House of Munsö

House of Munsö

The House of Munsö [The article " [ Regentlängd] " on the site of the Swedish Museum of National Antiquities.] is one of the names of a protohistoric Swedish dynasty. Its early members of the 8th or 9th century are legendary or semi-legendary, while its later scions of the 10th to 11th centuries are historical.

It is also known as the House of Yngling,Hadenius, Stig; Nilsson, Torbjörn; Åselius, Gunnar (1996) Sveriges historia: vad varje svensk bör veta. Bonnier Alba, Borås. ISBN 91-34-51857-6 p. 88] the House of Ivar Vidfamne, the House of Uppsala or simply the Old Dynasty. Munsö is the island where a barrow has been claimed to be the grave of Björn Ironside, its legendary founder.Lagerquist, Lars O. (1997). "Sveriges Regenter, från forntid till nutid". Norstedts, Stockholm. ISBN 91-1-963882-5 p. 24]

For easy reference on legendary, semi-legendary and historical members of the dynasty (including some generations before Björn Ironside), the following family tree is based on "Hervarar saga", and the uncertain identification of Styrbjörn the Strong and Tyra as the parents of Thorgils Sprakalägg. [Mogens Bugge: Våre forfedre, nr. 505.] [The article " [ Ulf jarl] " in "Nordisk familjebok" (1920)] The connection with the Danish dynasty which began with Sweyn Estridsson is consequently uncertain (the Swedish kings are in bold):

Sigurd Ring
Ragnar Lodbrok [Anglo-Saxon Chronicle does not mention Björn Ironside among Lodbrok's sons.]

several sons Björn Ironside

Erik Björnsson Refil

Erik Refilsson

Björn at Hauge Anund Uppsale
Erik Anundsson
Björn (III) Eriksson
-------------------------------- Harold I of Denmark
Eric the Victorious Olof (II) Björnsson ---------------
| |
Olof Skötkonung Styrbjörn the Strong (pretender) Tyra |
| |
------------------------- -------------------------------
| |
Anund Jacob Emund the Old Thorgils Sprakalägg [Thorgils' father is not directly named in sources and may not be correct in the diagram.] Sweyn Forkbeard
Anund Emundsson, heir |

Ulf Jarl Estrid Svendsdatter
| ------------------------------
Sweyn Estridson
Danish kings

Full list of Swedish kings. The names in parentheses are kings who are not mentioned in Hervarar saga, but who are mentioned in other sources:

*Sigurd Ring
*Ragnar Lodbrok
*Björn Ironside
*Erik Björnsson perhaps co-ruling with Refil (early 9th c.)
*Erik Refilsson (early 9th c.)
*Anund Uppsale (early 9th c.)
*Björn at Hauge (ca 829-ca 831)
*(Olof, mid 9th c.)
*Erik Anundsson (Erik Emundsson or Erik Weatherhat?, mid 9th c.)
*(Ring, ca 910- ca 940)
*(Erik Ringsson, ca 940- ca 950)
*(Emund Eriksson, mid 10th c.)
*Björn (III) Eriksson (second half of the 10th c.)
*Olof (II) Björnsson (second half of the 10th c.)
* ?- 995 : Eric the Victorious ("Erik Segersäll")
* 995-1022 : Olof III of Sweden ("Olof Skötkonung")
*1022-1050 : Anund Jacob ("Anund Jakob")
*1050-1060 : Emund the Old ("Emund den gamle")

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*Semi-legendary kings of Sweden

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