Conspiracy? is a documentary television series that was created and originally aired on The History Channel (as of December 2006, it is being syndicated on the History International Channel) that examines recent historical events from the perspective of conspiracy theory.

Premiering in 2004 and hosted by Tom Kane, notable episodes have examined the President John F. Kennedy assassination, the Senator Robert F. Kennedy assassination, the conspiracy theory that President Franklin Roosevelt had knowledge of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor before December 7, 1941, and theories about government agencies covering up UFO reports.


  1. TWA Flight 800
  2. Majestic Twelve: UFO Cover-Up
  3. Anthrax Attacks
  4. Area 51
  5. Death of Princess Diana
  6. Who killed Martin Luther King Jr?
  7. Lincoln Assassination
  8. Oklahoma City bombing
  9. CIA and the Nazis
  10. Jack Ruby
  11. Kecksburg UFO
  12. The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy

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