Biocommunication (science)

Biocommunication (science)

In the study of the biological sciences the general term Biocommunication is used to describe more specific types of communication within or between species of plants, animals, fungi and bacteria [Witzany, G. (2007) The Logos of the Bios 2. Bio-communication. Helsinki, Umweb] . Communication means sign-medited interactions following syntactic, pragmatic and semantic rules. Signs in most cases are chemical molecules (semiochemicals). Biocommunication of animals may include mechanisms as vocalizations (as between competing bird species), pheromone production (as between various species of insects), [cite book
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] chemical signals between plants and animals (as in tannin production used by vascular plants to warn away insects), and chemically mediated communication between plants [cite web
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] and within plants. [Witzany, G. (2006). Plant Communication from Biosemiotic Perspective. Plant Signaling & Behavior 1 (4): 169-178. [] ]

Biocommunication and Linguistics

In the study of linguistics, abstract biocommunication theory may be considered to be a form of biosemiotics, and a subdiscipline of semiotic theory. Accordingly, syntactic, semantic, and pragmatic aspect of biocommunication processes are distinguished. [Tembrock, Günter 1971. "Biokommunikation: Informationsübertragung im biologischen Bereich". Berlin: Akademie-Verlag.] Biocommunication specific to animals (animal communication) is considered a branch of zoosemiotics. [Sebeok, Thomas (ed.) 1977. "How Animals Communicate". Bloomington: Indiana University Press.] The semiotic study of molecular genetics, can be considered a study of biocommunication at its most basic level. [cite web
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The scientific study of biocommunication as a subfield of semiotics has been introduced by Charles W. Morris and Thomas A. Sebeok, and currently developed by the International Society for Biosemiotic Studies.


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