Ligan (basketball)

Ligan (basketball)

Ligan is the premier league for basketball in Sweden. The league was originally established in 1992 as Basketligan and was known as that prior to the season of 2006/2007, but when the Swiss company Obol Investment signed an agreement with the Swedish Basketball Federation in early October of 2006, the league was renamed Obol Basketball League (OBL). In January 2007 the name was changed to Ligan, meaning simply "the League".

Name change

On October 6, 2006 the Swedish Basketball Federation signed a 15-year agreement with Swiss company Obol Investment. Part of the deal was that "Basketligan" would be renamed "Obol Basketball League". Other parts of the deal include that the winning team would receive prize money if the team were to play in the Euroleague during the following season. The agreement lasts for 15 years, but after five years Obol would make an evaluation and have the rights to then cancel the deal, if they so wish.

On January 15, 2007 Obol informed readers on their web page that "Obol Investment Concept is declared in liquidation. For further questions clients are instructed to contact Dundee Securities Corporation." This was hardly surprising given that front figure Bo Johansson has not showed up to straighten out legal issues with "Finansinspektionen", the Swedish financial supervisory authority.Fact|date=February 2008 In fact, Bo Johansson already had disappeared at the end of 2006 when "Basketligan", the basketball team Plannja Basket, and the ice hockey team Luleå Hockey terminated their contracts with Obol after not having received sponsorship funds.Fact|date=February 2008

Past Basketligan/OBL champions

The Swedish champions since 1993:
*1992/1993: Stockholm Capitals
*1993/1994: Kärcher Basket (Gothenburg)
*1994/1995: Alvik Basket (Stockholm)
*1995/1996: New Wave Sharks (Gothenburg)
*1996/1997: Plannja Basket (Luleå)
*1997/1998: Norrköping Dolphins
*1998/1999: Plannja Basket (Luleå)
*1999/2000: Plannja Basket (Luleå)
*2000/2001: 08 Alvik Stockholm Human Rights
*2001/2002: Plannja Basket (Luleå)
*2002/2003: Solna Vikings
*2003/2004: Plannja Basket (Luleå)
*2004/2005: Södertälje Kings
*2005/2006: Plannja Basket (Luleå)
*2006/2007: Plannja Basket (Luleå)
*2007/2008: Solna Vikings (Solna)

Teams 2006/2007

click-fixed|link=08 Stockholm Human Rights|
click-fixed|link=Akropol BBK|
click-fixed|link=Gothia Basket|
click-fixed|link=Helsingborg Pearls|
click-fixed|link=Jämtland Basket|
click-fixed|link=Norrköping Dolphins|
click-fixed|link=Ockelbo BBK|
click-fixed|link=Plannja Basket|
click-fixed|link=Uppsala Basket|
click-fixed|link=Solna Vikings|
click-fixed|link=Sundsvall Dragons|
click-fixed|link=Södertälje Kings|

*08 Stockholm Human Rights
*Akropol BBK
*Gothia Basket
*Helsingborg Pearls
*Jämtland Basket
*Norrköping Dolphins
*Ockelbo BBK
*Plannja Basket
*Solna Vikings
*Sundsvall Dragons
*Södertälje Kings
*Uppsala Basket

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*List of sporting events in Sweden

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* [ Official page on the Swedish Basketball Federation web]

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