Gopi Mohan Roy Choudhury

Gopi Mohan Roy Choudhury

Gopi Mohan Roy Choudhury is one of North Bengal's most celebrated classical singers. Gopi Mohan was recognised by the Indian government through awards from All India Radio, and Bangiyo Sangit Parishad, and has also been recognised by Bharatiyo Sangit Parishad.


He was born as the youngest son of a landlord in a remote village called Munsiganj in east Bengal before the partition of Bengal took place. He left home and family at a very young age. He stayed with many Bauls in their small huts and learnt folk singing from them. then slowly moved on to learn classical singing like kheyals and toppa. Later on he moved to Assam to a small town called Pandua where he joined a singers fraternity where even the famous Assamese singer Bhupen Hajarika also used to come for sharing their singing talents and learning from each other.

He is now in his nineties and lives in Khardaha.

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