Vagabond may refer to:

*Vagabond (person), an itinerant person

In music:
*"Vagabond" (band), a rock band fronted by Jorn Lande
*"Vagabond" (song), a song by Australian band Wolfmother
*"Vagabond" (album), an album by Tony Sheridan
*Jimmy James and The Vagabonds, a UK soul band
*The Four Vagabonds, a musical comedy quartet, popular in the 1940s and 1950s

In fiction:
*"The Vagabond", a 1916 film starring Charlie Chaplin
*"Vagabond" (film), a 1985 film by Agnès Varda
*"Vagabond" (novel), second book in The Grail Quest series of Bernard Cornwell
*"Vagabond" (manga), a manga by Takehiko Inoue
*Vagabond (comics), a Marvel Comics Universe character
*Vagabond, a planet in the Perry Rhodan universe
*Vagabond, a Heavy Assault cruiser in the online game "Eve Online"

*"Vagabond" (boat), a French polar yacht
*Vagabond (sailing dinghy)
*Vagabond Inn, an American hotel chain
*Piper PA-15 Vagabond, a civilian airplane
*Vagabonds MC (Belgium), a motorcycle club in Belgium
*Vagabonds MC (Ontario), a motorcycle club in Ontario, Canada
*Vagabond (brand), Swedish shoe brand
*"Vagabond" (magazine), a Swedish travel magazine

ee also

*Leatherman (vagabond), a legendary 19th century vagabond
*Vagabond's disease
*Tales from the Floating Vagabond, a comic role-playing game

Vagabonds M.C Australia

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  • vagabond — vagabond, onde [ vagabɔ̃, ɔ̃d ] adj. et n. • 1382; bas lat. vagabundus, de vagari « errer » → vaguer I ♦ Adj. 1 ♦ Littér. Qui mène une vie errante. Peuples vagabonds. ⇒ nomade. ♢ Par ext. Une vie, une existence vagabonde, où l on se déplace, où l …   Encyclopédie Universelle

  • vagabond — VAGABÓND, Ă, vagabonzi, de, adj., s.m. şi f. (Om sau animal) care rătăceşte fără rost pe drumuri, care hoinăreşte fără ţintă; (om) fără ocupaţie stabilă, fără domiciliu fix. ♦ (Om) de nimic, fără căpătâi. – Din fr. vagabond, lat. vagabundus. cf.… …   Dicționar Român

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  • Vagabond — Vag a*bond, n. One who wanders from place to place, having no fixed dwelling, or not abiding in it, and usually without the means of honest livelihood; a vagrant; a tramp; hence, a worthless person; a rascal. [1913 Webster] A fugitive and a… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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