Bully Beef and Chips

Bully Beef and Chips

Bully Beef and Chips were fictional characters who had their own strip in the UK comic The Dandy. It started in the 1960s and continued until 1997 . The strip told the story of two warring boys - a tall, ugly thug called Bully Beef and a softer, more cunning lad called Chips. The name "Bully Beef and Chips" comes from a quickly-prepared meal — corned beef and chips — with "Bully beef" being a phrase used for "corned beef".

Stories of these two were identically themed - Bully Beef (Beefy) would constantly play violent tricks on Chips, who would then get his climactic revenge in some way right at the end. Originally, Bully Beef's eyes were always covered up by his hair, but towards the end of the 1980s they became partly visible, and then entirely visible when original artist Jimmy Hughes retired and was replaced by Gordon Bell.

The strip has been parodied in "Viz" as Biffa Bacon.

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