Eiga chirashi

Eiga chirashi

are placed in cinema lobbies in Japan to promote current and future movie releases. They often take the form of a miniature replica of the movie's poster with promotional photos and copy on the reverse.

The standard Chirashi is a single B5 sheet (approximately 7"x10"/18cmx26cm) with the poster design printed on the front in colour. The reverse side can be monochrome or full-colour, occasionally it may be stamped in a designated space with the name and contact details of the cinema where the Chirashi was picked up or have these printed in a strip along the bottom.

Double-sided and two or four page Chirashi are sometimes produced.

The paper used can vary, from gloss to matte, thick to thin. The majority of Chirashi are printed on slightly heavy, glossy paper.

Eiga Chirashi are very collectible - they are available only for a limited time, sometimes exist in several variations, feature artwork used only for the Japanese market (often with cool re-creations of the movie's original logo in Japanese characters)

Due to their compact size, Chirashi are easier to collect than posters and can either be filed or used decoratively as you see fit.

Collecting Eiga Chirashi is a popular hobby among Japanese cinephiles.

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