Home.co.uk is a website which operates in the United Kingdom and provides the ability to search for UK properties and to analyse house prices. It is owned by a company called HomeCo Internet Property Ltd and it launched its service in 1996.

The site's central purpose is to allow on-line property searches by focusing on homes for sale in the UK and enabling home buyers to locate properties of interest from a single search platform. The Home.co.uk property search grew to become perhaps the largest single searchable database of properties for sale in the UK in 2007. Although rival Property Search Engines such as Globrix (new in 2008) are now a challenge to this position.

In 2006 Home.co.uk launched a new Asking Price index to rival that of Rightmove which also uses market house price data contained in their on-line property search to produce an asking price index, but the Rightmove dataset is smaller and the Index calculation methods are different. [cite web | url=http://www.calnea.com/asking-price-index/Mix-Adj%20Methodology.pdf | title=HomeCo Asking Price Index Creation Methodology | publisher=Calnea Analytics | accessdate=2007-02-27] The site also maintains a directory of UK Estate Agents, which indicates where they advertise on the Internet.

Property Search

Home.co.uk enables users to search for homes for sale across England, Wales and Scotland, by map, town name or postcode. Users can access asking price summaries by town and postcode. Home buyers can also access house price trends based on sale prices as registered with the UK government's Land Registry. The property search functionality has recently been improved by integration of Google's interactive mapping functionality, which enables users to centre their search at any given point and choose a specific search radiusFact|date=February 2007. Home.co.uk also allows sellers (agents and private individuals) of UK property to add a listing to the Property Search Index.

Asking Price Index

In April 2006, Home.co.uk launched the Asking Price Index. This house price index arguably uses the largest dataset of any UK house price index to provide national and regional statistics on asking price movements in England, Scotland and Wales. The Index uses the Laspeyres methodology to create mix adjusted averages by region which are combined with further mix adjustment to provide the national figures. The Home.co.uk Asking Price Index does not include data from properties over one million pounds in value in the analysis. The index is calculated monthly in association with Calnea Analytics. The Home.co.uk Asking Price Index has received acclaim [cite news | url=http://www.moneyweek.com/file/17091/have-house-prices-peaked-for-2006.html | title=Have House Prices Peaked for 2006? | author=John Stepek | publisher=Money Week online | date=2006-08-21 | accessdate=2007-08-09 | quote=] from some quarters and is a new barometer for the £3.5 trillion pound UK housing market. [cite web | url=http://www.ukpropertyshop.co.uk/news/179.shtml | title=UK housing worth over £3.5 trillion | publisher= | date=2006-07-24 | publisher=ukpropertyshop.co.uk | accessdate=2007-08-09 | quote=]


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*Residential property market in the United Kingdom
*HM Land Registry
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* [http://www.home.co.uk/ Home.co.uk Website]
* [http://www.calnea.com/ Calnea Analytics]

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