Kira Ford

Kira Ford

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Name = Kira Ford

First appearance = Day of the Dino, Part 1 ()
Last appearance = Once a Ranger, Part 2 ()
Status = Professional Singer
Affiliation = None
Homeworld = Earth
Weapons = Yellow Dino Morpher Thundermax Saber Ptera Grips Super Dino Mode
Vehicles = Yellow Raptor Rider Yellow Raptor Cycle
Zords = Pterazord
DriveMax Ultrazord
Title = Yellow Dino Ranger
Portrayed by = Emma Lahana

Kira Ford, played by Emma Lahana, is the Yellow Dino Ranger in the television program "".

Kira hides her pretty femininity behind a tough facade as full of attitude and fire. Yet she's determined to prove she is an individual. She dresses in her own, carefully cultivated neo punk style. She's an amazing singer and plays the guitar as the front person to her own band. Kira uses her biting wit to hide her real emotions, except in her music, which reveals her passion and sensitivity. What she keeps well hidden is that she is struggling with adolescence along with everyone else. At times she can be insecure, hidden behind a "I'm a tough and don't care" attitude, but she also has a great capacity for caring about others. She is intelligent, but does not always apply herself to her schoolwork, except in creative writing, at which she excels.

A romance between Kira Ford and fellow Dino Ranger Trent Mercer was hinted at during the series, but never fully explored.

Character History


Kira was a musician at Reefside High School. She found the Yellow Dino Gem when Conner McKnight, Ethan James, and herself were in detention. Professor Tommy Oliver told them that if they found anything prehistoric that he would cancel detention for the rest of the week. She picked up the Yellow Dino Gem, while Conner and Ethan picked up the red and blue ones. The Yellow Dino Gem bonded with her DNA, giving her the ability of sonic screams, similar to Black Canary's Canary Cry. After that, Kira was kidnapped by Mesogog, which forced Conner and Ethan to tell Tommy that they had taken the Dino Gems. Kira escaped from Mesogog's lab and met up with Conner, Ethan, and Tommy. Later, the Dinozords were wreaking havoc on the city. Tommy then gave the Yellow Dino Morpher to Kira, while he gave the red and blue morphers to Conner and Ethan. She morphed into the Yellow Dino Ranger and tamed the Pterazord. As the Yellow Dino Ranger, she controlled the Pterazord, as well as wielding the Ptera Grips and Thundermax Saber in combat.

Kira was the second Dino Ranger to activate the Super Dino Mode enhancements on her suit during a battle with the then-evil White Dino Ranger. When she first unlocked the Super Dino Mode during the battle against the White Ranger, she was able to escape his grasp but was defeated when he demorphed her by shooting many arrows into her stomach. But as she grew stronger as a Ranger, her abilities with that enhancement increased as the limitations decreased.

In "Leader Of The Whack", a strange meteor crashed on Earth. The meteor had the power to unleash a side of yourself you usually didn't show. For Kira, it was a valley girl persona, giving the viewers a clue that she has a side of her that enjoys doing girly things.

In the episode "Thunder Struck, Part 2", Kira, like her fellow Rangers, sacrificed her Dino Gem powers to save the Earth from the Mesomonster. After this, she lost all of her powers except for her sonic screams, because it bonded with her DNA.

At the end of "Dino Thunder", Kira is shown to be playing at her High School prom. She later goes on to become a professional singer. In 20 years, she will have become a famous celebrity, as told in the episode "History" a DinoThunder/SPD team-up episode.


In the year 2025, a criminal named Broodwing purchased the Red, Yellow, and Blue Dino Gems on the planet Onyx. At her one year High School reunion, in the year 2005, Conner, Ethan, and Kira were brought to the future by Broodwing, in the hopes that Broodwing and the Dino Rangers would form an alliance against Space Patrol Delta and Emperor Gruumm. Ethan, Conner, and herself met up with the S.P.D. Rangers. Though their battles are legendary, they had to prove to Anubis Cruger and the other S.P.D. Rangers their true courage. Kira and the other Dino Rangers helped the B-Squad Rangers defeat Emperor Gruumm's largest Krybot army. Kira and the other Dino Rangers used the Z-Rex Blaster on Gruumm, which forced him to retreat. The Dino Rangers offered to stay but can't due to them having to continue their lives in the past. They are told that Conner established a large chain of soccer camps across the country, Kira became a huge singing sensation, and Ethan ended up developing some software that they still use at S.P.D. After this, they were returned to the year 2005, having forgotten the whole incident, because Dr. Kat Manx erased their memories of it. Later, Kira again appeared in "Wormhole" to defeat Zeltrax and Gruumm, but her memory of the event was erased by Cruger.


In the "Operation Overdrive" episodes "Once a Ranger", the new villain Thrax temporarily unites Moltor, Flurious, Kamdor, and the Fearcats. Together they defeat the Overdrive Rangers and disable their link to the Morphing Grid, causing them to lose their morphing powers. Kira is one of five Rangers, along with Adam Park, Bridge Carson, Tori Hanson, and Xander Bly, summoned by the Sentinel Knight to defend Earth in their absence. Her powers are fully restored by the Sentinel Knight so that she can fight. She makes her return debut at Stonehenge, along with the other returning Rangers. She and the other former Rangers later retrieve Alpha 6 from a crate in Angel Grove so that he can repair the Operation Overdrive link to the Morphing Grid. After the link is repaired, she, along with the former and Overdrive Rangers, destroy Thrax and defeat the other villains. It is implied that her restored powers, as well as those of the other former Rangers chosen by the Sentinel Knight, still remain intact, making her the only Dino Ranger to be currently powered.

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