Topic outline of forestry

Topic outline of forestry

:"For a more comprehensive list, see the List of forestry topics." Forestry is the art, science, and practice of studying and managing forests and tree plantations, and related natural resources. A practitioner of forestry is known as a forester. Forests have come to be seen as one of the most important components of the biosphere, and forestry has emerged as a vital field of science, applied art, and technology. Modern forestry generally concerns itself with: assisting forests to provide timber as raw material for wood products; wildlife habitat; natural water quality regulation; recreation; landscape and community protection; employment; aesthetically appealing landscapes; biodiversity management; watershed management; and a 'sink' for atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Essence of forestry

*Forest - Forester Tree - Lumber - Ecosystem - Natural resource

Basic forestry concepts

cience methods

Management strategies

Clearcutting - Forest farming - Logging - Park - Reforestation - Plantation - Forest management - Variable retention - Selection cutting - Conservation ethic - Preservation --Ecoforestry - High grading - Optimal rotation age

Environmental issues

Deforestation - Wildfire - Illegal logging - Wood_pulp#Effluents from pulp mills - Desertification - Slash


*Timber harvest::Wood - Paper - Wood pulp - Lumber - Biomass - Wood fuel - Firewood - Tar - Tall oil - Pinenes - Creosote - Charcoal - Biomass

*Multiple use::Recreation - Hunting - Backpacking - Hiking - Wildlife


Biltmore stick - Chainsaw - Skidder - Harvester - Pesticide - Herbicide

Forests types

Ecological succession - Old growth forest - Secondary forest - Monocultures


Pulpwood - Softwood - Hardwood

History of forestry

: "Main article: History of forestry"

Leaders in forestry

Branches of forestry

Silviculture - Urban forestry - Sustainable forestry -

Allied sciences

Ecology - Conservation biology - Environmental Science - Botany - Soil science

Forestry lists

: "Main article: List of forestry topics"
* Wood processing
* Pulp and paper industry
* Pulp and paper industry in Canada
* Pulp and paper industry in Europe
* Pulp and paper industry in Japan
* Pulp and paper industry in the United States

See also

External links

* [ An online bookstore of free Canadian Forestry publications]
* [ EU forestry strategy] .
* [ EU forestry strategy - links to stakeholder positions] .(EurActiv)
* [ UBC Forestry]
* [ International Union of Forest Research Organizations]
* [ FAO forestry education institutions database]
* [ International Society for Tropical Foresters]
* [ Commonwealth Forestry Association]
* [ The Forestry Commission]
* [ The Forestry Guild]
* [ USDA Forest Service]
* [ Society of American Foresters]
* [ Forestry Images]
* [ The Canadian Institute of Forestry]
* [ The Canadian Forest Service]
* [ International Wood Collectors Society]
* [ Xiloteca Manuel Soler] (One of the largest private collection of wood samples)
* [ Forestry Horizons] An independent forestry policy think-tank aiming to make woodlands more valuable.
* [ Forestry Code in Russia: to rent but not to own]
* [ Forestry Research Institute, India]
* [ Rainforest Alliance]
* [ UNU Open Educational Resource on Forestry, Forest Economics and Forest Policy]
* [ Forestry Commission GB]

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