L (disambiguation)

L (disambiguation)

L is the twelfth letter of the Latin alphabet.

L may also refer to, or may also be an abbreviation used to denote:


*L (complexity), a complexity class in computational complexity theory
*L programming language

Film and literature

*"L" (novel), by Erlend Loe
*L ("Death Note"), a character in "Death Note" media
*Class L, a fictional planetary classification in "Star Trek" media
*A character played by Linda Fiorentino in "Men In Black"


*Gödel's constructible universe, a particular class of sets which can be described entirely in terms of simpler sets


*"L" (album), by Lol Creme and Kevin Godley
*"L" (Steve Hillage album), by Steve Hillage



* "l" represents galactic longitude in the Galactic coordinate system


*Carl Linnaeus, in botanist author citations
*Laelia, an orchid genus
*Haplogroup L (Y-DNA)
*Vertebra in the lumbar region of the spinal cord


*Avogadro constant, in some German scientific literature
*Leucine, an α-amino acid


*Class L, a Stellar classification
*Inductance, the ratio of the magnetic flux to the current in an electrical cicuit
*Lagrangian, a function that summarizes the dynamics of a dynamical system
*L band, a radio frequency range
*Angular momentum

Units of measurement


Vehicles and transportation

*Chicago 'L', a rapid transit system in Chicago
*L (New York City Subway service)
*L-plate, a plate for learning drivers under instruction
*The low gear of an automatic transmission

Other uses

*Canon L lens
*Left (direction)
*Lucius, a Roman praenomen
*The Roman numeral 50
*The velar lateral approximant in IPA notation
*"The L Magazine"

ee also

*Big L (disambiguation)


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