Kawasaki KX100

Kawasaki KX100

Infobox Motorcycle
name = KX100

aka =
manufacturer = Kawasaki
parent_company =
production =
predecessor = KX80
successor =
class =
engine = 100 cc, 2-stroke
top_speed = 62mph
power =
torque =
transmission =
suspension =
brakes =
tires =
rake_trail =
wheelbase =
seat_height =
dry_weight =
wet_weight =
fuel_capacity =
related =
similar =
The Kawasaki KX100 is a 2-stroke motorcycle manufactured by Kawasaki. The KX100 can be raced in dedicated 100cc motocross classes, or open minicycle classes (such as Supermini in Canada, which allows up to 150cc 4-strokes and 112cc 2-strokes as of 2007). Sometimes the KX100 is raced in the 125cc class because 100cc bikes are not very common, and a particular sanctioning body doesn't create a class for them. Its predecessor was the KX80 bigwheel, which is still sold in the UK under the name "KX85 II". The bike offered a good transition between the traditional 80cc bikes to the 125cc bikes by having larger wheels (19inch front, 16inch rear, compared to 17/14 of normal 80's). Longer travel suspension was added but otherwise the bikes are the same. The Bigwheel is still being produced today but the KX100 is an alternative for people who don't have the confidence to ride a 125.

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