The Hippocrates Project

The Hippocrates Project

The Hippocrates Project is a program of the New York University Medical Center which works with modern technologies to "enhance the learning process". It was established in 1987, presumably named after the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates.


The Hippocrates project began in 1987, In 1987, in an unused microbiology laboratory by six medical students and one member of the faculty. As of 1997, the Hippocrates Project is officially an Educational Computing Division (ECD). [ Division of Educational Informatics ] ]


Hippocrates has produced over 100 "medical education modules", most of which are used in NYU curricula as exercises or as educational resources. These "modules" may be "expository presentations, laboratory simulations, self-assessment and testing programs, three-dimensional anatomic reconstructions, animations, virtual reality environments, case studies, and databases". ] . The Hippocrates Project also provides email services, hosts websites, grades examinations by computer and automates course surveys.


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