Greek Gospel Book (British Library, MS Add. 4949)

Greek Gospel Book (British Library, MS Add. 4949)

British Library, MS Add. 4949 is an illuminated Gospel Book in Greek from the 12th century. It contains all four Gospels preceded by synaxarion and menologion, the Eusebian canon tables, and indications of lections. It has 259 vellum folios, most of which are gathered into quires of eight folios. There are evangelist portraits on folio 13 verso (Matthew), folio 80 verso (Mark), folio 125 verso (Luke), and folio 201 verso (John).

The manuscript was at Mt. Athos in the 18th century. It was brought from there by César de Missy. The British Museum purchased the manuscript at the sale of de Missy’s library in March, 1776.


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