List of characters in Digimon Adventure

List of characters in Digimon Adventure

This is a list of characters from the Digimon anime series "Digimon Adventure", and its sequel series "Digimon Adventure 02".


Taichi Kamiya and Agumon

Yamato Ishida and Gabumon

ora Takenouchi and Biyomon

Mimi Tachikawa and Palmon

Koushiro Izumi and Tentomon

Joe Kido and Gomamon

Takeru Takaishi and Patamon

Hikari Kamiya and Gatomon

Ken Ichijouji and Wormmon

Ryo Akiyama and Monodramon

Willis and Terriermon & Lopmon

main|Willis (Digimon)|l1=Willis

Davis Motomiya and Veemon

Yolei Inoue and Hawkmon

Cody Hida and Armadillomon


* Gennai: Japanese and original version
* Benjamin: American version
* Jackie: Chinese version
* Hogan ("Eucalyptus"): Australian version
* José: Mexican version
* Ilya: Russian version



Defeated by a Greymon four years prior to the events of the series.


Devimon is the first major villain to face the DigiDestined, and is responsible for enslaving File Island with his Black Gears, hiding the Tags and Crests, and attacking the children directly and indirectly multiple times.

Devimon controls the Black Gears, which perform multiple tasks for him. He generally uses free ones that when summoned will fly towards and eventually collide with a Digimon, bending it to his will and increasing its power and size. There are also some that will serve as scrying mirrors to keep watch on the children. Another set of Black Gears are built into giant arrays as the core of File Island itself. When operated, they can cause the pieces of File Island to separate or rejoin Infinity Mountain. Although Devimon has a strong control over the Black Gears, and at one point transforms Ogremon into many of them, he claims to have only found them.

Before the events of the series, Devimon took control of File Island after scattering the Crests across the continent of Server and placing the Tags under the Net Ocean. At some point, he found out about a prophecy claiming that the youngest Digidestined would destroy him, and so when the children arrive, he indirectly attacks them with Black Gear infected Digimon, and puts the renowned Leomon and Ogremon under his thrall.

When the children reach the mansion at the top of Infinity Mountain, he reveals himself, splits the island, and scatters them across the pieces, as well as sending more corrupted Digimon after them. While the children make their way back, he explains the prophecy to Ogremon and Leomon. Shortly before the island reforms and the children rejoin, he sends a heavily-infected Leomon to kill T.K. and Patamon, who are the youngest of the Digidestined. Leomon is so strong that the children's Champion Digimon cannot harm him, but he is defeated when Izzy shares his discovery that the children's Digivices can purge the corruption.

With the children all assembled after heading to Infinity Island, Devimon transforms Ogremon into Black Gears and absorbs nearly all of the Black Gears on File Island into himself, growing nearly as tall as the mountain itself. He easily defeats all of the Champion Digimon, including Leomon, but as he is about to kill T.K. and Patamon, Patamon digivolves to Angemon and is able to delete him with a suicidal "Hand of Fate". Though Devimon begins deleting, he reveals that even more powerful evil Digimon exist, gloating that his vanquishers will not be able to handle them, as Angemon couldn't even defeat Devimon without sacrificing himself. [Devimon: "You have used up all your power...that wasn't very smart of you, Angemon. Now you are no use to anyone! You can't escape from the Dark Forces; evil is everywhere, so don't savor your victory. There are other Digimon just as powerful as I am, some of them are even stronger — I wonder what you'll do when you run into them? You haven't won at all, what a waste of time!"]

In "Digimon Adventure 02", Devimon briefly reappears while the Digimon Emperor is searching for the piece needed to complete Kimeramon's construction. When the Emperor finds the Dark Whirlpool and goes down into it to find the piece, he finds the broken remains of Devimon. The Emperor disregards Devimon's taunt-like warning that "the powers of darkness cannot be controlled", and harvests his data for what become the arms and Digi-Core of Kimeramon. However, Devimon's influence causes Kimeramon to rebel against the Emperor, and his voice returns to taunt him again until Kimeramon is destroyed.


Etemon is an Ultimate level Digimon, and the first main villain that the children run into when they arrive on the continent of Server. Etemon can pinpoint their location via his Dark Network, and has a large army of Digimon working for him. The Champion forms of the children’s Digimon are not powerful enough to defeat him, and it is revealed that they need to Digivolve to their Ultimate levels to win. However, in order to do that, they have to find the crests. Through their battles with him, they each find their crest, but it turns out that more is needed to Digivolve to Ultimate.

Etemon has the character of an Elvis impersonator. He is often frustrated when people fail to acknowledge his over-inflated ego. Etemon considers himself to be a great singer, and often forces his minions to praise his terrible music. His personality is later copied (without the arrogance) by SuperStarmon in Digimon Frontier.

During their battles, the children meet Piximon, famous for training Digimon throughout all the Digital World. He trains them and helps Tai and Agumon regain their confidence after an attack from a wild Kuwagamon.

Etemon is ultimately defeated when the children go into an upside-down pyramid to find Sora’s crest. However, they also find Datamon, a prisoner of Etemon, who kidnaps Sora and tries to use her to defeat Etemon. The children come up with a plan to infiltrate the pyramid to save her, and while carrying it out, Tai is forced to accept his courage, activating his crest. Datamon, in a last ditch effort, programs the Dark Network to absorb all Digimon in its reach, including himself and Etemon, but Etemon fuses with the Network and uses its power to attack the children. However, Greymon digivolves to MetalGreymon and uses his "Giga Blaster" to defeat Etemon.

Unfortunately, Etemon is not completely deleted, and instead falls into a time-space limbo. He refuses to accept this fate, and absorbs the Dark Network's energy to get back into the Digital World, in the process becoming MetalEtemon. MetalEtemon goes looking for the DigiDestined and finds Mimi, Joe, Palmon, Gomamon, and Ogremon, after a short battle with Puppetmon. SaberLeomon rescues the team, and takes them to Digitamamon's now-abandoned restaurant. However, MetalEtemon tracks them down and attacks, and SaberLeomon is fatally wounded while protecting Mimi from MetalEtemon's "Dark Spirits DX". Gomamon digivolves to Zudomon, and when MetalEtemon brags that his armor is made out of "indestructible Chrome Digizoid", Zudomon reveals that his hammer is also made out of the alloy, and uses it to break MetalEtemon's armor. MetalEtemon is then finished off by an attack from SaberLeomon directed at the break.


Datamon was a wild card who was a sworn enemy of Etemon ever since Etemon severely injured Datamon and imprisoned him within his pyramid for years. During this battle, all of Datamon's memories other than those of said battle were deleted, leaving him focused and hell-bent on revenge. However, Datamon managed to rebuild himself over the years and used the DigiDestined to free him by offering the Crest of Love he had on his person. Once this was accomplished, he turned on them and kidnapped Sora and Biyomon with the intent to use their power to destroy Etemon. When Sora refused to help the revenge-driven villain, he was forced to create a clone of her.

Although he wanted to destroy Etemon, Datamon was willing to do all the wrong things in order to get there. But when his revenge plan to use Biyomon and the Sora-Clone to kill Etemon failed, Datamon infected the Dark Network with his Plug Bombs, causing the Network to suck in every Digimon in the area and absorb their data and Datamon was no exception. Though Etemon survived this attempt on his life, he was fused with the Dark Network itself.

Myotismon/VenomMyotismon/MaloMyotismon & Yukio Oikawa

Myotismon's Army


When the DigiDestined each went their separate ways to find Tai, Myotismon sent a DemiDevimon to keep the DigiDestined from getting back together: he made T.K. fight with Tokomon and tried to get Tai and T.K. to lose their memories. He made Joe stay in Digitamamon's diner to pay for his meal. Matt tried to help Joe pay his debt but DemiDevimon paid Digitamamon to keep Matt in his custody. He engineered a way to create a series of mishaps that sank Joe even deeper into debt and Matt started losing his patience. DemiDevimon also trapped Izzy and Tentomon in Vademon's domain and had Mimi be pampered and spoiled by the desperate Gekomon and Otamamon.

Each time one of the plans failed, DemiDevimon was punished by Myotismon or his bats, which DemiDevimon states to hating bats twice, despite referring to himself as a "bat Digimon".

The reunited children found a very emotional Sora, who revealed her part in helping the gang back together. DemiDevimon told her that her Crest of Love would never glow because she never had love in her life. After DemiDevimon failed to kill Sora, Myotismon decided to handle the task of destroying the DigiDestined himself. However, since Sora realized her mother did love her and tried to protect her, her crest began to glow and the newly Digivolved Garudamon got them out of Myotismon's grasp.

DemiDevimon helped in recruiting some Digimon to serve as part of the army that would enter the Real World so they could find and kill the 8th Child and submit the humans to Myotismon's rule. He gained a rival out of Gatomon when it came to the issue of Myotismon's approval and being the favorite. The children learned that Myotismon's passage to the Real World was a gate situated in his castle. The children entered the castle and tried to go through the gate as well but they were halted by Myotismon's minions, DemiDevimon included. The children were later able to use magical cards to open the gate but DemiDevimon and the other minions were flying across Tokyo and its several neighborhoods searching for the 8th Child. They used a copy of the Crest of Light to serve as a means to find him/her. Wizardmon found the eighth Digivice and he tricked DemiDevimon to send him away. On August 3rd, DemiDevimon helped in capturing children from their parents and submitting them to Gatomon so she would tell Myotismon whether the child was the eighth DigiDestined or not, on the threat of killing every last child in the Odaiba area. But when Kari revealed herself, a big fight started. DemiDevimon snatched Kari's Digivice but was unable to hold on to it when Kari's tears over Wizardmon's death evoked the crest's power. After Myotismon was destroyed, DemiDevimon hid away in the Fuji TV building's ruins. DemiDevimon was excited when Myotismon was resurrected as VenomMyotismon. But VenomMyotismon, no longer needing DemiDevimon, sucked him into his mouth and ate him.

Digimon Emperor & Kimeramon

Arukenimon & Mummymon

Mummymon was a rather major villain for the latter half of the series. He usually appeared as a humanoid dressed in a royal blue coat and an odd hat with randomly scattered golden buttons and wielding a cane (which he rarely used, if ever). However, his appearance was hardly human; his skin was grey and wrinkly, he lacked ears and a nose, and he had only one eye, and it too was of an unusual yellow color. In addition, his physique was odd, with wide shoulders, long arms and unusually large hands. In battle, he shifted to his Digimon form. It is assumed that his half Digimon-half human composition allowed him to shift between Digimon form and human form.

Mummymon first appeared to the aid of Arukenimon, his partner, after the latter was beaten by the DigiDestined at the Giga House. Following this, he began working together with her to destroy the balance of the Digital World. Mummymon was in love with Arukenimon, and tended to flirt with her instead of focusing on their mission, but Arukenimon always rejected him in her arrogance. Mummymon never took the rejection to heart, however, and remained optimistic and cheerful. Still, because of his loyalty to Arukenimon and general skill, he remained a formidable foe to the DigiDestined, unlike previous Digimon henchmen like DemiDevimon or WaruMonzaemon.

Mummymon was the one that suggested to Arukenimon that they should go investigate the Destiny Stones and destroy them, and with them, the balance of the Digital World. Arukenimon waved his suggestions off at first, but eventually gave in, and the two attempted to destroy the first Destiny Stone. However, the attacks he and a Knightmon Arukenimon created out of one of the Control Spires caused BlackWarGreymon to attack and destroy the Destiny Stone himself. This allowed Mummymon and Arukenimon to take the back seat as BlackWarGreymon destroyed the rest of the Destiny Stones, while they occasionally attacking the DigiDestined to keep them from disrupting BlackWarGreymon's assaults. The plan ultimately failed, however, as the DigiDestined released Azulongmon from his prison during the fight to protect the last Destiny Stone, and he restored all the stones with seeds of light.

Following this, Arukenimon and Mummymon turned to Yukio Oikawa, their master (who is comically dubbed "boss" by Mummymon), and he instructed Arukenimon to open the Digital Gates in the entire world. During Christmas day, the Japanese DigiDestined traveled around the world and helped close the gates, Arukenimon and Mummymon drove around Tokyo in a truck and kidnapped twenty children. The following day, they kidnapped Ken as well, so that Oikawa could scan his Dark Spore and pass it on to the children. After this, Oikawa, Arukenimon and Mummymon ran off to hide in a vacation house in the mountains, but BlackWarGreymon came from the Digital World to destroy them. As BlackWarGreymon asked Arukenimon and Mummymon where they came from, Oikawa revealed that he created Arukenimon and Mummymon from a combination of his own DNA and data, making them both half Digimon, half human. The revelation shocked and troubled Mummymon, who tried to develop a conversation about it with his partner, but Arukenimon preferred not to discuss it and focus her efforts on their mission, even though she was troubled by the revelation as well.

When MaloMyotismon appeared in the world of dreams, his first action was to grab Arukenimon, torture and kill her, to Mummymon's horror. In his grief, he mindlessly attacked MaloMyotismon, but didn't manage to do any damage. MaloMyotismon proceeded to liquify Mummymon using his Crimson Mist attack.

Arukenimon was one of the major villains in the latter half of the series. She usually appeared in the form of a woman with odd red and purple clothing and large shades concealing her eyes. When in battle, she shifted to her Digimon form. It is unknown whether her ability to shift between Digimon form and human form is a side effect of her being half Digimon-half human, or because of her species' natural abilities.

Arukenimon took over where Ken shed his Digimon Emperor persona following the destruction of Kimeramon. She initially appeared in her human form, confusing the children as to why an adult is able to enter the Digital World. When fighting the DigiDestined, she used her Spirit Needle to turn Control Spires into Digimon. In one event in the Giga House, she used a flute to control the resident insect Digimon until the flute's powers were negated. After her flute's powers failed, she decided to take drastic measures and shifted to her Digimon form. She fought the children and proved to be a formidable foe, but was defeated by Paildramon. Fortunately Mummymon, her partner, came to her rescue.

Following the failure at the Giga House, she worked alongside Mummymon. Although Mummymon was in love with her, the relationship was not particularly romantic, as Arukenimon was arrogant and rejected any advances by Mummymon. Still, after the event at the Giga House, it was rare to see them apart.

To get back at the children, Arukenimon created BlackWarGreymon using one hundred Control Spires, but he didn't obey her due to the complexities of his creation. Following Mummymon's suggestion, Arukenimon decided to try and destroy the Destiny Stones to throw off the balance of the Digital World. Mummymon and her artificial Knightmon's attacks on the first Stone caused BlackWarGreymon to attack the Stone and destroy it himself. Satisfied, Arukenimon set back and watched as BlackWarGreymon destroyed the rest of the stones, occasionally attacking the DigiDestined to keep them from disrupting BlackWarGreymon's assaults. The plan ultimately failed, however, as the DigiDestined released Azulongmon from his prison during the fight to protect the last Destiny Stone, and he restored all the stones with seeds of light.

Following this, Arukenimon and Mummymon turned to Yukio Oikawa, their master, and he instructed Arukenimon to open the Digital Gates in the entire world. During Christmas day, the Japanese DigiDestined traveled around the world and helped close the gates, Arukenimon and Mummymon drove around Tokyo in a truck and kidnapped twenty children. The following day, they kidnapped Ken as well, so that Oikawa could scan his Dark Spore and pass it on to the children. After this, Oikawa, Arukenimon and Mummymon ran off to hide in a vacation house in the mountains, but BlackWarGreymon came from the Digital World to destroy them. As BlackWarGreymon asked Arukenimon and Mummymon where they came from, Oikawa revealed that he created Arukenimon and Mummymon from a combination of his own DNA and data, making them both half Digimon, half human. While the revelation clearly shocked and troubled Arukenimon and Mummymon, Arukenimon preferred not to discuss it and focus her efforts on tracking the seeded children and protecting Oikawa as they hid back in his run-down apartment in Tokyo.

In the end, Arukenimon was tortured and killed by MaloMyotismon in the world of dreams. Apparently she was horrified of her master after his appearance, which he used as an excuse to test his newfound power on her.

Dark Masters

Dark Masters' Army



Cherrymon was first seen working for Puppetmon, though behaved as though he and Puppetmon were partners and old friends. He convinced Matt, who had left the group because of doubts towards himself, that Tai was his rival and that he has to destroy him to become better and stronger. Although Matt knew that Cherrymon worked for Puppetmon he nevertheless confronted Tai. Living as long as he had, Cherrymon seemed to know every inch of "his" forest and pointed Matt to a pond that would reflect the face of his greatest rival and could tell that the plan could still go wrong, knowing that the DigiDestined had something Puppetmon didn't. Cherrymon then informed Puppetmon from his plan but when he told his master that he must be careful, Puppetmon destroyed him out of anger, minutes before WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon clashed. Later when MetalGarurmon mortally wounds Puppetmon he asks Cherrymon what it is that the DigiDestined have that he doesn't (something that was also mentioned by Piximon) and his voice responded "friends" before Puppetmon was destroyed.




Apocalymon is the primary antagonist and the fifth and final main villain of "Digimon Adventure", debuting in the final episodes as the one responsible for creating the chaos in the Digital World and creating the Dark Masters. He reveals that he was born from the data of Digimon who had died instead of digivolving, and that their sadness and anger fills his very being, causing him to be depressed and somewhat suicidal; this led him to wage war against the joyful Digital World, in order to share his suffering. It is also revealed that he entered the Digital World by crossing over the Wall of Fire. In the Japanese version he refers to himself as "we", possibly because of his nature of being composed of many evil Digimon, and as a reference to the Biblical Legion. After demonstrating his ability to use the deceased Digimon's techniques, he uses his "Reverse Digivolve" attack to revert all of the DigiDestined's Digimon back into their Rookie forms (Gatomon reverted to Champion instead), and then both destroys their tags and crests and deletes them, sending them to the Data World. However, once there, the DigiDestined realize that they had the true crest powers within them all along, and they are able to Digivolve their Digimon back to there higher forms. They rematerialize in the Digital World, and begin the true fight against Apocalymon. After the other Digimon destroy his Death Claws, WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon destroy his humanoid form. Though they think they have won, Apocalymon speaks, and explains that those were only minor parts of him. He performs his ultimate attack, Total Annihilation, in a last ditch effort to destroy the Digidestined as well as the entire Digital World, but the DigiDestined are able to use their Digivices to contain the blast, and only Apocalymon is destroyed.

Daemon Corps

In Digimon Adventure 02, Daemon first made himself known to the DigiDestined after his minion SkullSatamon was destroyed by Imperialdramon Fighter Mode. He demanded that Ken come with him so he could obtain the Dark Spore's power (presumably, for his own ends). Arukenimon however appeared with a truckload of 'kidnapped' children and convinced Ken to come with her. Daemon refused to let Yukio Oikawa get away with and sicked his other two minions, LadyDevimon and MarineDevimon, after him. But after his remaining minions were destroyed by Silphymon and Shakkoumon, respectively, Daemon took matters into his own hands and stopped the truck, demanding Ken be handed over or else. But Daemon had to deal with the entire 02 team and the battle with the villain commenced. Despite everything they could throw at him, Daemon was too powerful to defeat. They decided to open a gate to the Digital World to send Daemon back there, but even while holding off their attacks, Daemon opens a gateway himself, telling them that banishing him to the Digital World would be pointless, as he can simply come right back (he also mocked them while he was at, saying "How did you think I was able to come in the first place?"). Ken was forced to use the dark power within him to convert a Digi-Port into a gateway to the Dark Ocean, through which Daemon was cast. Impressed at Ken's power, Daemon did nothing but laugh and vowed to return as the portal closed around him.


Introduced in the second movie "Our War Game", he suddenly appeared on the internet as a digi-egg, and after hatching, started attacking the internet. (In the dub, they say that he was created by Willis, but turned evil because of a data-virus. This is not mentioned in the japanese version.) . Tai and Izzy, along with Agumon and Tentomon confront him first as his Rookie form, Keramon. During the battle, Keramon digivolves past his Champion form and into his Ultimate form, Infermon. Agumon and Tentomon then digivolve to Greymon and Kabuterimon, but are quickly defeated. Shortly after Matt and T.K. join the fight, Infermon digivolves into Diaboromon. He hacks into an american military-base and launches a nuclear missile, before making thousands of clones of himself, and challenges the children into finding the one clone who has a clock. Destroying this one would stop the missile. (In the dub, they had to destroy the real Diaboromon, which would cause all the clones to dissapear and the missile to stop.) He confronts WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon, and due to the large amounts of emails sent to Izzy, the processing speed causes their Digimon to slow down, allowing him to defeat them. After Tai and Matt enter the internet, their Digimon then DNA Digivolve into Omnimon and quickly defeat the Diaboromon copies. After Izzy forwards the emails to Diaboromon to slow down his processing speed, he is killed by Omnimon.
Diaboromon would appear one more time in "Diaboromon Strikes Back", this time confronting the DigiDestined of Season Two.

Other Humans


* Susumu & Yuuko Yagami (Susumu and Yuuko Kamiya): Tai and Kari's mother and father. The English dub tends to poke fun at the odd and unpleasant recipes Mrs. Kamiya comes up with, such as beef jerky shakes and fungus cookies. Izzy seems to be the victim for her recipes.

* Hiroaki Ishida & Natsuko Takaishi / Nancy Takaishi: Matt & T.K.'s divorced parents. Hiroaki works as a reporter at Fuji TV and tends to be a workacholic but has a nice demeanor. He finds out about his sons' connection to the Digimon during Myotismon's attack on the city. In Adventure 02 he takes the kids camping as a cover for staying in the Digital World. Nancy is a newspaper reporter. She met with Oikawa over Christmas, and later managed to track down the names and addresses of the Dark Seed children. Nancy's father, Michel, who lives in Paris joins force with TK and Tai to destroy the Black Spires in Digimon Adventure 2. He drives a motorcycle, is a true Frenchman, and mentions that Nancy's grandmother is a rather eccentric women due to the description of her antics.

* Haruhiko & Toshiko Takenouchi: Sora's parents. Toshiko, Sora's mother, banned her from playing soccer once when she came home with an injury. This caused a distance between them, though that was resolved later in the first season. Haruhiko is a college professor who is researching on the digital world with Shuu, Joe's middle brother, who is one of his students. Yolei meets both of them during her class trip to Kyoto, and he explains some of his theories to her.

* Keisuke & Satoe Tachikawa: Mimi's parents. They spoiled her a bit and were overprotective of her. They also act like a newlywed couple.

* Shin Kido (Jim) - Joe's eldest brother. He helps the Digidestined a little when Myotismon attacks Odaiba. In Michi E No Armor Shinka; he triple dates with Jun and Miyako's elder sisters and his brothers. In Digimon Original Stories CD2 reveals that Shin gets his own Digimon after "Million Points of Light" episode.

* Shuu Kido (Jim) - Joe's other older brother, the middle child. He meets Yolei when she is visiting Kyoto with her class. He also drove them to where they needed to be when digimon was attacking. In Digimon Original Stories CD2 reveals that Shuu gets his own Digimon after "Million Points of Light" episode. Michi e no Armor Shinka sees him and Jun Motomiya triple dating with his brothers and Miyako's sisters.

* Masami & Yoshie Izumi: Izzy's adoptive parents. Masami was a distant cousin Koushiro's true father and after the death of Izzy's true parents in a car accident the Izumis adopted Izzy, having recently lost a son of their own. They never told Izzy directly that he was adopted, but he overheard it himself, which troubled him for a while. The tension between Izzy and his parents are resolved when they tell him directly that they are not his birth parents.

* Jun Motomiya / June Motomiya: Davis' older sister. She and Davis argue repeatedly but are still close. She also chases after Matt through most of the early second season, trying to get a date with him. After she finally realizes that he did not like her, she quickly formed another crush on Shuu Kido (In Michi E No Armor Shinka; the pair on a triple date with Jyou and Yolei's older sisters). In Digimon Original Stories CD2 reveals that June gets her own Digimon after "Million Points of Light" episode.

* Momoe, Chizuru, Mantarou: Yolei's siblings, two sisters and brother. Because there are four of them in one family, they have to fight for attention. In Michi E No Armor Shinka; Momoe and Chizuru, along with Jun Motomiya, go on a triple date with the Kido boys.

* Hiroki Hida: Cody's deceased father. He was a police officer who died in the line of duty.

* Chikara Hida: Cody's grandfather, he serves as a father figure in Hiroki's absence. He also teaches Cody kendo. He has a strange obsession with Prune juice (in the English dub, he also enjoys drinking liquid yogurt drinks).

* Osamu Ichijouji / Sam Ichijouji: Ken's deceased older brother. When Ken was little, Sam was an A student and got most of the attention. One day Ken wished he would go away because he was jealous. Ken was horrified to discover that on that same day Sam was hit by a car and died.

Other Digidestined

*Original Digidestined: The chosen group of Digidestined before Taichi, Kari and others went to the Digital World. They were mentioned during the fight with Apocalymon and the conversation with Gennai that followed.
* Michael: An American Chosen Child whom Mimi knows. His Digimon partner is Betamon and can digivolve into Seadramon.

* Wallace (Willis): An American Chosen Child (from Colorado) featured in the third movie (and a CD special). He had two Digimon partners, Terriermon and Kokomon. Kokomon was infected with a virus and driven mad. The other chosen children helped him fight against Kokomon. They sadly had to destroy him, though he is reborn as a Digi Egg. Wallace also calls his mother frequently to tell her where he is. He receives the Digi-egg of Fate.

* Lou, Maria, Steve, Sam ("Phil"), Tatum - Five more American Chosen Children. Sam's Digimon partner is Flarerizamon, Tatum's is Airdramon, Maria's is Centarumon, Steve's is Frigimon, and Lou's is Tortomon.

* Hoi Brothers: Three brothers who help Izzy and Kari in Hong Kong. They all formed quick crushes on Kari. Each of them has a Syakomon for a Digimon partner that can digivolve into Octomon.

* Yuehon: A Chinese Chosen Child. Yuehon's Digimon partner is Apemon.

* Dien: A Vietnamese Chosen Child. Dien's Digimon partner is Gorillamon. He is seen in the background practicing with Jackie, Gennai's Chinese counterpart.

* Mina: An Indian Chosen Child. Her Digimon partner is Meramon.

* Dingo ("Derek"): An Australian Chosen Child who helped Joe and Cody. His Digimon partner is Crabmon and can digivolve into Coelamon. In the English version, he is named after his VA Derek Stephen Prince.

* Unnamed Australian Chosen Children - Their partners include a Bukamon, a Divermon and 2 Gizamon.

* Catherine: A French Chosen Child who helped Tai and T.K. Both Tai and T.K. seemed to have somewhat of a crush on her. Her Digimon partner is Floramon and can digivolve into Kiwimon.

* Unnamed French Chosen Children - Each one of them has an Elecmon, a Gotsumon, and 2 Gazimon, Vegiemon, and Vilemon.

* Chicho "(Rosa)": A Mexican Chosen Child who helped Ken and Matt. She had a crush on both Ken, and later on Stingmon. Her Digimon partner is Gotsumon and can digivolve into Monochromon. She is one of the only non-star Digidestined to have her Digimon receive a digivolution process like the "chosen Digimon".

* Unnamed Mexican Chosen Children - They were unseen, but were known to exist.

* Yuri, Lara ("Sonya"), and Anna: Russian DigiDestined who help Sora and Yolei. They could not speak the same language and had to communicate through hand signals. In the English dub, Yolei used the only three Russian words she knew (piroshki, borscht, and caviar) to communicate. They had Kuwagamon, Snimon, and Unimon for their Digimon partners. Lara's name has been translated as Lala, Lola or Laura, however, the three names are, like the Digidestined of the other countries, cultural references: Yuri, Lara and Anna are characters from the Russian epic novel Doctor Zhivago.

* Unnamed Siberian Chosen Children - Each of them has some Frigimon as their Digimon partner.

* Noriko, Hiroshi, Takashi, Keiko: Four children who were infected with the Dark Spores. They became strong and smart but cold and callous once the Dark Spore took their hold on them. They helped Oikawa try to go to the Digital World but ended up in another dimension instead. MaloMyotismon emerged from Oikawa and absorbed the Dark Spores inside each of them. When MaloMyotismon began to lose the fight, he fed on their fear to power himself up. Davis and the gang gave them some pep talk to cheer them up, which in turn weakened MaloMyotismon. When they listened on their dreams Hiroshi said he wanted to draw comics, Takashi said she wanted to play baseball, and Keiko wanted to become a baker.


* Mr. Fujiama: A teacher at the school. He is first seen when Taichi and the others first came back from the Digital World. In the second season he has become the manager of the school's computer lab, despite the fact that he knows relatively little about computers.
* Yutaka, Akira, Takashi: Members of the "Teenage-Wolves" band that Matt sings for.
* Television Studio Employees: Several employees who work with Matt's father at Fuji TV Station. Most are unnamed although one of them is identified as Charlie. Charlie is a fatalist and often believes the world is coming to the end. In Digimon Adventure 2, he has created his own documentary but he never airs due to the spirit of Wizardmon infecting the systems in the television station. Other members into a spectacled man who seems to be an audio operator, a brunette-haired woman, and a pessimistic bearded man who is partnered with Charlie.

Other Digimon

Ally Digimon


Andromon was the first Ultimate level Digimon to appear in Adventure 01. The DigiDestined first meet Andromon when they are exploring a factory. Their initial hope was that the factory had human life, but they discover that everything is completely automated and run by machines. Tai, Sora, and Joe hear a crash; when they investigate the sound, they see Andromon sprawled out, lifeless, under some machine equipment. They try pulling him out, but a black gear becomes embedded into Andromon’s bad leg, causing him to become obsessed with vengeance and attack the kids. Meanwhile, while in the factory, Izzy taps into a program that activates his Digivice, but at the same time seems to affect Tentomon, causing him to become abnormally hot. Garurumon and Greymon make an attempt to fight Andromon, but are severely outmatched, as he is an Ultimate level Digimon. Tentomon suggests that Izzy reenter the program; when he does, Tentomon digivolves into Kabuterimon and disables the black gear in Andromon’s leg. It turned out Andromon was actually a very helpful and kind Digimon who would never intentionally hurt anyone.

When the Dark Masters took control over the Digital World, Andromon fought against Machinedramon. He was the first good Digimon to find the DigiDestined after Machinedramon sent them underground. Andromon said he was trying to round up a resistance against Machinedramon. When Machinedramon broke through and found the DigiDestined, Andromon fought him to give the kids some time to escape. Agumon was able to digivolve into WarGreymon, who then defeated the Dark Master. Andromon later helped the DigiDestined fight against Piedmon, but like most of them, he was turned into a key chain. After he was revived by MagnaAngemon, he helped the rest of the DigiDestined fight Piedmon and his Vilemon army.

Andromon made a reappearance as a slave of the Digimon Emperor, controlled by a Dark Ring. With Kari stranded at Full Metal City, the Digimon Emperor decided to send Andromon. It seemed the Digidestined were outmatched by the powerful Andromon. It took Kari's tears to bring Andromon back and make him remember his previous friendship with Kari and the other Digidestined. After realizing who she was, he broke the Dark Ring from his neck and destroyed the Control Spire, freeing the Guardromon in the city. Andromon's ability to fight the Dark Ring was the first evidence that the Dark Rings could not successfully control Ultimate-level Digimon.


Leomon was one of the first good Digimon that the DigiDestined met on File Island - but not under better conditions. Devimon had infected Leomon with a Black Gear, having Leomon attack the DigiDestined against his will. He was briefly freed from Devimon's control to save Tai and Agumon by fighting Devimon. However, he was infected with another Black Gear and was under Devimon's control once more. When ordered to kill TK and Patamon, he was infused with an additional seven black gears which increased his size and power and darkened his colour tone, subsequently being able to incacipate the obstructive Garurumon and Greymon with his Fist of the Beast King attack. When he was freed by the children, he aided them in the final battle with Devimon. He also aided in the building of a raft that the kids needed to get to the Server continent. While the DigiDestined tried to save their world from Myotismon, the Dark Masters took over the Digital World. Leomon was among those who tried to fight back. After being exposed to the power of the DigiDestined's Digivices a few times when he was under the control of Devimon, he had inherited the ability to Digivolve to his Mega form (skipping the ultimate stage). He rescued Mimi, Palmon, Joe, Gomamon and Ogremon from being found by MetalEtemon and took them to where Digitamamon's diner was. When MetalEtemon attacked, Leomon Digivolved to SaberLeomon to fight him. He threw himself in front of an attack heading toward Mimi, being mortally injured in the process. Gomamon Digivolved immediately to Zudomon and attacked with his hammer sparks but could not hurt MetalEtemon since his body was coated with Chrome Digizoid. However, when Zudomon then threw his hammer at him, it cracked his body because the hammer was also made by Chrome Digizoid. With his remaining strength, SaberLeomon punched his claw into the cracked wound, defeating MetalEtemon and reverting to Leomon. As he died, Leomon made his peace with his arch-nemesis, Ogremon. With the Black Gear destroyed his tama was seen consolidating into an egg, and he presumably revived a day or another.


Ogremon was the only Digimon who willingly came to serve Devimon, under the promise to kill Leomon once Devimon no longer needed him. But prior to the final battle, Devimon grabbed Ogremon by the throat and transformed him into a mass of Black Gears that he assimilated, along with all the other Black Gears on File Island, into his body so he could have the power to destroy the DigiDestined.

Upon Devimon's destruction at the hands of Angemon, Ogremon escaped. He was eventually forced to battle the forces of the Dark Masters. As it turned out, Ogremon was never actually evil, he only wanted to fight Leomon and no one else. After getting injured by the meteor containing MetalEtemon, Ogremon allied with the two DigiDestined Mimi and Joe after their split with the other DigiDestined. After Leomon's death, Ogremon decided to help the kids in any way he could for his rival's sake. Following the defeat of the Dark Masters and Apocalymon, Ogremon left to be on his own once more to await the day that he and Leomon could resume their rivalry.

Ogremon would later be referenced in the first episode of Digimon Adventure 02, when T.K. and Kari commented that their teacher looked like him (English dub only). He would also appear in the epilogue of the final episode, where Joe was teaching his son how to treat Digimon by using Ogremon as an example (referencing his treating of Ogremon for his injury in Digimon Adventure).

ukamon and Chuumon

When Mimi and Palmon ended up on a fragment of File Island, they encountered Sukamon and Chuumon, who wanted a kiss from Mimi as a toll from being in their forest. When she refused, they flung feces at her while she ran away, and then tried to steal her purse. However, this caused her digivice to glow, and they were purified. Afterwards, they told her where Izzy and Tentomon landed. Later on Chuumon and Sukamon were a part of Myotismon's army which was trained by Nanimon. However, they quickly left due to his harsh methods because of his harsh methods. On the day Spiral Mountain was formed, Sukamon fell into a deep crack and died. Chuumon was left alive to fend for himself until the DigiDestined arrived. He sacrificed himself to protect Mimi from a knife thrown by Piedmon when he selected her to die first. When the Dark Masters and Apocalymon were defeated, both Digimon were reborn.

Three years later, the same Sukamon and Chuumon tried to get Mimi to go out with them after Shurimon broke Digitamamon free of the Dark Spiral. Mimi responded by punching them across the lake. Though Sukamon is designed to be a pile of feces, the dub version has Mimi refer to Sukamon as a 'lemon custard'.


The DigiDestined first encountered Whamon when they were on their way to the Continent of Server, though it was not in better condition. Whamon was infected with a Black Gear and he swallowed them. When they came to rest in his stomach, they discovered a Black Gear embedded inside him. Tai used his Digivice to destroy it, freeing Whamon from its influence. He shot them out his blowhole, but their raft was shattered in the process. To make it up to them, he would take them to Server. When they asked if he knew anything about the Tags, he mentioned that he had seen Devimon hide something underwater once, some time ago. The kids climbed inside him, and he took them to an underwater cavern, where they found their Tags after freeing Drimogemon from the Black Gear. He then carried them the rest of the way to Server.

The DigiDestined who later meet Whamon again when they were cornered by the Dark Master MetalSeadramon. Whamon arrived just in time to save them, carrying them off to the depths of the Net Ocean. After evading the Divermon, Whamon then brought the DigiDestined to the surface, but there were immediately attacked again by MetalSeadramon. Whamon used his Tidal Wave attack to wash away the straggling Divermon, and then, when WarGreymon was caught between MetalSeadramon's jaws, saved him by head butting the villain. Enraged, MetalSeadramon fired his River of Power attack at Whamon, ripping a hole through his skull and fatally injuring him. As Whamon slowly died, he implored the DigiDestined to save the world.

Whamon would later make a return appearance in Digimon Adventure 02, saving most of the new DigiDestined from being trapped in an offshore oil rig which was being attacked by a MegaSeadramon under the influence of the Digimon Emperor. This proves to be one of the cases in which a Digimon retains its memories despite being destroyed.


The DigiDestined first encountered Piximon when he used his Pixi Bomb attack to defeat Kuwagamon. Disgusted on how the DigiDestined Digimon did not fight him, he decided to train the group in his hidden jungle lair in the desert under a magical veil that Etemon did not know of. He had Tai and Agumon try to find their way back out of a cave and had the others clean his floors. When Matt and Izzy sneaked out of the tower to find their crests, they found them in a well outside of Piximon's jungle. However, Etemon detected them and sent a Tyrannomon after them. When Tyrannomon invaded, Piximon put up his barrier to protect him and the DigiDestined from Tyrannomon's attack until Tai returned with Greymon who defeated Tyrannomon. Piximon was about to attack Tyrannomon himself, a battle that he would easily win, but he was trying to buy time for Tai and Greymon. Piximon knew that the DigiDestined would save the Digital World. Later on, Piximon returned to save the DigiDestined from the Dark Masters. He sacrificed himself so that the DigiDestined could get to Spiral Mountain. He was also the first one to mention that the DigiDestined had something that the Dark Masters didn't that made them stronger (this was later revealed by what can be assumed to be Cherrymon's spirit to a dying Puppetmon as the fact that they had friends). In the Japanese version, Piximon spoke in a quick falsetto voice and always ended his sentences with 'pi'.


Digitamamon was first seen running a diner with Vegiemon who made Joe and Gomamon work off their bills, due to the fact Digitamamon accepts only USD instead of the Japanese yen that Joe had on him. Matt arrives to help Joe work off his bill and to ensure the safety of Joe when Digitamamon made a threat about "accidents" after DemiDevimon paid him in dollars to keep Matt at his diner.

DemiDevimon told Matt that Joe was deliberately causing accidents so Matt would stay there forever. Matt eventually blew up and yelled at Joe. However, when Tai, Agumon, T.K. and Patamon found them, Matt decides to leave. Digitamamon, knowing he'll lose money, grew large and attacked. Veggiemon grabbed T.K. and held him by his ankle; Joe daringly jumps on Veggiemon, which freed T.K. and proved his reliability. Matt was stunned at how Joe tried to protect T.K. even after he yelled at him. Matt's thought of friendship allowed Garurumon to Digivolve to WereGarurumon and defeat Digitamamon.

In Digimon Adventure 02, Digitamamon runs a restaurant near the lake and the bill caused trouble for Yolei. When she tried to pay, Digitamamon said that he only accepted digi dollars. However, Mimi and Palmon appear with Michael and Betamon, who paid the bill for the gang. T.K. realized this was the same Digitamamon that forced Joe and Matt work in his restaurant. However, Digitamamon explains that's he a changed person since the ordeal and is now on the level. He even waives the bill, saying that it is on him. Everyone, except a still-annoyed Yolei, believed he was telling the truth.

When a Gorillamon under the control of the Dark Spiral attacked, Digitamamon threw himself in front of the DigiDestined and was sent flying. After Gorillamon was freed, Digitamamon rolled back. But this time, he had an unseen Dark Spiral in his shell and it regressed him to his evil self. When Halsemon, Flamedramon and Digmon's attacks couldn't get though his shell, Mimi tried to convince Digitamamon that he wasn't evil, but Digitamamon tackled her. That made Yolei angry and her talk of her trying to be sincere activated the Digi-Egg of Sincerity. Halsemon De-Digivolved to Hawkmon and became Shurimon. Shurimon used the shuriken on his back to keep Digitamamon's shell open as Pegasusmon and Nefertimon trapped him. Shurimon used his Double Star attack and destroyed the Dark Spiral, freeing Digitamamon from its influence. A later episode would find the DigiDestined encountering him as the chef of yet another restaurant, with a Tapirmon serving as a waiter. The two of them attempted to assist the DigiDestined with stopping BlackWarGreymon from destroying the last Destiny Stone (which was revealed to be the reason Digitamamon's soup tasted so good) by attacking Arukenimon and Mummymon, only to get wrapped up in bandages for their troubles.

Otamamon, Gekomon and ShogunGekomon

The first ShogunGekomon seen was in a castle where his Otamamon and Gekomon servants worked, here being called simply "Shogunmon" by his subjects. A long time ago he lost a Karaoke contest and thus fell into a deep sleep out of sorrow. The Gekomon and Otamamon were told by DemiDevimon that Mimi was the one to wake their master by singing. When that finally happened, he woke up grumpy and started to attack everyone and everything. Palmon digivolved to Togemon to save Mimi from being flattened from the falling ceiling and MetalGreymon used his Giga Blaster attack to knock Shougunmon unconscious again. Later, when the Dark Masters attacked, a bunch of Gekomon and Otamamon from the castle assisted the DigiDestined's in the final battle against Piedmon and Vilemon

Three years later (in Digimon Adventure 02) in the Night Forest, a small group of same Gekomon and Otamamon that were friends with Mimi ended up under the control of the Digimon Emperor's Dark Rings and were freed when Togemon and Halsemon took down the Roachmon Brothers and the Control Spire. Later, in a village under the control of the Dark Rings, the members of ShogunGekomon's group were found hiding underground and offered hospitality to the DigiDestined. A Ninjamon slipped a Dark Spiral on ShogunGekomon while he and the DigiDestined were sleeping (as his solution to the Digimon Emperor taking over his territory was going to sleep and his love of sleeping was a running gag at this point), he went on a rampage. Pegasusmon and Nefertimon tricked him into attacking the Control Spire and he was knocked unconscious by Raidramon and Digmon. Raindramon, Shurimon, Pegasusmon and Nefertimon destroyed the Dark Spiral.

The most prominent Gekomon that appears in these seasons has a lisp that slurs his words and lengthens the S of his words. He appears to be the unofficial leader of the other Gekomon and Otamamon.

Gotsumon and Pumpkinmon

The first and Pumpkinmon the DigiDestined encountered were supposedly minions of Myotismon, although they would rather have had it be otherwise. Dispatched to search for the Eighth Child, Gotsumon and Pumpkinmon ended up in Shibuya, where they became enthralled by the culture and populace of Earth and immediately set about exploring, having fun and generally causing trouble. It was only when they pulled a teenage girl's nose ring that they encountered Matt, T.K. and Gabumon as they were searching for Patamon (due to an argument he and T.K. had earlier). After explaining that they just wanted to have fun, the two carried on their mischief, with Matt and T.K. trying in vain to get them out of trouble. But after the two stole some ice cream, Myotismon appeared and was angered to find the two slacking off. He ordered them to attack the brothers and Gabumon, and they had no choice but to comply. As soon as they got far enough away from Myotismon, however, they simply quit as they did not want to hurt the DigiDestined. Enraged, Myotismon attacked them. They tried to fight back but they were no match for his power. His Grisly Wing attack killed them (in the English dub, they were condemned to his dungeon in the Digital World).


Wizardmon was actually a loner who traveled all over the Digimon World. On one of his journeys however, he nearly collapsed out of exhaustion. Gatomon took pity on him and saved his life. Later in his life, he passed himself off as one of the mercenaries that Myotismon recruited for his search for the Eighth Child. But in reality, Wizardmon's loyalties were to Gatomon, whom he believed to be the partner of the Eighth Child and wanted to unite them as his way of thanking Gatomon for saving his life. After uniting the Eighth Child, Kari, and Gatomon as partners, Wizardmon and Gatomon broke into Myotismon’s Fortress to steal the Crest of Light (by hitting the guard Bakemon with a Thunder Ball giving Bakemon amnesia). However Myotismon discovered their plan, and fought Wizardmon one-on-one over Odaiba Bay. Despite Wizardmon’s skill in magic, he was beaten when Myotismon destroyed his wand and tossed him into the sea. Since Wizardmon could not swim, it seemed as though he drowned. However, he was saved by Zudomon, Patamon, Joe, and T.K. and told them that he had the Crest of Light in his possession. After Wizardmon and the DigiDestined assembled at the Fuji TV Station, he revealed himself as an ally and healed Lillymon. Wizardmon and the children then prepared for an all-out assault against Myotismon. During the fight with Myotismon, it became evident that he was nearly impervious to all the attacks thrown at him. However, Wizardmon, though highly weakened from fatigue and damage from the last battle, and missing his main weapon, was the first to harm the vampire Digimon, by hitting him from behind while Myotismon gloated in his arrogance. Myotismon turned around, surprised and enraged to find that he failed to kill Wizardmon the first time. Wizardmon tossed the Crest of Light to Kari, but Myotismon was determined to destroy Wizardmon once and for all. He blasted Wizardmon straight into a solid wall. Myotismon assumed he finally killed the wizard and a fierce battle ensued. After Angemon came to the battle, Myotismon decided to finish it once and for all and, pouring all his power into one attack, threw the deadly Grisly Wing at Kari and Gatomon. Yet somehow, Wizardmon managed to stand in front of the attack a mere second before it could hit, mortally wounded in the process, and sacrifice his life for Kari and Gatomon. As he lay dying, Gatomon said she was sorry for getting him involved. However, he told her not to be sorry, as he had no regrets and that she was all that mattered, and had he not met her, his life would have had no meaning and he was glad that they were friends; Gatomon says they're friends forever. His death was quickly avenged when Gatomon Digivolved to Angewomon.

Three years later (in Digimon Adventure 02), on the day of his death, Wizardmon's data resurfaced and his "ghost" began to cause activity at the Fuji TV station – his image appeared on screens all across the building and his voice would play from audiotapes. The DigiDestined came to the television station to remember Wizardmon’s sacrifice; the spirit manifested itself when Gatomon recognized him. Wizardmon gave the DigiDestined a cryptic warning, relating to the fight to occur after. Before he left, Gatomon called out to him, and the two of them reached forward to touch hands, but because he was a ghost, her paw went right through his hand. He pulled back, looking at his hands with a sigh, and muttered 'I'm sorry'. Then, his spirit faded away, leaving Gatomon crying and saying that after all this time, he still continues to watch over her. This made Wizardmon the only Digimon in all the series to have not been reborn in the Digimon World. Every other Digimon who died in the Human World however appeared to have had their Data sent back to the Digimon World (this is confirmed because while Pumpkinmon, Gotsumon, and all the other mercenaries Myotismon had were destroyed in the Human World, their Data obviously did not linger in the Human world as Wizardmon’s did without a human host).


Intent on destroying the DigiDestined once and for all (after the humiliation she was dealt), Arukenimon created BlackWarGreymon from 100 Control Spires to perform the task. He managed to easily defeat Paildramon without even trying. But when given the order to finish the job, BlackWarGreymon surprisingly refused to obey Arukenimon and simply flew away. It would turn out that, due to the number of Spires used in his creation, BlackWarGreymon had developed a conscious mind, separating him from his 'mindless' siblings. But it also made BlackWarGreymon confused about his purpose in life, with many questions that needed answers.

He would encounter Agumon, who tried to help him. But in the middle of the talk, BlackWarGreymon felt a pain in him and left to find the source, destroying the first Destiny Stone as a result. After seeing Azulongmon when he destroyed his third stone, BlackWarGreymon made it his mission to destroy all the Destiny Stones in order to find and face Azulongmon, convinced he was his opponent. The DigiDestined attempted many times to stop him but he always got the best of them. Even when the last stone was protected by the combined might of Paildramon, Silphymon and Shakkoumon, BlackWarGreymon managed to take them all out despite the injuries he took, many of which resulted in him spurting oil from his cracked armor. However, when Azulongmon appeared, BlackWarGreymon attempted to combat the Mega, but Azulongmon explained to BlackWarGreymon that all things had a purpose in life. Thankful for hearing that, BlackWarGreymon left to find his purpose.

On December 27th, BlackWarGreymon emerged in the Real World to find/kill Yukio Oikawa for disrupting the balance of both the Real World and the Digital World as he deemed since he created Mummymon and Arukenimon with his own DNA, Oikawa did not belong in either world after realizing his lack of answers for the questions of his existence in the Digital World, which caused Oikawa to see BlackWarGreymon as ungrateful. However, before he could kill the man, WarGreymon intervened and engaged him in battle. The raging battle spread into the nearby city, neither side able to gain the upper hand until the fight was joined by Imperialdramon Fighter Mode, who together with WarGreymon fought BlackWarGreymon. After the battle it took lectures from Wormmon, Agumon and Veemon about the importance of life to convince BlackWarGreymon to enjoy life's pleasures and talk him out of killing Oikawa.

BlackWarGreymon showed up when Cody's grandfather tried to talk Oikawa out of his plan. Myotismon momentarily took over Oikawa's body and with the additional power from absorbing one of the Dark Flowers, fired a blast of dark energy at Cody's grandfather. BlackWarGreymon stepped in front and took the full blast, saving Cody's grandfather's life, but he was mortally wounded by the blast. Oikawa fled and BlackWarGreymon realized that Myotismon was actually controlling Oikawa like a puppet. He used the last of his strength to seal the Highton View Terrace Gate to the Digital World to prevent Myotismon from entering the Digital World. In the process, he found the purpose he had searched for all along and died a hero's death.

His sealing of the gate would later cause problems. When Oikawa attempted to open the gate, they were thrown into an odd dimension. In the last episode, all of the original DigiDestined had to trek all the way to their summer camp location as that was the closest gate to the Digital World.

Harmonious Ones


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