Jennifer Armintrout

Jennifer Armintrout

Jennifer Armintrout (born July 15, 1980) is the American author best known for a series of Urban Fantasy novels known as the "Blood Ties" series, published by Mira Books1. The books chronicle the life of Dr. Carrie Ames, an emergency room doctor who must adapt to life as a vampire after being attacked by one of her patients. Armintrout's debut novel, "Blood Ties Book One: The Turning" has been on sale in five countries since June 2006. On June 8th, 2006, "Blood Ties Book One: The Turning" reached 93 on "USA Today's" top 150 book list.

Her second book, "Blood Ties Book Two: Possession" was released in February, 2007.² The third book in the series, "Blood Ties Book Three: Ashes to Ashes" was released in August of 2007.² A forth book is scheduled for summer 2008.

Her inspiration for the novels came from her own experience when working at Borgess Hospital in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Doing some work in the morgue made her wonder what it would be like if one of the deceased patients was a vampire, thus inspiring the first fifteen pages of the Blood Ties series.²

She has stated in interviews that L.J. Smith and Anne Rice are literary influences.3,4


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