Audit working papers

Audit working papers

Audit working papers are the documents which keeping all audit evidences obtained during financial statements auditing. Audit working paper is to be able to support the audit works done in order, sufficient and assurance audit evidences have been obtained and reasonable assurance audit conclusion can be made in due course.

Audit working papers are the property of the auditor. In order to keep professional ethic, it cannot discover to third party without consent of the client unless limited specified situations mentioned in ISA 230 Documentation and required by law, the examples are court order, for public interest and so one.

The forms of documentation may be flowchart, manual, narrative note, checklist or questionnaire.

Contents of auditor working papers


* Memorandum and Articles of Association
* Business registration certificate
* Business License
* Franchising certificate and agreements.
* Business agreements with bank, suppliers and customers.
* List of professional advisers (eg. lawyer) and outsourcing contractors.
* Auditor engagement letter
* Management representation


* Financial statements including balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, budget, business forecast statement of the client and so on.
* Audit planning document including time sheet and human resource arrangement records of audit staff.
* Risk assessment documentation.
* Audit evidence of the audit job.
* Audit sampling method and the sample size calculation.
* Schedule of unadjusted difference.
* Audit review points and highlight.
* Client's system Weakness letter and management letter.

Proper features of working papers

* Reviewed by auditors with supervisory.
* Signed, dated and approved by relevant level of audit staff with sufficient cross reference.
* With effective audit planning, work done, sufficient and quality evidence.
* Outstanding matters cleared in due course.

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