, Mahado always kept loyalty to his king. In the anime, some scenes are dedicated to Isis and Mahado debating over his decision to capture Bakura. It speculates at deeper feelings on each side, though more on Isis's. When Isis discovers Mahado's death, she cries out his name, and earlier as she feels his pain, Isis is weeping out of sorrow.


Appears in: "Yu-Gi-Oh!" manga, "Yu-Gi-Oh!" 2nd series anime ("Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters")

Mana (マナ "Mana") is a childhood friend of Atem and Mahado and studies magic under Mahado as his apprentice. After Mahado's death, she swears to become a great magician and eventually is able to summon her own Ka, the Dark Magician Girl.


Appears in: "Yu-Gi-Oh!" manga, "Yu-Gi-Oh!" 2nd series anime ("Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters")

Seto (セト "Seto") is a priest who is a cousin of Pharaoh Atem. Seto Kaiba is the reincarnation of Priest Seto. His name comes from the Egyptian god Set.

Back 3000 years ago (5000 in the English anime) Priest Seto and Pharaoh Atem were friends and rivals who helped each other by testing their skills (just like Yugi and Kaiba did); as children their relationship was Atem as a prince and Seto as a priest on training. Bakura, the King of Thieves (Tōzoku Ō in Japanese) showed the royal court his Ka, Diabound's great power before running away. Seto decided that Bakura should be stopped and looked for a Ka that was stronger than Diabound. People could be tortured into revealing their Kas, so he decided to try rounding up and torturing criminals. This plan, he felt, would accomplish two things: finding a Ka that could destroy Diabound and reduce the number of criminals that ravage his pharaoh's kingdom. During his quest to find a Ka greater than Diabound, he found Kisara. Kisara was a foreigner who was being attacked by the people of her village because she was different. Seto rescued her twice (once when they were children from a raiders' camp, and when the townspeople were throwing rocks at her and calling her a demon) and found out that Kisara had the Ka of a White Dragon. Priest Akhenaden, another priest (and Seto's father), wanted to use Kisara's Ka to fight Diabound and put his son on the throne (this occurred after his dark side was brought out by Bakura). Seto disagreed with him, because if a person's Ka was extracted, that person would die. Akhenaden was the brother of Atem's father, Akhenamkhanen, which meant Seto was Atem's cousin. Seto believed his father died in battle so he didn't know Akhenaden was his father. Seto knew that if Atem died, Seto would be Pharaoh. Akhenaden extracted the Blue Eyes anyway for Priest Seto to use against Atem, resulting in the death of Kisara. Later, Seto became possessed by the corrupted spirit of Akhenaden, whom Seto had stabbed after he killed Kisara, and dueled Atem. He used the White Dragon in this duel. Though he defeated Atem, Kisara freed Seto's mind from Akhenaden's spirit. Seto fought bravely by Atem's side in the battle against Zorc the Dark One. When Zorc was defeated, Atem said his reign was over, and made Seto the new pharaoh.


Appears in: "Yu-Gi-Oh!" manga, "Yu-Gi-Oh!" 2nd series anime ("Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters")

Shada (シャダ "Shada") is one of the six priests that guarded Pharaoh Atem 3,000 years ago. He wields the Millennium Key. While his name is similar to Shadi, he is actually a reincarnation of Odion (Rishid in the Japanese versions and English manga) Ishtar.

himon Muran

English anime name: Shimon
Video game name: Shimon Muran ("Simon Muran" in Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories)
Appears in: "Yu-Gi-Oh!" manga, "Yu-Gi-Oh!" 2nd series anime ("Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters")

Siamun Muran (シモン・ムーラン "Shimon Mūran") is a vizier of Pharaoh Atem. Sugoroku Mutou (Solomon Moto) is the reincarnation of Siamun. When Atem goes to the World of Memory, he initially confuses Siamun by calling him "Grandpa". The name "Siamun" is pronounced the same as "Shimon".

He was originally one of the Pharaoh Akhenamkhanen's original guardians, and he was granted the Millennium Key to hold. His Ka (or his monster spirit) that he summoned was Exodia the Forbidden One and he swore to seal it and never use it again after he destroyed the force that was attacking the Egyptian capital. He apparently gave up his position of guardian to Shada, and to him he relinquished the Millennium Key.

He plays a largely minor role in the Millennium World (Dawn of the Duel in the English anime) arc as first, as he introduces much of the ancient ways and terminology to the Pharaoh Atem.

When Zorc Necrophades rises and begins to march on the city, Siamun takes up the Millennium Key that Isis brought back and he summons Exodia to combat Zorc. Although Exodia experiences some success, especially after Siamun demonstrates its ability to regenerate after its arm was torn off by Zorc, Zorc overpowers Exodia since its power is based on Siamun's, while Zorc can draw power from the darkness. Therefore, Exodia is destroyed and Siamun is killed. After Zorc was defeated by the Pharaoh Atem, it is likely that he still retained his position of vizier for the new Pharaoh: Seto.

Zorc Necrophades

English anime name: Zorc the Dark One
Appears in: "Yu-Gi-Oh!" manga, "Yu-Gi-Oh!" 2nd series anime ("Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters")

The Great Evil God Zorc Necrophades (大邪神 ゾーク・ネクロファデス "Daijashin Zōku Nekurofadesu") is a demon that was born when the Millennium Items were originally created (in the English anime, he is the creator of the Shadow Realm, and therefore likely predates the items, though they were made using his power). He can be summoned when all 7 Millennium Items are brought together in an underground crypt in Kul Elna village. 3,000 years ago (5,000 years ago in the Dub), on the day Atem became pharaoh, Zorc infused a portion of his spirit into the thief Bakura, who possessed the powerful spirit Diabound. Feeding on Zorc's dark energies, Diabound became nearly invincible. Using Bakura, Zorc obtained the Millennium Ring, Puzzle, and Scale. In the process, Zorc corrupted Akhenaden, turning him into one of his slaves. When Bakura failed, Akhenaden finished the task and released Zorc. Zorc attempted to destroy Egypt and conquer the world, but was stopped by Pharaoh Atem. Atem used the great power within his name to seal Zorc away (in the dub, his name freed Zorc as well), however, Zorc pulled off one final trick. The portion of his spirit that he placed in Bakura was transferred to the Millennium Ring. Fearing Zorc would one day return, Atem wiped his memories away and sealed his spirit into the Millennium Puzzle, leaving his cousin Seto as king of Egypt. Zorc later resurfaces when he possesses Ryo Bakura, though he has no memory of who he really is, except that he wants to gain all seven Millennium Items in order to gain a great power. During the series, Zorc infused a small portion of his spirit within a piece of the Millennium Puzzle. Zorc used this to explore the depths of the puzzle and recall his true identity. Towards the end of the series, when Atem traveled back in time to recall the secrets of his past, Zorc followed. Zorc repeated his actions from 5,000 years ago, using his knowledge of what already occurred as an advantage. He even took control of Tristan to prevent Yugi from learning Atem's true name. Upon remembering his real name, Atem fused the Egyptian Gods to form the Creator of Light Horakhti, who destroyed the demon, ending Zorc's evil reign once and for all. A common fan spelling of his name is Zork. Zorc has a large dragon/snake appendage between his legs, also to fans known as the second head. The dub changes this appendage to protrude from his chest instead of between his legs.

Other Duelists

Ryota Kajiki

Ryota Kajiki (known as Mako Tsunami in the English anime) is a duelist appearing both in the Duelist Kingdom and Battle City arcs. Introduced in the Duelist Kingdom arc, he duels Yugi Mutou and is defeated. In Battle City he duels Katsuya Jounouchi, and his backstory is further expanded. It is revealed that Kajiki's father was a great fisherman that was lost at sea. In the English anime, Mako believes his father is alive and duels to raise money to fund a trip to search for him; in the Japanese anime, Kajiki duels in his father's memory. Jounouchi defeats Ryota in their duel.

Kajiki uses a Sea deck, relying on various aquatic monsters. Although his first deck is a generic deck of sea creatures, in his duel with Jounouchi he uses a deck relying on the syngery between The Legendary Fisherman, Tornado Wall and Umi; these cards combined make Kajiki's Fisherman near invincible while protecting his Life Points. Kajiki's The Legendary Fisherman card is a gift from a friend of his father's and resembles his father greatly.

The Death Imitator

English anime name (revealed in "Reshef of Destruction"): The Mimic of Doom

The Death Imitator was one of Pegasus's hired Player Killers (Eliminators in the English anime dub version). He was either an extremely talented master of disguise or, more likely, a shapeshifter. He even seemed capable of altering his own body weight. His true form was that of an ugly, obese clown who dressed up as Kaiba to duel Yugi, claiming that Kaiba was dead and that he was his ghost back for revenge. Having stolen Kaiba's deck, he was able to use the unique Blue Eyes White Dragon cards within it to make his deception all the more convincing. Yugi defeated him and used the Millennium Puzzle's power to send the Death Imitator into a coma (in the dub, he drove all evil from the Imitator). In the manga, the Imitator controlled a dummy version of Seto Kaiba that was channeling the real Kaiba. When Yugi won, he made the dummy come to life and beat up the Imitator.

The English-language anime obfuscated this character somewhat. In one of its few open treatments of the subject of death, as in the Japanese version, the Death Imitator poses as, and is treated by the other characters as, Kaiba's ghost. However, when his true form is exposed, he claims that he is the dark half of Kaiba's soul, which Yugi consigned to the Shadow Realm after his first duel with Kaiba. Whether this was continued deception on his part, or if this was literally supposed to be his true nature in the dub was not made clear.

Player Killer of Darkness

The Player Killer of Darkness (known as Panik in the English anime) is a Player Killer hired by Maximillion Pegasus. After defeating Mai Kujaku in a duel, he duels Yugi Mutou. Upon his defeat, he is subjected to a Mind Crush.

The Player Killer uses a Darkness deck, using Castle of Dark Illusions to hide his monsters from sight and power them up, making counterattacks difficult. However, it is later observed by Yugi that this is merely a defensive measure, and Panik is shown to be a considerably worse duelist without the Castle's powers to hide his monsters. The castle itself is a symbol for the Player Killer's cowardice.

Bandit Keith

Keith Howard, also called "Bandit" Keith, is a fictional character in the anime and manga series "Yu-Gi-Oh!". He is the Duel Monsters champion in the United States. In the French manga he is known as "Bandit Kierce" .

Keith first appears as one of many entries in Duelist Kingdom arc in the anime. In flashbacks, it is revealed that he was once the American Champion of Duel Monsters, until he dueled Maximillion Pegasus (Pegasus J. Crawford in the Japanese anime and manga) at the Intercontinental Championship tournament. Pegasus used his Millennium Eye item to read Keith's mind and predict his moves. He then called a young boy from the audience, and told him exactly what card to play to defeat Keith, claiming that even a child could defeat him. Keith, shocked and humiliated at being defeated by a child, became depressed over the defeat. He seeks to defeat Pegasus and reclaim his lost glory.

Along with two duelists (in the manga, they are unnamed; in the Japanese second series anime, they are named "Takaido" and "Satake"; in the English anime, they are named "Zygor" and "Sid"), he trains a Ghost and Zombie Duelist named "Ghost" Kozuka (Bones in the English anime, Kotsuzuka in the Japanese versions). He has Kozuka duel Joey Wheeler. Although Keith directs nearly all of Kozuka's moves, Kozuka still loses. Afterward, Keith calls Kozuka a loser, and ignores Joey's challenge for a duel face-to-face. After leaving the arena, Keith traps the heroes in the cave. He then turns on his minions and attacks them, steals their star chips (star chips are earned by winning battles, and ten of them are required to enter the finals), which gives him enough to enter the castle as a finalist.

Howard later duels Joey in the semi-finals of Duelist Kingdom. To ensure that he wins, he sneaks into Joey's room the night before and steals his entry card. Joey is nearly disqualified, but Mai Kujaku (Mai Valentine in the English anime) lends him her entry card. Although caught off guard by Joey's entrance, Howard unveils a rather devastating deck of Machine cards in his duel. His Machine cards not only have superior firepower over Joey, but also are immune to any sort of magical attacks (a rule unique to Duelist Kingdom). Howard also cheats, pulling 7 Completed cards from his wristband to power up his Slot Machine. However, Joey still wins when using Graverobber to steal Howard's Time Machine, bringing back his Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon and defeating Howard's Slot Machine.

Afterwards, Howard claims that Joey should be disqualified since the card he used to enter the semi-finals wasn't his. However, this backfires on Howard, as Joey questions how he knew that Joey used someone else's card to enter. Pegasus steps in, explains how Howard stole the card, and also calls Howard out for cheating during play (pulling the cards out of his wristband). He then orders his security guards to escort Howard out of the building. In the manga, Howard responds by threatening Pegasus with a knife. Pegasus uses his Millennium Item to "turn" Howard's hand into a gun. The hand "shoots" Keith. In the anime, Howard breaks away and confronts Pegasus. He demands that Pegasus hand over the 3 million dollars prize money for the tournament. Pegasus calmly moves his foot to hit a hidden button. The floor around him falls away, and Howard plummets down a tunnel into the ocean.

:"Note: This only happens in the 2nd series anime."

Although not seen (except in flashbacks), Keith is found by Marik Ishtar and the Rare Hunters. Marik brainwashes Keith using the Millennium Rod, and through him, learns the location of Yugi Muto (Yugi Mutou in the manga and Japanese anime) and the Millennium Puzzle. Marik sends Keith to Domino to claim the Puzzle. Disguised as a fortune teller, Keith steals the Puzzle and flees to a hidden arena. Chaining the Puzzle to the arena, Keith says the only way for Yugi to reclaim the Puzzle is to duel for it. (In the English anime, Marik has Keith duel Yugi to win the Puzzle for him. In the Japanese anime, Marik has Keith duel Yugi in the hopes Dark Yugi will appear.)

Although Keith is hooded, Yugi quickly deduces his identity from his Machine deck. Keith's deck, augmented with powerful rare cards courtesy of the Rare Hunters, surprisingly begins to defeat Yugi. However, the duel is watched by Bakura, under the control of Yami Bakura. Yami Bakura senses the dark energies from Keith, and realizes he has been hypnotized. Yami Bakura refuses to let Yugi lose and forfeit the Puzzle (since Yami Bakura wants it for himself), and uses the Millennium Ring to break Marik's control of Keith. While Marik and Keith struggle for control, Keith shatters the Puzzle against the console (In the English anime, he does this because Marik commands him to. In the Japanese anime Keith does it himself because he thinks the voice trying to control him is the spirit of the Puzzle). Yami Bakura then swings down, knocking Keith off the arena.

While Yami Bakura leaves Yugi to put the Puzzle back together, Keith hallucinates Marik nearby, giving him orders. Grabbing a length of pipe and attacking the images, Keith shatters the arena power unit, causing a fire. While the building burns, Katsuya Jonouchi (known as Joey Wheeler in the English anime) and Hiroto Honda (Tristan Taylor in the English anime) break down the door. A terrified Keith runs past them, claiming the arena is haunted. He is not seen again, though his "lost soul" is seen when the Pharaoh goes to see Yugi in the realm of lost souls during the Waking the Dragons arc. As well, the minions are seen later in Battle City, and duel (and lose to) Yami Bakura for the right to enter the Battle City finals.

Keith uses a Machine Deck. He uses a large assortment of powerful monsters in a beatdown strategy, and uses Spells and Traps that either enhance them or destroy his opponent's cards. He has other Fiend monsters that, while not Machines in and of themselves, can become Machines or take on Machine-like properties with Metalmorph. Keith also cheats by hiding cards in his wristband to gain an edge on his opponent. Similarly, when he wears the Rare Hunter robes, a claw mechanism feeds cards directly to his hand. Because the duelists are so far from each other when dueling at an arena, Keith's opponents rarely realize he is cheating.

atake and Takaido

English anime name: Zygore and Sid
Appears in: "Yu-Gi-Oh!" manga, "Yu-Gi-Oh!" 2nd series anime ("Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters")

Satake (佐竹) and Takaido (高井戸) are lackeys of Bandit Keith. (Takaido is the one with glasses.) They later forms a gang with Ghost Kozuka (Bonz). In Duelist Kingdom, they dragged Katsuya Jonouchi (Joey Wheeler) to duel in a hidden arena. Jonouchi later finds out that they were part of Bandit Keith's gang. After Kotsuzuka is defeated by Jonouchi, Keith attacks them and takes their star chips so he can go to the Duelist Kingdom playoffs.

They are later seen with Kotsuzuka in the Battle City arc when Kotsuzuka attempt to gain enough locator cards to enter the finals by scaring people and taking their locator cards. However, the arrival of Dark Bakura, someone who isn't easily intimidated, spells their doom. When Dark Bakura announced that they were playing a Shadow Game, Satake and Takaido attempted to flee, only to arrive back in the same spot. When Dark Bakura crushes Kotsuzuka due to his inferior dueling skills, Satake and Takaido are pulled into the soil (in the English anime they are sent to the Shadow Realm).

Their names are never stated in the manga. In the 4kids dub, Sid has a Cockney accent.

"Ghost" Kokuza

"Ghost" Kozuka (known as Bonz in the English anime and "Ghost" Kotsuzuka in the Japanese versions) is a duelist appearing both in the Duelist Kingdom and Battle City arcs. Initially a duelist under the tutelage of Keith Howard, Kotsuzuka duels Katsuya Jonouchi. Despite the duel being constantly advised by Howard, Kozuka loses. Afterwards, he and Howard's other minions are assaulted by Howard, and their star chips are stolen, expelling them from the tournament. Kozuka and Howard's minions later enter Battle City with the hopes of proving themselves as revenge, but are defeated by Dark Bakura.

Kozuka uses an Undead deck of Zombie-type monsters. In his duel with Jonouchi he uses a deck focusing on reviving his monsters with Call of the Haunted and strengthening them with Pumpking the King of Ghosts. In his duel with Bakura he uses a generic deck of Zombies.

Paradox Brothers

The Meikyū Brothers (known as the Paradox Brothers in the English anime) are a pair of elite tag-team duelists hired as Player Killers by Pegasus. Dueling Yugi Mutou and Katsuya Jounochi in a unique tag-team duel, they attempt to trap them in an underground duel arena using a tricky logic problem, but fail. They make a brief appearance in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX to duel Jaden Yuki and Syrus Truesdale.

The Meikyū Brothers use a Labyrinth of dungeon-themed monsters like Labyrinth Wall, Labyrinth Tank and Dungeon Worm, highlighted by the very strong Gate Guardian. In their duel with Jaden and Syrus, they use a deck focusing on Gate Guardian and its evil incarnation Dark Guardian.

tep Johnny

Step Johnny (known as Johnny Steps in the English anime) is a duelist who is also a dancer. After losing a game of Dance Dance Revolution to Anzu Mazaki despite blatant cheating, he is challenged to a duel by Yami Yugi. After backing out when he learns Yugi's identity, Anzu confronts him with his cowardice and tells him to believe in himself more. In the English anime, Tea tells him that he's a quitter and is likely without any friends because he's always backing down from challenges.

Johnny uses a Music deck of monsters inspired by music, highlighted by Musician King and increasing its power with Metalmorph. Johnny refers to this combo as Heavy Metal King.

Esper Roba

Esper Roba (known as Espa Roba in the English anime) is a duelist appearing in the Battle City arc, Roba claims to be a psychic duelist and can predict the cards in his opponent's hand. In reality, his little brothers spy on his opponents from a nearby rooftop and relay him the information via the wireless receiver under Roba's hair. Roba duels and defeats Dinosaur Ryuzaki in Battle City, but loses to Katsuya Jounouchi. After the duel, it is revealed that Roba is the eldest of five brothers and takes care of them alone, using his psychic act as a way to stave off bullies.

Roba uses a Psychic deck of Warrior and Machine-type monsters, highlighted by his strongest monster Jinzo, which he ends up losing to Jonouchi in Battle City.

Domino High School


Video game name: Demetrius
Appears in: "Yu-Gi-Oh!" manga, Toei anime, "Yu-Gi-Oh!" Duel Monsters

Ushio (牛尾) is a hall monitor at Domino High School who offers a paid bully protection service to Yugi after he is bullied by Jonouchi and Honda. Although Yugi refuses, denying that he has been bullied, Ushio reveals beats up Jonouchi and Honda and demands that Yugi pay him a fee of 200,000 yen. With this act, Ushio became the first victim of Yami Yugi, who challenged Ushio to a shadow game. In the manga, Ushio is challenged to stab as many banknotes as he can with a knife, while in the Toei anime, the game involves scaling a building and trying to draw a playing card with a higher number. In both instances, Ushio loses after he tries to cheat, and Yugi subjects him to a penalty game. In the manga, Ushio goes crazy and thinks that a pile of leaves and trash is money. In the anime, Ushio imagines there are monsters coming out of a body of water about to eat him, and he is seen trembling and crying in front of the school, which results in him being taken to the hospital. He is mentioned but not named in flashbacks in the "Duel Monsters" anime.

In the Japanese version of "Yu-Gi-Oh! GX" anime, Ushio's given name is "Tetsu," as seen in his listing in Austin O'Brien's (Axel Brodie) database of Domino High School students.Episode 168. "Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX" (Japanese version).]

Tetsu Ushio reappears in "Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's" as a police officer. In the dub version he is named Trudge.

Ms. Chono

DDM video game name: Miss Lynn Medusa
Appears in: "Yu-Gi-Oh!" manga, "Yu-Gi-Oh!" 1st series anime

Ms. Chono (蝶野 "Chōno") is a teacher at Domino High School who is known as the "Wicked Witch of Expulsion" ("Lynn, the Expelling Witch" in the English DDM game), since she expelled fifteen students in the last six months. She also uses a lot of make-up to ensure that she's seen as a beautiful woman by the male teachers and students. But in reality, she harbors a lot of anger and disgust at men regularly dumping her.

In the manga, After a desk check, Chono asks who a love note in the form of a jigsaw puzzle to Miho Nosaka belonged to. Yugi Mutou (Yugi Muto), Katsuya Jonouchi (Joey Wheeler), and Hiroto Honda (Tristan Taylor) stood up, indicated that the puzzle came from each of them. Chono decided to finish the puzzle to determine who the gift is from. Enraged at what's happening, Dark Yugi (Yami Yugi) turned the gift into a shadow game. The more she works the puzzle, the more her face starts to turn into pieces. When she finished the puzzle, the pieces from her face appear - her beautiful face shatters, revealing her true ugly face. The other students laugh at her. The gift was from Honda. When it was given to Miho, she rejected him.

In the anime, the gift was supposed to be from a girl named Mayumi to Jonouchi but Anzu Mazaki (Téa Gardner) actually made it as Mayumi didn't know what to give Jonouchi. When Anzu complains about the strictness of the school, Chono asks Anzu to collect signatures from other students in a petition asking for laxer rules. Chono then orders some boys to rip up Anzu's signature paper. Dark Yugi challenges Chono to a game involving two mirrors and being blindfolded. Again, her face cracks when she loses to reveal her ugly face. She later appears in episode 12 with Ryuuichi Fuha and again gets her face cracked.

Her English DDM name originates from the Medusa monster.


DDM video game name: Damien Draco
Appears in: "Yu-Gi-Oh!" manga, "Yu-Gi-Oh!" 1st series anime

Imori (井守) is a student at Domino High School, who decides to try to overthrow Dark Yugi (Yami Yugi) from his position of the guardian of darkness by challenging Yugi to a game of Dragon Cards. His grandfather found the Dragon Cards while in Manchuria in World War II. Imori wins the first game against regular Yugi, causing his soul to go into the soul-eating jar. Regular Yugi's last minute grab for the puzzle causes Dark Yugi to come out. The second Dragon Cards duel ends with Imori losing. In the manga, Imori's soul gets sucked into the soul-eating jar, to be eaten by twenty-five dragons. Regular Yugi's soul comes out and is re-absorbed into his body unharmed.

In the first series anime, Imori was a bullied young boy who bonded with Yugi because of their mutual love for games. He and Yugi find Dragon Block in Imori's basement, but Sugoruku warns them not to open it. But when Imori is bullied, the game accidentally opens, and plays upon Imori's negative emotions, turning him evil. He and Yugi played Dragon Block at his house instead of at school (an added danger was the dragon's attacks destroying Domino in real life), and only the dark part of Imori's soul was eaten.

In the Japanese version of "Yu-Gi-Oh! GX" anime he is listed in Austin O'Brien's (Axel Brodie) database of Domino High School students as "Hajime Imori".

Mr. Karita

DDM video game name: Mr. Titus
Appears in: "Yu-Gi-Oh!" manga, "Yu-Gi-Oh!" 1st series anime

Mr. Karita (刈田) is a P.E. teacher who harasses Ryo Bakura on his first day at Domino High School; he regrets this after being turned into a miniature by Dark Bakura (Yami Bakura).


DDM video game name: Fortuno
Appears in: "Yu-Gi-Oh!" manga, "Yu-Gi-Oh!" 1st series anime

Kokurano (孤蔵乃; 1st anime name: 孤蔵野 [" [ 女生徒を狙う 大予言の牙] ." "Toei Animation". Accessed October 4, 2008.] ) is a self-proclaimed psychic in Class 1-A of Domino High School. He gets upset when Yugi says he doesn't believe in psychics and tells him that he will be struck by falling letters. When Yugi goes to the library, the bookstands start to fall on him, but he transforms into Dark Yugi and saves himself. Meanwhile, Kokurano knocked out Anzu with chloroform. Dark Yugi finds a delirious Kokurano and challenges him to a game. In the manga, Kokurano tries to use his powers to lift the bottle, but winds up knocking himself out with it. In the anime, he loses a game involving many bottles falling down. Yugi flees the scene with Anzu.


DDM video game name: Beluga
Appears in: "Yu-Gi-Oh!" manga, "Yu-Gi-Oh!" 1st series anime

Kujirada (鯨田) is a snobby classmate of Yugi's at Domino High School. Kujirada gets a "Black Star", an aggressive secret "digital pet" (styled after Tamagotchi). In the manga, The Black Star, which had lived for two months while other pets only live for twenty-one days, turns on his master. The monster commands Kujirada to link up with other people's devices so the monster can eat other people's digital pets. Jonouchi's pet, and Anzu's pet, "Peachy" (Sumomo-chan in the original Japanese) are eaten. Yugi's pet, "U2", fights back and destroys Kujirada's monster. In the anime, Kujirada's monster first eats Anzu's pet, and then Jonouchi's pet after Jonouchi's pet battles Kujirada's monster. But Honda's pet sweeps up Kujirada's monster (In the manga, Honda does not have a digital pet). Kujirada appears to be bullying a student named Haiyama but it is revealed that Haiyama was manipulating Kujirada by paying him money if Kujirada did what he wanted. In the English Dungeon Dice Monsters, Kujirada was named "Beluga" after the Beluga whale.

Koji "the Spider" Nagumo

DDM video game name: Stringer
Appears in: "Yu-Gi-Oh!" manga, "Yu-Gi-Oh!" 2nd series anime ("Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters"), and

Koji Nagumo (名蜘蛛 コージ "Nagumo Kōji") is a student in Domino High School.

In the manga, Nagumo asks Yugi to play "Monster Fighter" with him while at Domino High School. While playing, Nagumo hits Yugi and takes his gun and monster, Alti. It is revealed that Nagumo is stealing monsters and selling them for ¥30,000 (About $300 US) each. Dark Yugi comes into his store and fights Nagumo and his "Wild Spider" with Katsuya Jonouchi's monster, "Killer Emaada". As the game was a shadow game, Nagumo's face was cracked in the first set, which went to Yugi; the shadow game dictated that the players, instead of the monsters, get damaged in the game. In the second set, Nagumo cheated by kicking Yugi in the side. An enraged Dark Yugi raises the shadow mode to level three. When Nagumo tries to cheat again, his legs are held down by all of the monsters, including his own. Nagumo's soul is purged of the Darkness.

Nagumo makes a brief appearance during the Battle City of the manga and the second series anime as a participant trying to steal cards from the loser of a duel he is in. Seto Kaiba appears and says that Nagumo is able to stay if he is able to defeat him. The duel is not seen; Kaiba unleashes Obelisk the Tormentor and defeats him. Another brief appearance was in "", where he was a bystander during Joey's duels at the beginning of the movie.

Nagumo is not given a name in the second anime series.

In the Japanese version of "Yu-Gi-Oh! GX" anime he is listed in Austin O'Brien's (Axel Brodie) database of Domino High School students as "Kouji Nagumo".

Other minor antagonists

Arcade game player

Toei name: Dragon
Video game name: Feng Long
Appears in: "Yu-Gi-Oh!" manga

The arcade game player plays a fighting arcade game with Yugi, and both of them choose the same character, Bruce Ryu (a take-off on Bruce Lee - In the Toei Anime series Yugi's character is called "Dragon"). After Yugi defeats him several times, the arcade player beats up Yugi in retaliation and takes his puzzle. Jonouchi challenges the arcade player to a fight. In the manga, the arcade player says that they both would place knives in their mouths. The arcade player is cheating as his knife is a false knife that "retracts" when pushed in; Jonouchi tells him to take out the knife, and the player gladly takes it out. In addition, the player had the advantage by fighting in a narrow alley. Jonouchi manages to squirt soda in his face as the player lunged for the kill, and Jonouchi promptly beats him up. Jonouchi returns the puzzle to Yugi. In the anime, they were fighting over a pipe, and "Dragon" had nunchucks. Yet Jonouchi managed to defeat him anyway.


DDM video game name: Diesel Kane
Appears in: "Yu-Gi-Oh!" manga, "Yu-Gi-Oh!" 1st series anime

Hirutani (蛭谷) is a leader of a gang of teenage thugs from Rintama High School (Gammon High School in DDM) that wield super-powered yo-yos. Hirutani tries to force Jonouchi into his gang by any means necessary.

In the manga, Hirutani forces Jonouchi to join his gang by threatening to beat up his entire class. Jonouchi doesn't show up to school the next day, and Yugi and his friends find Jonouchi. A thug who is friends with Hirutani hits Yugi, and Jonouchi doesn't say anything, causing Anzu and Honda to insult Jonouchi. When Jonouchi goes to a bar, called "J'Z", with the thugs, Jonouchi hits the thug in retaliation for what he did, causing Hirutani and his thugs to beat up Jonouchi. Jonouchi is taken to a torture chamber where he is beaten. After he kicks a thug in the face while tied up, he is shocked with a stun gun. Yugi finds Jonouchi and tricks Hirutani and his thugs into standing in a puddle of water while a stun gun is lowered into it from the knocked-out thug. Yugi was standing on a tire while the thugs were electrocuted. Yugi managed to rescue Jonouchi.

In a later chapter, Hirutani uses Nezumi to lure Yugi and Jonouchi to his hideout. He then has his thugs try to get Jonouchi to join by slowly strangling Yugi by placing a hook upwards to strangle him with his puzzle. Jonouchi is battered with yo-yos while running to save Yugi. After freeing him, Jonouchi takes out Hirutani's thugs by catching their yoyos on Yugi's puzzle and hanging the cords on the same hook, causing the thugs to be pulled by their fingers. Jonouchi and Hirutani engage in a fistfight while Yugi tricks the rest of the gangsters into falling through a roof by punching holes in the roof. Jonouchi punches Hirutani in the face, but Hirutani then throws glass in Jonouchi's eyes. Jonouchi detects Hirutani trying to place a shard of glass in the back of his neck and punches him off the roof. Hirutani grabs onto a ledge; Jonouchi uses his yoyo to hit Hirutani's fingers, causing the gangster to fall to the ground. The Toei anime uses the plot structure of a previous chapter combined with the yo-yo games of the second set of chapters where Hirutani is found for the sole Hirutani episode.

The Dungeon Dice Monsters name, Diesel Kane, stems from a gang member character in "West Side Story" named "Diesel."

Johnny Gayle, Bob McGuire, "name unknown"

DDM video game name: Charlie Gale, Bickford Gage, "Snipes Crosshair"
Appears in: "Yu-Gi-Oh!" manga, "Yu-Gi-Oh!" 1st series anime

Gayle, McGuire and "name unknown" are three men at KaibaLand who Seto Kaiba tells to play Stardust Shootout against Yugi, Honda, and Jonouchi. Gayle, an American, is a former Green Beret leader. McGuire, another American, is a former SWAT team leader. "Unknown name"'s nationality is also unknown and he is an assassin. Kaiba rigs the game so that the three men on his team have real lasers that cause fatal electric shocks when fired while Yugi and his friends were given toy guns. In the manga, After Anzu and Johji give away the secret about the rigging of the game to her friends, Honda gets a real laser gun from her, tones it down to a non-lethal voltage, and incapacitates McGuire, and the assassin (Jonouchi had previously kicked Gayle in the face). In the anime, a woman is in place of the assassin, and all five members of Yugi's group (Yugi, Honda, Jonouchi, Anzu, and Miho) participate in the game. Miho's timidity led to the downfall of the three Kaiba Corp employees.

Playing Card Bomber

DDM video game name: Tick-Tock
Appears in: "Yu-Gi-Oh!" manga, "Yu-Gi-Oh!" 1st series anime

"Playing card bomber" (連続爆弾魔) is a nickname for a man who sets off a string of bombs in Domino. His third attack at the Domino Mall kills eight people. His fourth threatens Anzu's life. In the manga, Dark Yugi saves her life by playing clock solitaire without getting four threes. Afterwards, Dark Yugi reveals where the bomber was to the chief of police, leading to his arrest. In the anime, the bomber has a game involving balloons, Anzu and other passengers are spared. When the game mandates that the bomber is supposed to kill himself, he refuses. Yugi places a penalty game on him, making him go berserk, causing him to fall out of his car; the bomber is therefore arrested by the police.

Prisoner 777

DDM video game name: Jackpot
Appears in: "Yu-Gi-Oh!" manga, "Yu-Gi-Oh!" 1st series anime

Prisoner 777 is a convict prisoner numbered "777", who escaped from the Domino Police station with a stolen handgun after killing a guard. He holds Anzu hostage at the Burger World restaurant. After blindfolding her, he tells Yugi to get him Lucky Stripes cigarettes and booze. When Anzu yells help for Yugi, he slams her down. Dark Yugi comes out and challenges him to a game. The man aims his gun at Yugi and tells him that he will die after he lights his cigarette. While he is pouring the vodka, Yugi places the lighter on the man's hand. Yugi explains that the Russian vodka is 90% alcohol and that pulling the trigger would cause the lighter to fall into the vodka. In the manga, the man is horrified while he is overfilling his vodka. Yugi leads Anzu away as the cigarette drops from the convict's mouth and lights the vodka ablaze; the convict is set on fire. In the anime, Honda and Miho are working with Anzu, and the prisoner, named Jiro the Yellow Spider (女郎蜘蛛のジロウ), is the manager of the restaurant. He disguises himself as Tetsu Tasaki a.k.a. "Tetsu the Hedgehog", another criminal, while committing several robberies. Eventually Jiro is exposed and he points a gun at Anzu. After Yugi places the lighter on his hand, Jiro disarms and turns off the lighter. Yugi puts a penalty game on him because he moved more than one finger, and the criminal thinks he is set on fire. The story of Anzu's first encounter with Dark Yugi changes in the second Yu-Gi-Oh! series.

Other minor characters

Professor Kanekura

DDM video game name: Adriel Wainright
Appears in: "Yu-Gi-Oh!" manga, "Yu-Gi-Oh!" 1st series anime

Prof. Kanekura (金倉) is the curator of Domino Museum, who exhibits the Millennium Puzzle after Yugi agrees to let him exhibit it for one day. At the end of the day, Kanekura tries to sell the puzzle to a non-Japanese person. The person is knocked out or killed by Shadi and Shadi goes into Kanekura's room. In the manga, when Kanekura fails Shadi's tests involving the Scales of Truth, he dies when his soul is consumed by Ammit. In the first series anime, he is driven insane and injured after failing the tests.

Professor Yoshimori

DDM video game name: Professor Jeremy Harrison
Appears in: "Yu-Gi-Oh!" manga, "Yu-Gi-Oh!" 1st series anime

Professor Yoshimori (吉森) is a Domino University professor who is into archaeology. He is friends with Sugoroku Mutou. In the manga and anime, Professor Yoshimori is one of the archaeologists who Shadi wants to punish for desecrating the tombs of the Pharaohs. After killing Kanekura (in the anime Shadi drives him insane) Shadi then sets his sights on Yugi (or more accurately, Dark Yugi). In the manga, Shadi possesses Yoshimori, turning him into his zombie slave (in the anime this role is given to Hiroto Honda, Tristan Taylor in the English version, and Yoshimori is simply thrown out of a second story window by Shadi, but survives the fall). After being hit with a globe by Makazi Anzu and with a fire extinguisher by Katsuya Jounouchi (Joey Wheeler in the English dub), Yoshimori is left mostly toothless but still active and continues to chase Jounouchi around the museum. He is eventually returned to normal after Dark Yugi beats Shadi in the latter's game.

Cyndia (Cecilia Pegasus)

English anime name: Cecelia Pegasus
Appears in: "Yu-Gi-Oh!" manga, "Yu-Gi-Oh!" 2nd series anime ("Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters")

Cyndia (シンディア "Shindia") is Pegasus's lost love. Cyndia first met Maximillion Pegasus at a party thrown by his businessman father in Las Vegas fourteen years ago. Cyndia and Pegasus were engaged (married in the English dub) and Pegasus, an artist at the time, constantly drew pictures of his love. However, Cyndia died of a disease (This is the first time someone actually dies in the English version, and her death appeared on-screen), and this prompted Pegasus to search for a way to bring her back, ultimately culminating in his acquiring of the Millennium Eye from Shadi. Pegasus' feelings towards his beloved were eventually revealed to Yugi Mutou and his friends after they found Pegasus' diary, which displayed his emotions.

A possible reason on why Cyndia's name was changed in the English anime is because "Cyndia Crawford" resembles "Cindy Crawford". ("Crawford" is also Pegasus' surname in the Japanese versions).

Arthur Hopkins

English anime name: Arthur Hawkins
Appears in: "Yu-Gi-Oh!" 2nd series anime ("Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters")

Arthur Hopkins (アーサー・ホプキンス "Āsā Hopukinsu") is the American best friend of Sugoroku Mutou (Solomon Muto in the English anime) and the grandfather of Rebecca Hopkins (Rebecca Hawkins in the English anime). His original Japanese name is kept in the English video games. In the manga, Professor Hopkins only appears in a photograph with Sugoroku Mutou, and his name is never revealed.

Although he is briefly seen after Rebecca finishes her duel with Yugi, his major appearance is in the Waking the Dragons arc, where he investigated the history of Atlantis and of the Orichalcos. He gives information to Yugi concerning both of them and is instrumental in discovering the location of the lair of Dartz. He also appears during the Grand Championship arc.


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