Renaissance (disambiguation)

Renaissance (disambiguation)

Renaissance usually refers to a period in the history of Europe between the Middle Ages and the Modern Age. See also .

Cultural movements

pecific regions of Europe

* English Renaissance
* French Renaissance
* German Renaissance
* Italian Renaissance
* Northern Renaissance
* Renaissance in Poland
* Renaissance in the Netherlands
* Spanish Renaissance
** Renaissance of the 12th century

pecific fields

* Early Renaissance painting
* English Renaissance theatre
* List of Renaissance composers
* List of Renaissance figures
* Renaissance architecture
* Renaissance dance
* Renaissance literature
* Renaissance music
* Renaissance philosophy
** Renaissance humanism

Other periods of cultural rebirth

* African Renaissance
* American Renaissance
* Bengal Renaissance
* Carolingian Renaissance
* Harlem Renaissance
* Hawaiian Renaissance
* Islamic Renaissance
* Macedonian Renaissance
* Native American Renaissance
* Neo-Renaissance
* Ottonian Renaissance
* Renaissance of the 12th century
* San Francisco Renaissance
* Scottish Renaissance
* Southern Renaissance (United States)
* Urban renaissance (UK)
* Yiddish Renaissance

Companies and organizations

* Association for Renaissance Martial Arts
* Chevron Renaissance
* GNUstep Renaissance, a library for specifying graphical user interfaces
* Islamic Renaissance Movement, an Islamist political party
* Renaissance (club), one of United Kingdom's longest running dance clubs
* Renaissance (demogroup), an IBM PC demoscene group of the 1990s
* "Renaissance" (Fabergé egg), a Fabergé egg.
* Renaissance Books
* Renaissance Broadcasting
* Renaissance Capital, a Russian investment bank
* Renaissance College Hong Kong, a school in Ma On Shan, Hong Kong
* Renaissance Cruises
* Renaissance High School
* Renaissance Hotels
* Renaissance Learning, an educational software company.
* Renaissance Learning Center, a school for autistic children.
* Renaissance Pictures, production company.
* Renaissance Recordings
* Renaissance Technologies, a hedge fund management company.
* Renaissance Theatre Company
* Renaissance Trains, a rail transport company in the United Kingdom.
* The Renaissance Society


* Age of Renaissance, a board game
* Dalai Lama Renaissance, a film
* Michigan Renaissance Festival
* New Renaissance Records
* New York Renaissance Faire
* Great Truckin' Songs of the Renaissance, an album
* Renaissance (album), an album by the rock band Vanilla Fudge
* Renaissance (band), a progressive folk/rock band
* Renaissance (film), a French animated film
* Renaissance (Lionel Richie album)
* Renaissance (Mickey Finn's T. Rex album), an album by Mickey Finn's T. Rex
* Renaissance (Village People album)
* Renaissance 3D, an album
* The Renaissance EP, an album by MxPx
* The Renaissance (E.Town Concrete album), an album by E.Town Concrete
* The Renaissance (Theatre), a movie palace theatre
* Renaissance fair
* Renaissance Man, a movie
* , an album of Renaissance music
* Renaissance Weekend
* The Second Renaissance, a fictional period in the future of The Matrix series
* , an expansion to "Ultima Online"


* The Renaissance Center in Detroit, Michigan, United States
* The Renaissance Island in the Aral Sea
* The Renaissance Tower


* The Coming American Renaissance
* The I Tatti Renaissance Library
* "Renaissance Magazine", published since 1996 and aimed at Renaissance Fair employees and patrons
* "American Renaissance" (magazine), a periodical for white supremacists
* "Renaissance" (novel), a 1951 novel by Raymond F. Jones


* Andean Renaissance, a political party
* Croatian True Renaissance
* Islamic Renaissance Movement
* Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan
* La Renaissance, the national anthem of the Central African Republic
* National Renaissance Party
* National Renaissance Party (Dominican Republic)
* Renaissance 2010
* Renaissance Party

ee also

* Renaissance Man

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