Blockhead! is a game invented in 1952 by G.W. D'Arcey and developed by G.W. "Jerry" and Alice D'Arcey in San Jose, California. Consisting of 20 brightly colored blocks of varying shapes, the idea of the game is to add blocks to a tower without having it collapse on your turn.

The first player sets one of the blocks on a flat wooden base; this is the only block allowed to touch the base. Each player then takes turns adding a single block until the tower collapses. The player that knocks over the tower on their turn loses a point. Once a player loses 3 points, he is eliminated from the game. The last player remaining wins.


The game was first published by G.W. D'Arcey in 1952. In 1954 Saalfield Publishing Company released the game consisting of 25 blocks. The design of the blocks has remained consistent through each edition, the only change being modifying the yellow “double hump” to be more heart shaped. Currently, the game is produced by Pressman Toy Corp.::1952: G.W.D'Arcey square box::1954: Saalfield tall box #7563::1954: Saalfield square box ::1969: Saalfield Executive Edition #6163::1969: Saalfield Giant Edition #7625::1975-76: Parker Brothers::1982: Pressman ::1992: Pressman Super Blockhead! - 30 Pieces::2001: Pressman Cylindrical Box::Current: Pressman

"Blockhead!" was voted into Games Magazine's Hall of Fame and appears on the GAMES 100 list. [ [ Games Magazine's Hall of Fame] ]


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*Jenga, another stacking game

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