IRA and similar may mean:


Most commonly

*Irish Republican Army, which has existed in various forms since 1916 (see List of IRAs for details)
**Since 1969, the Provisional Irish Republican Army has usually been referred to simply as the "IRA"
*Individual Retirement Account, a private retirement account within the United States Internal Revenue Service code


*Indian Rationalist Association, a member of the Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations
*Indian Reorganization Act of 1934 secured certain rights to Native Americans
*Indian Rights Association, an advocacy and lobbyist group for the rights of Native Americans
*Intercollegiate Rowing Association, the national championship for USA men's collegiate rowing
*Internal Revenue Allotment, the local government's share of revenues from the national government of the Philippines
*International Racquetball Association, an organisation regulating the sport of Racquetball
*International Reading Association, a membership organisation of literacy professionals
*International Reference Alphabet No. 5 as defined by ITU-T T.50 .
*Inventory Record Accuracy, a verification protocol for stores
*Inverness Royal Academy, a secondary school in Scotland
*Íslenskir Radíóamatörar, an amateur radio organization in Iceland


*Eira, Messenia, aka Ira, a municipality in northern Messenia, Greece
*Īra, the Livonian name for Lielirbe, LatviaIn the United States:
*Ira, Iowa
*Ira Township, Michigan
*Ira, New York
*Ira, Texas
**Ira Independent School District
*Ira, Vermont

Given names

*Ira (עִירָא, Standard Hebrew Unicode|ʿIra, Tiberian Hebrew Unicode|ʿÎrâ), a Hebrew language personal name
*"Ira", a diminutive form of the name Irina


*Ira Aldridge (1807–1867), U.S. stage actor
*Ira Allen (1751–1814), one of the founders of Vermont
*Ira Angustain (1958), U.S. actor
*Ira Aten (1862-1953), Texas Ranger
*Ira Babcock (c. 1808–1888), American pioneer
*Ira Baldwin (1895–1999), founder of the Wisconsin Academy Foundation
*Ira Basen, Canadian radio producer
*Ira Coleman Batman (1862–1934), U.S. jurist and politician
*Ira Berkow (1940), Pulitzer Prize-winning sports reporter
*Ira Berlin (1941), American historian
*Ira Bowman (1973), American professional basketball player
*Ira Byock, physician and author
*Ira Condict (1764–1811), third President of Queen's College
*Ira Clifton Copley (1864–1947), U.S. politician and newspaper publisher
*Ira C. Eaker (1896–1987), general of the United States Army Air Forces
*Ira Allen Eastman (1809-1881), U.S. Representative from New Hampshire
*Ira Flatow, U.S. journalist
*Ira A. Fulton (1931), U.S. businessman
*Ira Gershwin, lyricist and brother of composer George Gershwin
*Ira Glass, U.S. radio personality
*Ira B. Harkey Jr. (1918–2006), Pulitzer Prize winning author
*Ira Hayes, U.S. Marine, immortalized in the iconic photograph of the flag raising on Iwo Jima
*Ira B. Hyde (1838–1926), Republican representative from Missouri, USA
*Ira Kaplan, U.S. musician, singer and guitarist for Yo La Tengo
*Ira Levin, U.S. novelist
*Ira C. Owens (1936), Lieutenant General of the United States Army


*Indira Vladić, Croatian singer


*Ira (mythology), a goddess in Polynesian mythology
*"Ira", another name for the goddess of Knowledge, Saraswati in Hindu mythology
*"Ira", short name of 'Irawati' godess Laxmi


*Ira Goldstein, ASB Bank character
*Ayra, a fictional character from Nintendo's "Fire Emblem" series; known in Japan as "Ira"


*IRA (Polish heavy metal band), a Polish rock band, popular in the early 1990s
*Ira (musical instrument), used in Kallawaya traditional music in South America
*Ira!, a popular Brazilian rock 'n' roll band
*I.R.A. (band), "Ideas de Revolución Adolescente", a Colombian punk band


*"Ira", Latin word for Wrath, one of the seven deadly sins
*Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology, Brigham Young University
*Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering, Arizona State University

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