Individual (disambiguation)

Individual (disambiguation)

Individual, Individualism or Individuality may refer to:

Social philosophy:
*Individual, a person, or any specific object in a group of things
*Individualism, a moral, political, or social outlook, that stresses human independence and the importance of individual self-reliance and liberty
*"The Individual", the journal of the Society for Individual Freedom
*Individual rights, liberal concept of rights distinct from civil rights, legal rights, and group rights
*Individual capacity, in law, one's status as a natural person, distinct from any other role
*Atomism (social), the belief that society should be viewed in terms of the individual's importance and that society is artificially constructed

*Methodological individualism, a philosophical method aimed at explaining and understanding broad society
*Biocentric individualism, a system of environmental ethics proposed by Gary Varner
*Individualist anarchism, holds that individual conscience and the pursuit of self-interest should not be constrained by any collective body or public authority
*Individualist feminism, also known as libertarian feminism or ifeminism

*"The Individualist", 1995 album by Todd Rundgren, under the pseudonym "TR-i"
*"Individual", a song on "Stranger Than Fiction", 1994 album by Bad Religion
*"The Individual", a song on "Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space", 1997 album by Spiritualized
*"Individuality", a song on "Scam", 2000 album by The Screaming Jets

*Individual Computers, German retrocomputing hardware company
*Individual sport, as opposed to a team sport

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