Simon 'Bigmac' Wrigley

Simon 'Bigmac' Wrigley

Simon 'Bigmac' Wrigley is a major character in the fictional Johnny Maxwell trilogy by Terry Pratchett.

Background and family

Bigmac's upbringing is decidedly mysterious. He seems to have been brought up by his brutal brother and his dog, Clint in The Joshua N'Clements Block. Social Services have investigated his case often throughout the years, led by the sharp Mrs Partridge.


One of the more interesting characters in the trilogy, Bigmac hides his true emotions and, as seen in Only You Can Save Mankind over tries to be, as he puts it 'hard', hanging out near pubs with boys years older than him. Bigmac is constantly bullied by his older brother, although he does successfully knock him out during Johnny and the Dead. He is strangely intelligent, and is probably the third intelligent in the gang, after Kirsty and Yo-less. A running gag is his attraction to cars with the keys still in the ignition. He has apparently stolen and crashed The Minister of Education's car and been thrown into Juvenile Hall. His favourite band is Heavy Mental.


Bigmac's best friend is undoubtedly Wobbler, while he appears to dislike Kirsty as a rule. His relationship with Johnny is unclear, although he treats him with a mix of pity and cruelty.

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