Scottish Aviation Bulldog

Scottish Aviation Bulldog

infobox Aircraft
name = Bulldog
type = Basic trainer
manufacturer = Beagle Aircraft/Scottish Aviation

caption = Scottish Aviation Bulldog, Swedish Army designation FPL 61C
designer = Beagle Aircraft
first flight = 19 May 1969
introduced =
retired =
produced =
number built =320
status =
unit cost =
primary user = Royal Air Force
more users = Swedish Air Force
developed from = Beagle Pup
variants with their own articles =
The Bulldog is a two-seat side-by-side (with optional third seat) training aircraft designed by Beagle Aircraft as the B.125 Bulldog.

The prototype Bulldog first flew on 19 May 1969 at Shoreham Airport. The first order for the type was for 78 from the Swedish Air Board. Before any production aircraft were built, Beagle Aircraft failed and the production rights for the aircraft, with the Swedish order, were taken over by Scottish Aviation (Bulldog) Limited. All subsequent aircraft were built at Prestwick Airport by Scottish Aviation, or in later years, British Aerospace.

Operational use


The first 58 aircraft (known as the SK 61A and SK 61B) were delivered to the Swedish Air Force in 1971. Twenty more aircraft were delivered to the Swedish Army as FPL 61C in 1972, although these were transferred to the Air Force in 1989 as SK 61C. By 2001 all the Swedish aircraft had been withdrawn from military service. 26 were bought in 2004 by the Hungarian company AVIA-Rent.

United Kingdom

The largest customer was the Royal Air Force, which placed an order for 130 Bulldogs in 1972, entering service as the Bulldog T.1. It was used extensively by the Royal Air Force as a basic trainer, in particular as the standard aircraft of the University Air Squadrons and, later, Air Experience Flights, providing flying training.

The RAF sold off all its remaining Bulldog trainers in 2001 as general aviation light aircraft for a very low price.

Other operators

Of the Swedish aircraft, 26 were bought in 2004 by the Hungarian company AVIA-Rent. When the RAF aircraft were sold, the model's excellent visibility, robustness and aerobatic capability meant that they were enthusiastically taken up.Fact|date=July 2007


The following Bulldog models were produced: [cite web|url=
title=History Brief: Scottish Aviation Bulldog
author=Johan Visschedijk
] [cite web|url=
title=Scottish Aviation Bulldog Production List
author=Keith Halliday

;Bulldog Series 1: One prototype built by Beagle Aircraft ("G-AXEH"), one built by Scottish Aviation.;Bulldog Series 100
*Model 101: Export model for Sweden. Swedish military designation SK 61 (AF) or FPL 61 (Army). 78 built.
*Model 102: Export model for Malaysia. 15 built.
*Model 103: Export model for Kenya. Five built.
*Model 104: Refurbished second prototype ("G-AXIG")
* Model 121: Two-seat primary trainer aircraft for the Royal Air Force. RAF designation Bulldog T.1. 130 built, five later transferred to the Armed Forces of Malta.
* Model 122: Export model for Ghana. Six built.
**Model 122A: Export model for Ghana. Seven built.
* Model 123: Export model for Nigeria. 37 built.
* Model 124: Company demonstrator ("G-ASAL").
* Model 125: Export model for Jordan. 13 built.
** Model 125A: Export model for Royal Jordanian Air Force. Nine built.
* Model 126: Export model for Lebanon. Six built.
* Model 127: Export model for Kenya. Nine built.
* Model 128: Export model for Royal Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force. Two built.
* Model 129: One aircraft for a civil customer in Venezuela ("YV-375-CP").
* Model 130 : Export model for Botswana. Six built.;Bulldog Series 200 : Four-seat variant with retractable undercarriage. One prototype built ("G-BDOG"). Also known as the Bullfinch in civilian guise.


Military operators

*Botswana Air Force;GHA
*Ghana Air Force;flag|Hong Kong|colonial
*Royal Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force;JOR
*Royal Jordanian Air Force;KEN
*Kenya Air Force;LBN
*Lebanese Air Force;MYS
*Royal Malaysian Air Force;MLT
*Armed Forces of Malta;NGA
*Nigerian Air Force;SWE
*Swedish Air Force
*Swedish Army;UK
*Royal Air Force

pecifications (Bulldog Series 120)

aircraft specifications

plane or copter?=plane
jet or prop?=prop

ref=Bulldog & Beagle Pup Club,cite web | url= | author=Bulldog & Beagle Pup Club | title=Bulldog Series 120 | work=Aircraft of the RAF | accessdate=2006-08-22 | year=2006-08-22 ] British Aircraft Directory [ British Aircraft Directory]

crew=2: student, instructor
length main=23 ft 3 in
length alt=7.08 m
span main=33 ft 2 in
span alt=10.11 m
height main=8 ft 11½ in
height alt=2.73 m
area main=129.45 ft²
area alt=12.00 m²
empty weight main=1,430 lb
empty weight alt=649 kg
loaded weight main=
loaded weight alt=
useful load main=920 lb
useful load alt=417 kg
max takeoff weight main=2,350 lb
max takeoff weight alt=1,066 kg

engine (prop)=Lycoming IO-360-A1B6
type of prop=opposed piston engine
number of props=1
power main= 200 hp
power alt= 149 kW
power original=

max speed main=130 knots
max speed alt=148 mph, 240 km/h
max speed more=at sea level
never exceed speed main=169 knots
never exceed speed alt=193 mph, 313 km/h
range main=
range alt=
ceiling alt=5,182 m
ceiling main=17,000 ft
climb rate main=1,100 ft/min
climb rate alt=
loading main=18.2 lb/ft²
loading alt= 89 kg/m²
armament=:"Note: all armament is optional."
* 290 kg (640 lb) bomb load
* Wingtip mounted rockets

These armaments were never used in RAF service although some weapons training was done on the Bulldog trainers in Sweden. Although hardpoints are available, there is no provision for weapons launch control systems in the Bulldog.


ee also


similar aircraft=
*Aermacchi SF.260
*Cessna T-41
*Saab 91 Safir
*Utva 75
*Valmet L-70 Vinka

* Beagle: ← A.111 - A.113 - B.121 - B.125 - B.206

*List of aircraft of the Royal Air Force
see also=

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