Lazzat Un Nisa

Lazzat Un Nisa

Lazzat Un Nisa (from Arabic Delights of Woman) is an erotic Indian story."Lazzat Un Nisa", Muhammad Abdul Latif, translated by Jane Fine, 2002, Classex Books Private Limited, ISBN 8178580039, 121 pages.] [ [ The Hindu's article about Lazzat Un Nisa] retrieved Dec 06, 2006] ["Lazzat un-niso" Nur publisher, 1991 ISBN 5640010940] The original manuscript dates back to the Qutb Shahi period. In the fifteenth century, the court of Bidar patronized such erotic works as the Bhog bal, Thadkirat al-Shahawat (List of aphrodisiacs) and Srngaramanjari (erotic Bouquets). Lizzat Un Nisa is one of the few surviving erotics works from the period. [ [ Scent in the Islamic Garden: A Study of Deccani Urdu Literary Sources] ISBN 019579334X]

The main subject of the story is a man named Harichand, who under orders of a king, embarks on a journey to collect exotic gifts and beautiful women for the pleasures of the king. The manuscript provides advice on various sexual techniques. It has a section on how to arouse a woman and observations based on sizes of a woman's vagina.


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