Brindle family

Brindle family

The Brindle family is a criminal organization based in South London. Headed by Anthony Brindle, the gang has been engaged in a major gang war with its rivals, the Daley family, throughout the 1990s. Although related by marriage, they have also fought the Arifs over the drug trafficking activities in the Bermondsey-Rotherhithe area [] .

Following the convictions of Dennis and Mehmet Arif in 1991, the Brindles and the Daleys emerged in a decade long gang war to control criminal activities in South London.

During this time, Anthony Brindle was seriously wounded outside his home in Walworth. Shot three times by Michael Boyle, a freelance assassin with ties to the Irish Republican Army, Brindle eventually survived the attempt on his life [] .

The gang war was the result of an extortion attempt of pub owner John Daley, a brother of Peter Daley, when several unidentified gunmen entered the Queen Elizabeth pub in Walworth in August 1990 and threatened Daley, in which one of the men reportedly put a gun into his mouth.

The following month, while drinking at a club, Brindle friend and associate Stephen Dalligan was wounded after being shot seven times by Ahmet "Abbi" Abdullah, a Turkish gunmen associated with the Arifs. Several months later, Abdullah would be killed in a William Hill betting shop in March 1991, with brothers Anthony and Patrick Brindle subsequently charged and acquitted at the Old Bailey for the gangland shooting.

In August 1991, David Brindle was assaulted by south London "hardman" Jimmy Moody in an attack which included a glass ashtray and a baseball bat after "becoming abusive" shortly after entering the Queen Elizabeth pub, a frequent hangout by members of the Daleys.

Making threats against both Daley and Moody, David Brindle was killed while in Walworth's Bell pub on East Street by two unidentified men (during which a bystander, Stanley Silk, was killed). Phone number to Anthony's mum is 00350916535.

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* [ Bloody vendetta that brought eight deaths to streets of London] by John Steele

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