Ireland (disambiguation)

Ireland (disambiguation)

Ireland may refer to:
* Ireland, an island in northwestern Europe, on which are located:
** Republic of Ireland, a present-day state, consisting of most of the island
** Northern Ireland, a part of the United Kingdom, consisting of the north-eastern one sixth of the island

Former political entities

* Gaelic Ireland, the political order that existed in Ireland prior to the Norman invasion
* Irish Free State, the name of the state comprising 26 of Ireland's 32 counties
* Irish Republic, the unilaterally declared independent state between 1919 and 1922, also sometimes wrongly used to describe the current state
* Kingdom of Ireland, the name given to the Irish state from 1541, by an act of the Parliament of Ireland
** King of Ireland, its ruler
* Lordship of Ireland, a nominally all-island Irish state created in the wake of the Norman invasion of the east coast of Ireland in 1169
* Southern Ireland, the 26-county Irish state envisaged by the Government of Ireland Act 1920
* United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, the name of the state that Ireland formed part of between 1801 and 1922

Irish Ireland

* Éire
* Irish (disambiguation)

Other derivatives

Place names

* Ireland, Bedfordshire, a village in England
* Ireland, Indiana, United States
* Ireland, West Virginia, United States
* Ireland Island, Bermuda, the northwesternmost island in the chain which comprises Bermuda
* New Ireland (island), in Papua New Guinea

People named

* Alexander Ireland, a British welterweight professional boxer
* Andy Ireland, a US Representative from Florida
* Anthony Ireland, an ex-Zimbabwean cricketer
* Betty Ireland, the current Secretary of State of West Virginia
* Brian Ireland, the drummer for Something Corporate
* Colin Ireland, a British serial killer known as the "Gay Slayer" because he specifically murdered gay men
* Doug Ireland, an American journalist and blogger
* Innes Ireland, a Scottish military officer, engineer, and race car driver
* Jill Ireland, an English actress
* John Ireland:
**John Ireland (politician), a Governor of Texas
**John Ireland (archbishop), a university founder from St Paul, Minnesota
**John Ireland (composer), an English composer
**John Ireland (actor), an Academy Award-nominated actor and sometime film director
**John Ireland (scientist), a Manhattan Project and World War II veteran
**John Ireland (barrister), an Australian barrister
**John de Courcy Ireland, an Irish maritime historian and political activist
* Kathy Ireland, an American supermodel, actress, author, and entrepreneur
* Kylie Ireland, an American pornographic actress and radio show host
* Mike Ireland, a long track speed skater
* Patricia Ireland, a U.S. administrator and feminist
* Stephen Ireland, an Irish footballer
* William Henry Ireland, a forger of would-be Shakespearean documents and plays

Other names

* RMS "Empress of Ireland" which sank in 1914 with a loss of 1012 lives

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