Belt can refer to the following objects:
*Belt (clothing), a part of clothing worn around the waist to hold trousers up or as a fashion accessory.
*Police duty belt, a belt worn by police officers, which holds all the equipment they need to conduct their duties.
*Sam Browne belt, wide military belt, usually made of leather, supported by a strap going diagonally over the right shoulder.
*Money belt
*Belt (mechanical), looped, flexible connection, used for power transmission; called conveyor belt when part of a conveyance system.
*Belt (firearm), a single row of cartridges which are held together with cloth or metal links, for use in a (typically automatic) firearm.
** Bandolier
* Judas belt
* A leather belt as attribute of certain Confraternities of the Cord and/or as penitential device.
* A championship in combat sports such as boxing, mixed martial arts and professional wrestling, which is used as the equivalent of a trophy and awarded to the winner of a championship in a sport.
*Dance belt, an undergarment worn by male dancers.
*Belt track, the common term for Kégresse track, a kind of track drive that uses reinforced flexible belts instead of linked belts for traction.
*Chastity belt
*In automobiles:
** A safety or seat belt.
** Fan belt.
** An engine timing belt.

*Photon belt

*Vocal belting, a singing technique.
*Belt (recording artist)

* In astronomy:
** An asteroid belt or "main belt is a cluster of asteroids orbiting a star. There is one in this solar system, located between Mars and Jupiter.
** The Kuiper belt is an area of the solar system extending from within the orbit of Neptune. Objects within the Kuiper Belt are referred to as trans-Neptunian objects (a type of minor planet) or asteroids
** The Oort Belt or Oort cloud is located outside the orbit scattered disc and Pluto's orbit where comets are presumed to be formed

*In geology and geography, a belt is a region with a roughly elongated form, or sometimes a sequence of roughly parallel forms, as in
**"Belt" regions of Canada
**"Belt" regions of the United StatesAs a geographical name it also refers to the following places:
*The Belts are the straits of the Baltic Sea between Germany, Denmark and Sweden. In particular the little Belt is referenced in the first stanza of Das Lied der Deutschen, a German national anthem (the first stanza is no longer used).
*Belt, Montana is a small city in Cascade County, Montana, U.S.
*Belt (Netherlands), a small village on the former island of Wieringen, in the Dutch province of North Holland

In fast food, a B.E.L.T. (Bacon, Egg, Lettuce, Tomato) is a sandwich available at Tim Hortons restaurants.

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