Novation Supernova

Novation Supernova
Novation Supernova II (rear)

Novation Supernova II (rear)
Manufactured by Novation
Dates 1998 - 2000
Technical specifications
Polyphony 20 voices (expandable to 32)
Timbrality 8
Oscillator 3 oscillators per voice, (saw, variable width square)
LFO 2 saw, square, tri, sample/hold
Synthesis type Virtual analog Subtractive
Filter 1 resonant 12/18/24 db low/high/bandpass
Attenuator 1 ADSR
Aftertouch n/a
Velocity sensitive n/a
Memory 512 (expandable to 1,024) patches; 256 performances
Effects Distortion, reverb, chorus, flange, phaser, delay, pan, tremolo, 2-band EQ, comb filtering
Keyboard {{{keyboard}}}
External control MIDI

The Novation SuperNova is a virtual analogue synthesizer made by the British company Novation. It was the predecessor of the cut-down Nova and was considered, at the time, to be the company's flagship synthesizer.


The Novation Supernova was first produced in 1998 in the midst of a highly competitive virtual analogue synthesizer market to compete with the Roland JP-8000, Clavia Nord Lead, and the Access Virus. It offers many of the same features as the others, such as accurate digital imitations of analogue subtractive synthesizer architecture and a resonant (self-oscillating) filter, as well as having the MIDI functionality of a modern synth. The Supernova was only available in rackmount format.

Some key differences however are: it featured no triangle or sine wave (simpler waves such as these had to be arrived at using a unique hardness attenuator by softening either the saw or square), its polyphony and multitimbrality was superior to its competitors, and it had an extremely powerful effects engine that could provide 7 simultaneous effects with no loss of polyphony. At the time, the Supernova's effects engine greatly surpassed all other synths and was considered a key element in the Supernova's sound.

The Supernova II, with additional features plus a keyboard model, was released later, then discontinued in 2001.

The Novation Nova was also available as a cut down desktop synth and the Nova II pro keyboard.